Ashland County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Ashland County

Place USGS Topo Map
Augustine Creek Augustine Lake
Bad River Chequamegon Point
Ballou Creek Mount Whittlesey
Bay City Creek Ashland East
Bear Creek Glidden
Beartrap Creek Chequamegon Point
Bell Creek Cedar
Billy Creek High Bridge
Billy Creek Marengo
Bishigokwe Creek Ashland East
Black Creek Clam Lake SW
Bosner Creek Park Falls
Brunsweiler River Marengo
Brush Creek Clam Lake NE
Camerons Creek Odanah
Camp Fifteen Creek Shanagolden
Camp Four Creek Gurney
Camp Fourteen Creek Shanagolden
Camp Six Creek Mineral Lake
City Creek Mellen
Deer Creek Ashland East
Deer Creek Hay Creek Flowage
Denomie Creek Chequamegon Point
Devils Creek Mellen
Dingdong Creek Clam Lake NE
Dorns Creek Peeksville
Dryden Creek Shanagolden
East Torch River Clam Lake SW
Edies Creek Clam Lake NE
Elm Creek Ashland East
Feldcher Creek Gurney
Frames Creek Mineral Lake
Gehrman Creek Gurney
Gravelly Brook Mellen
Happy Creek Mellen
Hardscrabble Creek Mellen
Hawkins Creek Marengo Lake
Hay Creek Loretta
Hell Hole Creek Mineral Lake
Hildebrandt Creek Augustine Lake
Hinder Creek Glidden
Hoffman Creek Blockhouse Lake
Hungry Run Loretta
Hyms Creek Ashland East
Iron River Mellen
Kakagon River Chequamegon Point
Kakagon Slough Chequamegon Point
Kelp Creek Loretta
Knab Creek Glidden
Krause Creek Mellen
Little Beartrap Creek Ashland East
Magee Creek Glidden
Marengo River High Bridge
McCarthy Creek Mineral Lake
Meadow Creek Ashland East
Meyers Creek Glidden
Minnie Creek Glidden
Minnow Creek Morse
Montreal Creek Mellen
Morrison Creek Cedar
Muskellunge Creek Shanagolden
Nawago Creek Cedar
Nelson Creek Peeksville
Opergard Creek Mount Whittlesey
Potato River High Bridge
Reins Creek Shanagolden
Rins Creek Odanah
Rock Creek Ashland East
Rocky Run Mellen
Rocky Run Shanagolden
Sand Cut Slough Chequamegon Point
Schraum Creek Peeksville
Scott-Taylor Creek Mellen
Silver Creek Ashland East
Silver Creek High Bridge
Silver Creek Augustine Lake
Spider Creek Clam Lake NE
Spillerberg Creek Glidden
Spring Brook Mineral Lake
Spring Brook Marengo Lake
Spring Brook Shanagolden
Squaw Creek Mellen
Sugarbush Creek Odanah
Tafelski Creek Mellen
Thornapple Creek Ashland East
Toskis Creek Mineral Lake
Trout Brook Marengo
Troutmere Creek Sanborn
Tyler Forks High Bridge
Vaughn Creek High Bridge
Waboo Creek Mineral Lake
West Branch Denomie Creek Odanah
West Torch River Clam Lake SW
White River Odanah
Willerth Creek Glidden
Winks Creek Gurney
Wood Creek Slough Chequamegon Point

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Ashland County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Ashland County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.