Wetzel County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Wetzel County

Place USGS Topo Map
Arches Fork Big Run
Ashcamp Run Big Run
Ashcamp Run Hundred
Aunty Run Big Run
Barker Run Pine Grove
Barrs Run Porters Falls
Bat Run Littleton
Bear Run Big Run
Bear Run Littleton
Beartree Run Center Point
Beaver Run New Martinsville
Betsy Run Pine Grove
Big Jim Run Glover Gap
Big Run Big Run
Blake Fork Wileyville
Blenn Run Pine Grove
Browns Run Hundred
Brush Run Pine Grove
Brushy Fork Wileyville
Buck Run Big Run
Buffalo Run Pine Grove
Burner Run Hundred
Butcher Fork Hundred
Cale Run Center Point
Camp Run Littleton
Camp Run New Martinsville
Campbell Run Center Point
Cappo Run Hundred
Carney Fork Littleton
Carpenter Run Wileyville
Carpenter Run Big Run
Church Fork Hundred
Cliff Run Littleton
Cole Run New Martinsville
Crooked Run Littleton
Crow Run Pine Grove
Doolin Run New Martinsville
Dry Run New Martinsville
Duerrs Run Porters Falls
Fallen Timber Run Big Run
Fishing Creek New Martinsville
Fluharty Fork Pine Grove
Fluharty Run Porters Falls
Fourmile Run Big Run
Furbee Run New Martinsville
Garrison Fork Big Run
Glade Fork Big Run
Harker Run Glover Gap
Hartley Run Wileyville
Haymond Run Big Run
Haynes Run New Martinsville
Higginbotham Run Glover Gap
Hog Run Pine Grove
Honey Run Pine Grove
Honey Run Wileyville
Hupp Run Porters Falls
Isaac Run Littleton
Joy Run Hundred
Knob Fork Littleton
Left Fork Proctor Creek New Martinsville
Left Fork Scheidler Run Wileyville
Lick Run Porters Falls
Little Fishing Creek Porters Falls
Little Laurel Run Littleton
Lively Run Paden City
Long Drain Littleton
Long Run Porters Falls
Lost Run Hundred
Lower Run Pine Grove
Manion Run Folsom
Maud Run Pine Grove
McCloud Run New Martinsville
Meadow Run Porters Falls
Merrifield Run Big Run
Middle Fork Lynn Camp Run Wileyville
Miller Fork Littleton
Miller Run Littleton
Mobley Run Big Run
Money Run Pine Grove
Morgan Run Folsom
Morgan Run Big Run
Morris Run Littleton
Moses Run Hundred
Mud Run New Martinsville
Mudlick Run Littleton
North Fork Fishing Creek Pine Grove
North Fork Left Fork Proctor Creek New Martinsville
North Fork Richwood Run Big Run
Paden Fork Paden City
Peach Fork Paden City
Pickenpaw Run Big Run
Pine Run Pine Grove
Piney Fork Pine Grove
Price Fork Wallace
Price Run Folsom
Proctor Creek New Martinsville
Raccoon Run Big Run
Reader Creek Pine Grove
Richwood Run Pine Grove
Roberts Run Hundred
Rockcamp Run Big Run
Rockcamp Run Hundred
Rocky Run Littleton
Rush Run Pine Grove
Rush Run Wileyville
Rush Run Hundred
Sams Run Folsom
Santee Run Hundred
Scheidler Run Wileyville
Sheep Run Big Run
Shenango Creek Pine Grove
Shriver Run Hundred
Slabcamp Run Folsom
Slip Run Big Run
South Fork Fishing Creek Pine Grove
State Run Porters Falls
Steel Run Wileyville
Steener Fork Wileyville
Stottlemire Run Littleton
Stout Run Folsom
Styles Run Hundred
Sugar Run Littleton
Tan Trough Run Littleton
Tea Garden Fork Hundred
Tenmile Run Big Run
Trader Fork Folsom
Trail Fork Hundred
Trough Run Pine Grove
Turkey Run Porters Falls
Upper Run Pine Grove
Weekly Run Pine Grove
White Run Littleton
Wiley Fork Big Run
Willey Fork Big Run
Williams Run New Martinsville
Wilson Run Pine Grove
Wolf Run Porters Falls
Wolf Run Littleton
Wyatt Run Pine Grove

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Wetzel County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Wetzel County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.