Wayne County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Wayne County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alum Fork Kiahsville
Amp Branch Radnor
Apple Orchard Branch Radnor
Arkansas Branch Webb
Artrip Branch Prichard
Balangee Branch Burnaugh
Bark Camp Branch Webb
Bartram Branch Wayne
Bates Branch Nestlow
Battern Fork Wayne
Bear Branch Webb
Bearwallow Branch Radnor
Bee Gum Branch Prichard
Beech Fork Lavalette
Beechy Branch Kiahsville
Ben Haley Branch Kiahsville
Benny Branch Kiahsville
Big Branch Fallsburg
Big Branch Wayne
Big Branch Nestlow
Big Branch Radnor
Big Branch Kiahsville
Big Branch Radnor
Big Creek Lavalette
Big Laurel Creek Kiahsville
Billy Branch Radnor
Birch Branch Prichard
Black Fork Prichard
Black Log Branch Prichard
Bluelick Branch Kiahsville
Bluewater Branch Wilsondale
Bob Wetherall Branch Radnor
Bobs Branch Burnaugh
Booth Branch Wayne
Booth Branch Wayne
Bowen Creek Winslow
Brush Creek Wayne
Brush Fork Prichard
Buck Branch Nestlow
Buffalo Creek Burnaugh
Bull Branch Louisa
Bull Branch Prichard
Bull Creek Webb
Bull Fork Webb
Burchett Branch Webb
Butler Branch Winslow
Calf Branch Nestlow
Camp Branch Nestlow
Camp Creek Lavalette
Camp Creek Webb
Camp Creek Wayne
Carter Branch Nestlow
Cedar Branch Nestlow
Cedar Run Burnaugh
Cherry Branch Lavalette
Chestnut Log Branch Wilsondale
Childers Branch Lavalette
Coon Creek Webb
Cove Creek Kiahsville
Cranes Branch Wilsondale
Crockett Fork Nestlow
Dalton Fork Ranger
Dalton Fork Kiahsville
Damel Branch Kiahsville
Damel Fork Radnor
Davis Branch Prichard
Davis Fork Nestlow
Dawson Branch Prichard
Deephole Branch Wayne
Devilstrace Branch Kiahsville
Dick Branch Radnor
Dock Creek Burnaugh
Dog Fork Webb
Donathan Branch Radnor
Doublelick Branch Kiahsville
Drag Creek Webb
Drift Branch Radnor
Dry Branch Kiahsville
East Fork Twelvepole Creek Wayne
Edds Branch Wayne
Elijah Creek Prichard
Elkins Branch Nestlow
Ellis Fork Burnaugh
Falls Branch Lavalette
Falls Branch Nestlow
Ferguson Branch Radnor
Fisher Bowen Branch Lavalette
Flat Branch Wayne
Flat Branch Radnor
Flat Branch Kiahsville
Fort Branch Nestlow
Foster Branch Prichard
Fraley Fork Wayne
Frances Creek Ranger
Frank Branch Kiahsville
Garrett Creek Lavalette
Geiger Branch Radnor
Gilkerson Branch Prichard
Gilkerson Branch Nestlow
Gourd Branch Wilsondale
Gragston Creek Burnaugh
Grassy Branch Radnor
Grassy Lick Winslow
Greenbrier Creek Wayne
Hagerman Branch Webb
Haneys Branch Lavalette
Harless Branch Ranger
Harrison Branch Wilsondale
Hattons Branch Prichard
Henry Ferguson Branch Prichard
Henry Smith Branch Radnor
Hensley Branch Burnaugh
Holly Branch Radnor
Honeytrace Fork Kiahsville
Horse Creek Webb
Humpy Branch Radnor
Hurricane Branch Webb
Hurricane Branch Radnor
Hurricane Branch Kiahsville
Hurricane Creek Prichard
Indianlick Branch Kiahsville
Jackson Branch Radnor
Jakes Branch Wilsondale
Jennie Creek Webb
Jim Branch Winslow
Joels Branch Wayne
Johnnys Branch Wayne
Jones Branch Kiahsville
Jonnies Branch Webb
Jordans Branch Catlettsburg
Kiah Creek Kiahsville
Kilpeck Branch Wayne
Krout Creek Catlettsburg
Lambert Branch Wayne
Laurel Branch Kiahsville
Laurel Branch Webb
Laurel Creek Wayne
Laurel Fork Radnor
Left Fork Camp Creek Nestlow
Left Fork Greenbrier Creek Prichard
Left Fork Hurricane Creek Prichard
Left Fork Lick Creek Kiahsville
Left Fork Lynn Creek Wayne
Left Fork Mill Creek Louisa
Left Fork Millers Fork Nestlow
Left Fork Parker Branch Kiahsville
Left Fork Rich Creek Radnor
Left Fork Sycamore Branch Radnor
Left Fork Wilson Creek Wayne
Lick Branch Louisa
Lick Branch Webb
Lick Branch Winslow
Lick Branch Wayne
Lick Branch Nestlow
Lick Creek Kiahsville
Licklog Branch Radnor
Little Hurricane Creek Prichard
Little Laurel Creek Kiahsville
Little Lynn Creek Wayne
Little Milam Creek Kiahsville
Little Spring Branch Radnor
Long Branch Prichard
Long Branch Winslow
Long Branch Prichard
Long Branch Lavalette
Long Branch Louisa
Long Branch Wilsondale
Lost Creek Louisa
Lower Right Fork Louisa
Lower Sandlick Branch Webb
Luster Fork Wayne
Lycans Branch Fallsburg
Lynn Creek Lavalette
Lynn Creek Wayne
Lynn Fork Radnor
Lyons Branch Winslow
Martha Noe Branch Radnor
Mary Davis Branch Lavalette
Mat Rice Branch Radnor
Matty Ferguson Branch Radnor
May Branch Radnor
Maynard Branch Kiahsville
Maynard Branch Kiahsville
Mays Branch Lavalette
McComas Branch Kiahsville
Meade Branch Webb
Meeks Branch Wayne
Merrick Branch Burnaugh
Middle Fork Wilson Creek Wayne
Milam Creek Kiahsville
Mill Branch Louisa
Mill Creek Louisa
Mill Fall Branch Prichard
Miller Creek Catlettsburg
Millers Fork Lavalette
Milt Adkins Fork Nestlow
Missouri Branch Webb
Moses Fork Webb
Moxley Branch Winslow
Mudlick Branch Kiahsville
Mudlick Fork Webb
Nestlow Branch Nestlow
New Ground Branch Wilsondale
Newcomb Creek Lavalette
Newcomb Creek Wayne
Niece Branch Kiahsville
Odell Fork Prichard
Old Fork Webb
Onemile Creek Wayne
Open Fork Wilsondale
Orchard Branch Prichard
Paddle Creek Louisa
Painter Branch Webb
Parker Branch Winslow
Parker Branch Kiahsville
Patrick Creek Wayne
Peach Orchard Branch Kiahsville
Perry Branch Kiahsville
Peter Cave Branch Nestlow
Petercave Branch Wayne
Peters Branch Webb
Pigpen Branch Ranger
Plymale Branch Lavalette
Powder Mill Branch Prichard
Powdermill Branch Louisa
Pratt Branch Louisa
Price Branch Nestlow
Price Creek Lavalette
Puncheoncamp Branch Kiahsville
Queens Creek Prichard
Queens Fork Kiahsville
Queenscamp Branch Kiahsville
Raccoon Creek Winslow
Redhead Branch Fallsburg
Rich Creek Kiahsville
Right Fork Beech Fork Nestlow
Right Fork Bull Creek Webb
Right Fork Camp Creek Lavalette
Right Fork Camp Creek Nestlow
Right Fork Garrett Creek Lavalette
Right Fork Greenbrier Creek Prichard
Right Fork Lick Creek Kiahsville
Right Fork Little Lynn Creek Nestlow
Right Fork Lost Creek Radnor
Right Fork Lynn Creek Wayne
Right Fork Mill Creek Louisa
Right Fork Moses Fork Webb
Right Fork Rich Creek Radnor
Right Fork Spruce Fork Wilsondale
Right Fork Stonecoal Creek Webb
Right Fork Sweetwater Branch Wilsondale
Rockhouse Branch Wayne
Rockhouse Fork Radnor
Rocklick Branch Burnaugh
Rocklick Branch Webb
Rollem Fork Ranger
Rubens Branch Lavalette
Rush Branch Louisa
Sally Branch Radnor
Saltlick Branch Wilsondale
Sam Noe Branch Radnor
Sandlick Branch Radnor
Selbee Branch Louisa
Sellards Branch Nestlow
Sharps Branch Burnaugh
Shingle Branch Nestlow
Shirttail Fork Webb
Shoal Branch Lavalette
Silk Fork Webb
Silver Creek Webb
Smith Branch Prichard
Sours Run Burnaugh
Spring Branch Lavalette
Spring Branch Kiahsville
Spring Branch Kiahsville
Spring Branch Kiahsville
Spruce Branch Kiahsville
Spruce Fork Radnor
Spruce Fork Wilsondale
Spruce Lick Prichard
Spry Branch Kiahsville
Spry Branch Kiahsville
Stephens Fork Nestlow
Stepp Branch Kermit
Stevens Branch Nestlow
Stone Branch Louisa
Stonecoal Branch Radnor
Stowers Branch Lavalette
Sugar Branch Prichard
Sulphur Fork Prichard
Sumate Fork Kiahsville
Summer Fork Webb
Sweetwater Branch Wilsondale
Sycamore Branch Radnor
Sycamore Branch Wayne
Tabor Creek Prichard
Tiger Fork Nestlow
Tomblin Branch Ranger
Toms Creek Wayne
Trace Branch Louisa
Trace Branch Nestlow
Trace Fork Wayne
Trace Fork Kiahsville
Trough Fork Kiahsville
Tug Fork Louisa
Turkey Creek Wilsondale
Turkeycamp Branch Nestlow
Twelvepole Creek Catlettsburg
Twomile Creek Wayne
Upper Sandlick Branch Webb
Upper Stone Branch Louisa
Vance Branch Ranger
Vincent Branch Webb
Walker Branch Kiahsville
Walker Branch Burnaugh
Ward Branch Nestlow
Wells Branch Webb
West Fork Twelvepole Creek Wayne
White Oak Creek Kiahsville
White Oak Fork Wayne
Whites Creek Burnaugh
Wildcat Branch Prichard
Wiley Branch Wilsondale
Wiley Branch Wilsondale
Williams Fork Webb
Wilson Branch Louisa
Wilson Creek Wayne
Witcher Fork Ranger
Wolf Creek Wayne
Wolfpen Branch Radnor
Wolfpen Branch Prichard
Wolfpen Branch Radnor
Wolfpen Branch Nestlow
Wolfpen Branch Radnor
Wolfpen Branch Radnor

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Wayne County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Wayne County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.