Jackson County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Jackson County

Place USGS Topo Map
0.94 Reservoir Stenulson Coulee
1 Reservoir Blair
1.18 Reservoir Stenulson Coulee
16 Reservoir Mather
20 Reservoir City Point
60 Reservoir Millston
Battle Point Flowage Hatfield SE
Battle Point Flowage 2 Hatfield SE
Big Bear Flowage Hatfield SW
Black Duck Flowage Hatfield SE
Black River Flowage 1610 Black River Falls
Cranberry Flowage Black River Falls
Deer Lake Mather
Douglas Pond Melrose
Douglas Pond 24 Melrose
Dry Land Flowage Hatfield SW
Funmaker Flowage Hatfield SW
Glenn Creek Pond Millston
Goodyear Lake Warrens East
Harkner Flowage Warrens West
Hawkins Lake Warrens West
Hawkins Lake Hatfield SE
Horse Shoe Lake Melrose
Horseshoe Lake Stevenstown
Hunters Peak Reservoir Mather
Juleane Reservoir Mather
Ketchum Lake Melrose
Ketchum Lake Warrens West
Lake 21-7 8 City Point NW
Lake 23 15 6 Warrens West
Lake 27-1 6 Warrens West
Lake 31 3 7 Black River Falls
Lake 31 6 15 Jump River
Lee Lake Millston
Lee Lake 15 Millston
Little Bear Flowage Hatfield SW
Little Bear Flowage 3 Hatfield SW
Little Thunder Flowage Hatfield SE
Lowe Creek Pond Taylor
Lower Wilson Marsh Flowage Hatfield SW
Mallard Flowage Hatfield SE
Mallard Flowage 1 Hatfield SE
Northfield Lake Hixton
Northfield Lake 1 Hixton
Oakwood Lake Merrillan
Oakwood Lake 45 Merrillan
Oxbow Pond Hatfield SW
Partridge Crop Flowage Hatfield SE
Pegeon Creek Flowage 3 Warrens West
Pigeon Creek Flowage Warrens West
Potter Flowage Hatfield SE
Potter Flowage 58 Hatfield SE
Range Line Flowage Hatfield SE
Rangeline Flowage 8 Hatfield SE
Robinson Pond Warrens West
Sawdust Marsh Warrens East
Schwartz Pool Hatfield SE
Seventeen Flowage Hatfield SE
Seventeen Reservoir Hatfield SE
Sharptail Flowage Millston
Squaw Mound Flowage Hatfield SW
Squaw Mound Flowage 4 Hatfield SW
Staffon Flowage Hatfield SW
Stevens Lake Four Corners
Tanner Flowage Hatfield SE
Tanner Flowage 5 Hatfield SE
Teal Flowage Hatfield SW
Teal Flowage 7 Hatfield SW
Town Line Flowage Hatfield SE
Townline Reservoir Hatfield SE
Townline Reservoir Hatfield SE
Trow Lake Merrillan
Trow Lake 70 Merrillan
Trump Lake Blair
Trump Lake 1 Blair
Wazee Lake Hatfield SW
Weber Flowage Hatfield SE
Weber Flowage U Hatfield SE
White Tail Flowage Hatfield SE
Whitetail Flowage 12 Hatfield SE
Wildcat Flowage Hatfield SW
Wilson Marsh Flowage Hatfield SW
Wyman Lake Warrens West

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Jackson County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Jackson County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.