Ashland County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Ashland County

Place USGS Topo Map
0.2 Reservoir Mineral Lake
0.23 Reservoir Mineral Lake
Alex Pond Odanah
Augustine Lake Augustine Lake
Bad River Slough Chequamegon Point
Bass Lake Mineral Lake
Bear Lake Loretta
Beaver Lake Mount Whittlesey
Beaver Lake Marengo Lake
Beaver Lake Clam Lake
Beaverdam Lake Mineral Lake
Beaverdam Lake 36 Mineral Lake
Big Bay Lagoon Madeline Island
Blueberry Lake Butternut
Bog Lake Amnicon Point
Bullhead Lake Peeksville
Cammerer Lake Augustine Lake
Camp Four Lake Peeksville
Caroline Lake Mount Whittlesey
Conley Lake Mellen
Cranberry Lake Clam Lake
Cub Lake Loretta
Cycle Lake Butternut
Day Lake Clam Lake
Day Lake Clam Lake
Dead Horse Slough Clam Lake NE
Ditmans Lake Glidden
Dollar Lake Mount Whittlesey
Dry Lake Glidden
East Twin Lake Clam Lake NE
Elm Hoist Wildlife Pond 0.5 High Bridge
English Lake Mineral Lake
Eureka Lake Mount Whittlesey
Gates Lake Shanagolden
Gilbert Lake Mineral Lake
Gordon Lake Glidden
Hoffman Lake Blockhouse Lake
Honest John Lake Odanah
John Frank Lake Mineral Lake
Knab Lake Glidden
Lake Galilee Mount Whittlesey
Lake Three Mineral Lake
Lake Three 1 Mineral Lake
Lindbergh Lake Butternut
Little Butternut Lake Butternut
Little Clam Lake Clam Lake
Long Lake Marengo Lake
Long Lake Mellen
Loon Lake Mellen
Lost Lake Odanah
Luebke Lake Butternut
McCarthy Lake Clam Lake NE
McKaskel Lake Hay Creek Flowage
McLaren Lake Clam Lake
Meder Lake Mellen
Meyer Lake Glidden
Mineral Lake Mineral Lake
Moonshine Lake Marengo
Moquah Lake Clam Lake NE
Mud Lake Clam Lake
Mud Lake Marengo Lake
Murphy Lake Mellen
Muskellunge Lake Shanagolden
Parker Lake Butternut
Pelican Lake Shanagolden
Pictured Rock Lake Odanah
Pole Lake Clam Lake
Potter Lake Mineral Lake
Seagels Lake Morse
Seitz Lake Marengo Lake
Sells Lake Glidden
Slim Lake Peeksville
Snoose Lake Blaisdell Lake
Snowshoe Lake Mount Whittlesey
Spider and Moquah Lakes 19 Mineral Lake
Spider Lake Clam Lake NE
Spillerberg Lake Morse
Sugarbush Lake Odanah
Summit Lake Glidden
Tea Lake Marengo Lake
Torrey Lake Morse
Trout Lake Glidden
Twin Lakes Mount Whittlesey
Upper Clam Lake Clam Lake
West Twin Lake Clam Lake NE
White River Flowage Sanborn
White River Flowage 314 Sanborn
Wolf Lake Glidden
Wolfs Pond Odanah
Woodtick Lake Clam Lake NE
Zielke Lake Glidden

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Ashland County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Ashland County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.