Florence County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Florence County

Place USGS Topo Map
0.82 Reservoir Iron Mountain SW
Baird Lake Florence East
Bass Lake Florence East
Bass Lake Florence West
Bass Lake Florence SE
Beaver Pond Long Lake
Bell Lake Naults
Bessie Babbet Lake Florence West
Birch Lake Long Lake NE
Boot Lake Naults
Buckskin Lake Florence SE
Bush Lake Florence SE
Camp Thirteen Lake Naults
Cosgrove Lake Florence East
Cruiser Lake Naults
Dorothy Lake Naults
Duck Lake Florence West
Duck Lake Tipler
East Lake Randville
Edith Lake Naults
Ellwood Lake Iron Mountain SW
Emily Lake Florence SE
Fay Lake Long Lake
Fischer Lake Dunbar NE
Fisher Lake Florence East
Frog Lake Iron Mountain SW
Grandma Lake Long Lake SE
Grass Lake Florence West
Grub Hoe Lake Long Lake SE
Haley Lake Florence SW
Halls Lake Florence SE
Halls Lake 4.95 Florence SE
Halsey Lake Long Lake
Hauserman Lake Iron Mountain SW
Hemlock Lake Long Lake NE
Hord Lake Iron Mountain SW
Hoskin Lake Iron Mountain
Jaquet Lake Long Lake SE
Johnson Pond Tipler
Jutra Lake Florence SE
Keyes Lake Florence West
Kieper Lake Naults
Lake Anna Florence East
Lake Nona Lake Gordon
Lake of Dreams Long Lake NE
Lake Seventeen Long Lake SE
Lauterman Lake Long Lake NE
Lilly Lake Florence East
Little Boot Lake Naults
Little Porcupine Lake Long Lake NE
Little Riley Lake Naults
Little Van Zile Lake Newald
Long Lake Florence East
Long Lake Long Lake
Loon Lake Florence West
Lost Lake Long Lake NE
Lund Lake Florence SW
Marlow Lake Florence East
Marm Lake Florence SE
Middle Lake Florence East
Mirror Lake Florence SE
Montgomery Lake Florence East
Morgan Lake Long Lake SE
Mud Lake Dunbar NE
Mud Lake Florence East
Mud Lake Naults
Mud Lake Armstrong Creek
Mud Lake Long Lake NE
Mud Lake Lake Gordon
Mud Lake Armstrong Creek
No Bottom Lake Dunbar NE
North Lake Florence East
Olson Lake Florence West
Patten Lake Florence SW
Perch Lake Long Lake NE
Pickerel Lake Naults
Pine River Flowage Florence SE
Pine River Flowage 543 Florence SE
Porcupine Lake Long Lake NE
Price Lake Florence SW
Railroad Lake Florence East
Reisner Lake Long Lake NE
Riley Lake Naults
Robago Lake Naults
Sand Lake Iron Mountain SW
Sand Lake Florence SE
Savage Lake Naults
Scout Lake Florence SE
Sea Lion Lake Florence West
Seidel Lake Florence SE
Sevenmile Lake Florence West
Silverdollar Lake Long Lake NE
South Lake Randville
Spread Eagle Chain of Lakes Florence East
Spring Lake Iron Mountain SW
Spruce Lake Long Lake NE
West Bass Lake Florence SE
West Lake Florence East
Wheeler Lake Long Lake SE
Whisker Lake Naults
Wolf Pond Tipler
Woods Creek Pond 45 Florence SW

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Florence County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Florence County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.