Ritchie County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Ritchie County

Place USGS Topo Map
Addis Run Cairo
Adds Run Harrisville
Alum Fork Burnt House
Back Run Harrisville
Bear Run MacFarlan
Bear Run Harrisville
Bear Run Pullman
Bear Run Pullman
Bearwallow Run Harrisville
Beason Run Pullman
Bee Run Pullman
Beech Fork Burnt House
Beech Run Ellenboro
Big Cave Run MacFarlan
Big Knot Run Ellenboro
Big Run Cairo
Big Run Pullman
Big Run Auburn
Blacks Run Ellenboro
Bobs Fork MacFarlan
Bonds Creek Harrisville
Bone Creek Burnt House
Bridge Run Harrisville
Broadtree Run Smithville
Brush Run Oxford
Brush Run Pennsboro
Brushy Fork Schultz
Brushy Fork Burnt House
Buck Run Schultz
Buck Run Pennsboro
Buffalo Run Petroleum
Buky Run Cairo
Bunnell Run Harrisville
Burton Run Pennsboro
Buzzard Run Pullman
Cabin Run Cairo
Cabin Run Pennsboro
Cain Run Smithville
Camp Run Harrisville
Camp Run Oxford
Cedar Run Smithville
Charleys Run Ellenboro
Chevaux de Frise Run Harrisville
Coal Run Burnt House
Coburn Run Burnt House
Coffield Run Harrisville
Combs Run Petroleum
Comfort Run Ellenboro
Conrad Run Burnt House
Cow Run Cairo
Crab Run Smithville
Cunningham Run Harrisville
Daves Run MacFarlan
Davis Run Pullman
Davy Cain Run Harrisville
Den Run Harrisville
Devilhole Creek Cairo
Dog Run Harrisville
Douglas Run Schultz
Dry Run Smithville
Dry Run Smithville
Dungeon Run Burnt House
Dutchman Run MacFarlan
Elliotts Run Cairo
Ellison Run Petroleum
Elm Run Cairo
Fox Run Smithville
Gillespie Run Petroleum
Gnat Run Pennsboro
Goose Run Harrisville
Goose Run Pullman
Grass Run Smithville
Hardmans Fork Burnt House
Heavener Fork Smithville
Henry Run Smithville
Hickory Run Petroleum
Hitchcock Run Ellenboro
Horner Run Pennsboro
Hushers Run Harrisville
Indian Creek MacFarlan
Indian Run Harrisville
Irish Run Ellenboro
Isaac Fork Pullman
Jesse Cain Run Smithville
King Knob Run Harrisville
Lamb Run Smithville
Laurel Fork Burnt House
Laurel Run MacFarlan
Laurel Run Petroleum
Law Run Burnt House
Layfields Run Schultz
Leatherbark Creek Smithville
Leatherbark Run Burnt House
Left Fork Bone Creek Auburn
Left Fork Dutchman Run MacFarlan
Left Fork Macfarlan Creek MacFarlan
Left Fork Slab Creek Pullman
Left Fork Spruce Creek Burnt House
Left Fork White Oak Creek Pullman
Lick Run MacFarlan
Lick Run Smithville
Lick Run Smithville
Little Beason Run Pullman
Little Devilhole Creek Cairo
Little Indian Run Smithville
Little Painter Run Ellenboro
Little White Oak Creek Pullman
Lizzies Roost Run Pennsboro
Long Run Smithville
Long Run Cairo
Long Run Pennsboro
Lost Run Harrisville
Louthers Run MacFarlan
Low Gap Run Cairo
Lynn Run Cairo
Lynncamp Run Pullman
Lynncamp Run Smithville
Maberry Run MacFarlan
Macfarlan Creek MacFarlan
Marietta Run Cairo
Marsh Run Pennsboro
McGregor Run Ellenboro
Meadow Run Schultz
Middle Fork Pullman
Middle Fork Leatherbark Creek Smithville
Moyers Run Harrisville
Mudlick Run MacFarlan
Myers Fork Petroleum
Nutter Fork Cairo
Oil Spring Run Petroleum
Otterslide Creek Pullman
Owl Run Smithville
Painter Run Ellenboro
Pantherlick Run Pullman
Patton Run Petroleum
Pepper Fork MacFarlan
Plum Run Smithville
Poplarlick Run Pennsboro
Prunty Run Smithville
Red Oak Run MacFarlan
Right Fork Big Run Cairo
Right Fork Bone Creek Auburn
Right Fork Gillespie Run MacFarlan
Right Fork Slab Creek Pullman
Right Fork Spruce Creek Burnt House
Right Fork White Oak Creek Pullman
Road Fork Smithville
Rock Run Smithville
Rockcamp Run Harrisville
Rocklick Run Smithville
Rocky Fork Cairo
Rocky Run Smithville
Rush Run Cairo
Seng Run Burnt House
Sheep Run Cairo
Short Run Cairo
Silver Run Cairo
Slab Creek Burnt House
Slaughterhouse Run Cairo
Smith Run Smithville
Spring Run Pullman
Spruce Creek Smithville
Star Fork Pullman
Stewart Run Harrisville
Straight Fork Burnt House
Straight Fork Pullman
Straight Fork Oxford
Straight Run Pennsboro
Sugar Run Pennsboro
Sugar Run Pullman
Sugarcamp Run Cairo
Taylor Summers Run Burnt House
Third Run Harrisville
Turkey Run Burnt House
Turtle Run Pullman
Twolick Run Harrisville
Upper Cabin Run Cairo
Wass Run Smithville
Whiskey Run Ellenboro
White Oak Creek Pullman
White Oak Run Harrisville
Wigner Run Smithville
Wildcat Run Cairo
Wolf Run Smithville
Wolf Run Schultz
Wolfpen Run Ellenboro
Wolfpen Run Pullman
Xddox Run Pennsboro

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Ritchie County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Ritchie County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.