Roane County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Roane County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Lick Run Kettle
Andy Run Clio
Anthony Run Newton
Ashcamp Run Newton
Ashleycamp Run Newton
Ashwood Branch Clio
Barnes Run Burning Springs
Batten Run Peniel
Bear Branch Kettle
Bear Fork Kentuck
Bear Fork Walton
Bear Run Burning Springs
Bear Run Peniel
Beaverdam Run Burning Springs
Bee Run Walton
Bee Run Spencer
Bee Run Newton
Beech Fork Kentuck
Beech Run Peniel
Beelick Run Looneyville
Big Creek Walton
Big Lick Run Walton
Big Run Arnoldsburg
Big Run Walton
Blowntimber Run Newton
Boggs Fork Spencer
Boggs Run Spencer
Broad Run Newton
Brush Run Newton
Brush Run Tariff
Brushy Fork Liverpool
Brushy Fork Spencer
Buffalo Creek Gay
Buffalolick Run Walton
Buffington Run Spencer
Burned House Run Spencer
Cabbage Fork Walton
Cain Run Reedy
Caldwell Branch Walton
Canoe Run Tariff
Carpenter Branch Walton
Cave Fork Walton
Cedarpoint Run Spencer
Chambers Fork Looneyville
Charles Fork Spencer
Clarkson Fork Looneyville
Claylick Run Looneyville
Clover Run Arnoldsburg
Coal Lick Run Looneyville
Coal Run Burning Springs
Coalstone Run Looneyville
Coleman Run Clio
Collins Fork Ivydale
Colt Run Peniel
Cookman Fork Newton
Coon Creek Walton
Coon Run Walton
Cottontree Run Clio
Cove Run Arnoldsburg
Cox Fork Walton
Cox Run Peniel
Cranenest Run Reedy
Cranesnest Run Looneyville
Cutoff Run Newton
Danger Run Spencer
Daniels Run Spencer
Davis Run Clio
Dicks Run Peniel
Dog Creek Newton
Drift Run Spencer
Dry Fork Looneyville
Dry Run Burning Springs
Duck Run Tariff
Fall Run Spencer
Flat Fork Walton
Flat Fork Looneyville
Flat Run Tariff
Fodderpen Run Spencer
Folly Run Reedy
Gandee Run Peniel
Garner Branch Clio
Goff Run Spencer
Granishee Creek Ivydale
Granny Creek Newton
Grannys Run Burning Springs
Grimm Fork Ivydale
Hanna Run Walton
Hardcamp Run Clio
Hayes Run Tariff
Hedges Fork Spencer
Henry Fork Arnoldsburg
Henthorn Fork Burning Springs
Hickory Branch Kentuck
Hicks Run Spencer
Higby Run Walton
Hollywood Fork Looneyville
Hollywood Run Newton
Hollywood Run Arnoldsburg
Hurricane Creek Clio
Island Run Spencer
Island Run Arnoldsburg
Jack Fork Looneyville
Jackson Fork Looneyville
Jakes Run Clio
Janes Run Spencer
Jesse Fork Walton
Joes Run Ivydale
Johns Run Spencer
Johnson Creek Walton
Johnson Run Peniel
July Run Kettle
Knight Run Reedy
Laurel Fork Kettle
Laurel Fork Looneyville
Laurel Run Arnoldsburg
Laurel Run Looneyville
Laurel Run Spencer
Leatherwood Run Kentuck
Lee Run Arnoldsburg
Left Fork Elk Fork Gay
Left Fork Frozencamp Creek Gay
Left Fork Green Creek Kettle
Left Fork Hollywood Run Newton
Left Fork Little Spring Creek Spencer
Left Fork Reedy Creek Reedy
Left Fork Spring Creek Spencer
Left Hand Run Clio
Left Hand Run Kettle
Lick Fork Spencer
Lick Run Arnoldsburg
Lion Fork Peniel
Little Creek Gay
Little Left Hand Run Clio
Little Pigeon Run Clio
Little Rockcamp Run Burning Springs
Little Spring Creek Spencer
Long Fork Kettle
Long Run Peniel
Looney Fork Clio
Lynncamp Run Kettle
Maldon Run Looneyville
Maple Run Tariff
Masters Run Reedy
McCauley Run Peniel
McCrady Fork Gay
McCumber Run Peniel
McKown Creek Walton
Middle Fork Big Sandy Creek Newton
Middle Fork Reedy Creek Reedy
Miletree Run Spencer
Miller Run Peniel
Miller Run Spencer
Millstone Run Looneyville
Missouri Fork Walton
Mount Run Peniel
Mud Fork Looneyville
Mud Fork Looneyville
Mulberry Run Arnoldsburg
Nancy Run Spencer
Orchard Run Arnoldsburg
Pad Fork Looneyville
Panther Run Walton
Patterson Run Liverpool
Peniel Run Peniel
Peters Cave Run Spencer
Pigeon Roost Run Walton
Pigeon Run Clio
Plum Run Spencer
Potato Run Clio
Pretty Farm Run Spencer
Pup Run Arnoldsburg
Rafter Run Spencer
Red Oak Run Romance
Reed Creek Kentuck
Reedy Branch Walton
Right Fork Big Sandy Creek Newton
Right Fork Frozencamp Creek Gay
Right Fork Granny Creek Newton
Right Fork Island Run Spencer
Right Fork Little Spring Creek Spencer
Right Fork Miller Run Spencer
Right Fork Reedy Creek Reedy
Right Fork Spring Creek Spencer
Right Fork Triplett Run Arnoldsburg
Robinson Run Kettle
Rock Creek Walton
Rock Fork Spencer
Rock Lick Branch Walton
Rockcamp Run Burning Springs
Rocky Branch Looneyville
Rocky Fork Kettle
Round Knob Run Looneyville
Rush Creek Looneyville
Rush Fork Kettle
Rush Run Peniel
Rush Run Tariff
Saltblock Run Peniel
Sand Fork Burning Springs
Sand Run Tariff
Scaffold Run Peniel
Seaman Fork Reedy
Shammon Branch Looneyville
Shaver Fork Clio
Showens Run Looneyville
Silcott Fork Walton
Simmons Fork Tariff
Simmons Run Newton
Simons Branch Kettle
Slab Fork Looneyville
Slate Run Reedy
Slate Run Spencer
Smith Run Looneyville
Spruce Run Spencer
Staats Run Peniel
Starcher Fork Arnoldsburg
Stover Fork Peniel
Straight Creek Romance
Stutler Run Reedy
Sugar Run Looneyville
Sugar Run Walton
Sugar Tree Run Clio
Sugarcamp Run Reedy
Summers Fork Newton
Summers Fork Looneyville
Swallow Branch Walton
Sweet Grape Run Clio
Sycamore Branch Walton
Sycamore Creek Romance
Sycamore Fork Tariff
Tanner Run Spencer
Toms Run Burning Springs
Trace Fork Walton
Trace Fork Kettle
Trace Fork Newton
Triplett Run Arnoldsburg
Tucker Run Peniel
Turkey Run Burning Springs
Two Run Newton
Upper July Run Kettle
Vandale Fork Spencer
Vineyard Run Looneyville
Wagon Run Burning Springs
Wells Fork Burning Springs
White Oak Run Romance
Wierlong Run Clio
Wildcat Run Spencer
Wolf Creek Kettle
Wolf Run Walton
Wolf Run Tariff
Wolfcamp Run Walton
Wolfpen Run Walton

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Roane County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Roane County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.