Forest County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Forest County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alvin Creek Impoundment Alvin
Arbutus Lake Roberts Lake
Atkins Lake Monico NE
Bailey Lake Julia Lake
Bass Lake Wabeno
Bastile Lake Long Lake
Bear Lake Blackwell
Big Cub Lake Blackwell
Birch Lake Laona
Bishop Lake Post Lake
Bluegill Lake Otter Lake
Bobs Lake Laona
Bog Brook Flowage Roberts Lake
Bogbrook Lake Roberts Lake
Bose Lake Alvin NW
Bradley Lake Roberts Lake
Briss Lake Alvin NW
Bug Lake Lake Lucerne
Butternut Lake Alvin NW
Camp One Springs Otter Lake
Camp Six Lake Goodman SW
Camp Three Lake Lake Gordon
Cavour Pond Lake Gordon
Chuks Lake Tipler
Clark Lake Roberts Lake
Clear Lake Crandon
Cloud Lake McCaslin Mountain
Cook Lake Roberts Lake
Coyote Creek Impoundment Argonne
Crane Lake Mole Lake
Crawford Lake Roberts Lake
Crystal Lake Mole Lake
Curve Lake Otter Lake
Dawson Lake Lake Lucerne
Deep Hole Lake Mole Lake
Deep Lake Otter Lake
Deer Lake McCaslin Mountain
Deer Lake Roberts Lake
Deer Lake Flowage McCaslin Mountain
Deer Lake Outlet Flowage McCaslin Mountain
Devils Lake Lake Lucerne
Duck Lake Mole Lake
Echo Lake Anvil Lake
Eds Lake Roberts Lake
Eugene Lake Wabeno
Evergreen Lake McCaslin Mountain
Finnerty Lake Wabeno
Forest Lake Armstrong Creek
Four Ducks Lake Alvin NW
Franklin Lake Anvil Lake
Furbush Lake Julia Lake
Gem Lake Otter Lake
Gertrude Lake Anvil Lake
Goose Lake Goodman SW
Grass Lake Roberts Lake
Ground Hemlock Lake Roberts Lake
Ham Lake Wabeno
Hardwood Lake Lake Lucerne
Harmony Lake Alvin NW
Harriet Lake Alvin NW
Hay Meadow Flowage 7 Julia Lake
Hiles Millpond Argonne
Himley Lake Roberts Lake
Horseshoe Lake Roberts Lake
Howell Lake Alvin NW
Indian Camp Lake Alvin NW
Indian Lake Otter Lake
Julia Lake Julia Lake
Jungle Lake Roberts Lake
Kaine Lake Smoky Lake
Kazmier Lake Laona
Killborn Lake Alvin
Kimberly Lake Roberts Lake
King Lake McCaslin Mountain
Kohlhoff Lake Wabeno
Lake Gordon Lake Gordon
Lake Laura Lake Gordon
Lake Lucerne Lake Lucerne
Langer Lake Blackwell
Lily Lake Roberts Lake
Lilypad Lake Tipler
Little Birch Lake Laona
Little Cub Lake Blackwell
Little Long Lake Roberts Lake
Little Marshall Lake Argonne
Little Pine Lake Lake Lucerne
Little Pine Lake Argonne
Little Popple Lake Lake Lucerne
Little Rice Lake Nashville
Little Rice Lake 45 Nashville
Little Riley Lake Lake Lucerne
Little Sand Lake Mole Lake
Little Star Lake Roberts Lake
Little Wapoose Lake Tipler
Logger Lake Lake Gordon
Lone Wolf Lake Alvin NW
Lost Lake Armstrong Creek
Lost Lake Roberts Lake
Ludington Lake Roberts Lake
Luna Lake Alvin NW
Mainline Lake Tipler
Marsh Number Ten Newald
Marshall Lake Argonne
May Lake Alvin
Mayflower Lake Lake Lucerne
Mayflower Lake Alvin NW
McKinley Lake Alvin NW
Metonga Lake Crandon
Midget Lake Lake Lucerne
Mole Lake Mole Lake
Mud Lake Roberts Lake
Mud Lake Tipler
Mud Lake Roberts Lake
Mud Lake Number One Wabeno
Mud Lake Number Two Wabeno
Nelligan Pond Lake Gordon
Oak Lake Mole Lake
Onimish Lake Alvin
Otter Lake Otter Lake
Pat Shay Lake Anvil Lake
Peanut Lake Otter Lake
Peshtigo Lake Crandon
Pickerel Lake Mole Lake
Piledriver Lake Blackwell
Pine Lake Argonne
Popple Lake Lake Lucerne
Purdy Lake Blackwell
Quartz Lake Alvin NW
Ramsdell Lake Tipler
Range Line Lake Wabeno
Rat Lake Lake Gordon
Rat Lake Alvin SE
Revolver Lake Goodman SW
Rice Lake Mole Lake
Richardson Lake Wabeno
Riley Lake Lake Lucerne
Ritter Lake Alvin
Robbins Lake Julia Lake
Roberts Lake Roberts Lake
Robinson Lake Smoky Lake
Rogers Lake Alvin SE
Ross Lake Newald
Round Lake Wabeno
Roxy Lake Roberts Lake
Saint Johns Lake Mole Lake
Scattered Rice Lake Laona
Scattered Rice Lake 38 Laona
Scott Lake Julia Lake
Seal Lake Otter Lake
Shabodock Lake Blackwell
Shelp Lake Julia Lake
Shiner Lake Wabeno
Shoe Lake Roberts Lake
Silver Lake Laona
Skunk Lake Mole Lake
Spring Lake Wabeno
Spring Lake Roberts Lake
Spring Pond Wabeno
Spring Pond Laona
Spring Pond Newald
Stevens Lake Tipler
Sunfish Lake Alvin NW
Surprise Lake Crandon
Tee Lake Lake Lucerne
Three Johns Lake Alvin NW
Torpee Springs Wabeno
Trump Lake Wabeno
Turtle Lake Otter Lake
Two Sisters Lakes Alvin NW
Valley Lake Goodman SW
Van Zile Lake Newald
Wabikon Lake Lake Lucerne
Waite Lake Alvin SE
Walsh Lake Roberts Lake
Wapoose Lake Tipler
White Deer Lake Alvin NW
Whiteye Lake Crandon
Wildcat Creek Impoundment Monico NE
Windfall Lake Roberts Lake
Wolf Lake Julia Lake
Woodbury Lake Julia Lake
Woods Lake Wabeno
Wyman Lake Lake Lucerne
Zarling Lake Wabeno

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Forest County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Forest County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.