Marinette County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Marinette County

Place USGS Topo Map
1.35 Reservoir Pembine
1.99 Reservoir Coleman
10 Reservoir Resort Lake
Angle Lake High Falls Reservoir
Annabelle Lake Twelvefoot Falls
Babson Pond Roaring Rapids
Back Lake Town Corner Lake
Bagley Flowage 1061 Harmony
Bahlert Lake White Potato Lake
Balsam Lake Thunder Mountain
Barlow Lake Dunbar NE
Barnes Lake Town Corner Lake
Barr Lake Town Corner Lake
Bass Lake Crivitz
Bass Lake White Potato Lake
Bear Lake Athelstane
Beecher Lake Town Corner Lake
Belgian Lake Dunbar NE
Benson Lake Coleman Lake
Berry Lake McCaslin Mountain
Birch Lake Wausaukee North
Borth Lake Thunder Mountain
Bottle Lake Thunder Mountain
Brandywine Lake Roaring Rapids
Brock Pond Coleman Lake
Brock Pond 34 Coleman Lake
Brooks Lake Crivitz
Bullhead Lake White Potato Lake
Butterfly Lake Athelstane
Caldron Falls Reservoir Thunder Mountain
Caldron Falls Reservoir 496 High Falls Reservoir
Camp B Lake Armstrong Creek
Camp Lake Town Corner Lake
Campbell Lake Mount Tom
Campbell Lake Roaring Rapids
Cedar Lake Wausaukee North
Charles Lake Mount Tom
Christian Lake Town Corner Lake
Chrizel Lake Mount Tom
Clarey Lake Amberg
Clark Lake Goodman
Cole Lake Town Corner Lake
Coleman Lake Coleman Lake
Cotas Lake Amberg
Crandall Lake Roaring Rapids
Crane Lake McCaslin Mountain
Crooked Lake Coleman Lake
D’Amour Lake Coleman Lake
Deer Lake Lehman Lake
Devils Lake Crivitz
Disney Lake Twelvefoot Falls
Dolan Lake Town Corner Lake
Duck Lake Lehman Lake
Dvorak Lake Dunbar
Eagle Lake High Falls Reservoir
East Pickerel Pond Town Corner Lake
East Twin Lake Town Corner Lake
Echo Lake Faithorn
Elbow Lake Athelstane
Elm Flats Lake Town Corner Lake
Engleman Lake Wausaukee South
Fence Lake Wausaukee North
Finnegan Lake Wausaukee South
Frieda Lake Thunder Mountain
Fryingpan Lake Thunder Mountain
Giese Lake White Potato Lake
Gilas Lake White Potato Lake
Glen Lake Athelstane
Golden Lake Amberg
Goodman Millpond Goodman
Grandfather Lake Coleman Lake
Grass Lake Wausaukee North
Grass Lake White Potato Lake
Harper Lake McCaslin Mountain
Harvey Pond Twelvefoot Falls
Harwell Lake Lehman Lake
Hazel Lake Thunder Mountain
Headquarters Lake Amberg
Heart Lake Lehman Lake
Heisel Lake White Potato Lake
Helen Lake Wausaukee North
Heubler Lake Athelstane
High Falls Reservoir High Falls Reservoir
High Falls Reservoir 571 High Falls Reservoir
Hilbert Lake Armstrong Creek
Hobachee Lake Goodman
Homestead Lake Roaring Rapids
Horsehead Lake Lehman Lake
Horseshoe Lake Crivitz
House Lake White Potato Lake
Huber Lake Thunder Mountain
Huigen Lake High Falls Reservoir
Island Lake Wausaukee North
Island Lake High Falls Reservoir
John Lake Athelstane
Johnson and Beach Lake Dunbar NE
Johnson Falls Flowage 647 High Falls Reservoir
Jones Lake Coleman
Joy Lake High Falls Reservoir
Jug Lake Athelstane
June Lake Athelstane
Kahles Pond High Falls Reservoir
Kellinbach Lake Athelstane
Kidd Lake Twelvefoot Falls
Kimlark Lake Faithorn
Kirby Lake Crivitz
Kiss Lake High Falls Reservoir
Kiss Lake Thunder Mountain
Kiss Lake High Falls Reservoir
LaFaye Lake Armstrong Creek
Lake Chapman Pembine
Lake Downing Pembine
Lake Irwin McCaslin Mountain
Lake Julia Bear Point
Lake Mary Bear Point
Lake Noquebay Wausaukee South
Lake Shannon Faithorn
Lake Sixteen Lehman Lake
Lauenmans Lake Athelstane
Left Foot Lake Crivitz
Lehman Lake Lehman Lake
Lillie Lake Town Corner Lake
Lily Lake Athelstane
Lily Lake Town Corner Lake
Lindquist Lake Town Corner Lake
Little Island Lake Wausaukee North
Little McCall Lake Wausaukee South
Little Nelligan Lake White Potato Lake
Little Newton Lake Mount Tom
Little Perch Lake High Falls Reservoir
Little Quinnesec Falls Flowage 2 Norway
Little Spring Lake Lehman Lake
Little Wolf Lake Wausaukee North
Long Lake Wausaukee North
Long Lake Faithorn
Lost Lake Wausaukee North
Lost Lake Lehman Lake
Lost Lake Goodman
Luedevitz Lake Amberg
Lundgren Lake Town Corner Lake
Marl Lake Crivitz
Marsh Lake White Potato Lake
Mathis Lake Athelstane
Mattrich Lake White Potato Lake
McAllister Pond Miscauno Island
McCall Lake Wausaukee South
McCaslin Lake McCaslin Mountain
McDonald Lake Town Corner Lake
Merriman Lake Town Corner Lake
Minnie Lake Town Corner Lake
Mirror Lake Thunder Mountain
Mirror Lake Coleman Lake
Miscauno Pond Amberg
Miscauno Pond 23 Amberg
Monson Pond Town Corner Lake
Montana Lake Coleman
Moon Lake Goodman
Moose Lake Wausaukee North
Morgan Lake Athelstane
Mountain Lake Thunder Mountain
Mud Lake Bear Point
Mud Lake Wausaukee South
Mud Lake White Potato Lake
Mud Lake White Potato Lake
Mud Lake Twelvefoot Falls
Mullaney Lake Amberg
Murbou Lake Lehman Lake
Murphy Lake White Potato Lake
Nadjak Lake Armstrong Creek
Nelligan Lake White Potato Lake
Nelligan Lake White Potato Lake
Newbar Lake White Potato Lake
Newton Lake Mount Tom
Nocquebay Lake 118 Loomis
North Pond Goodman
North Pond 20 Goodman
Old Veterans Lake High Falls Reservoir
Oneonta Lake Armstrong Creek
Otter Lake Pembine
Papoose Lake Amberg
Perch Lake Wausaukee South
Perch Lake White Potato Lake
Perch Lake McCaslin Mountain
Peshtigo Flowage 1086 Marinette West
Petryk Lake Armstrong Creek
Phillips Lake Town Corner Lake
Phillips Lake Twelvefoot Falls
Pine Lake Mount Tom
Porcupine Lake Goodman SW
Pothole Lake Dunbar
Railroad Pond Goodman
Railroad Pond 37 Goodman
Rainbow Lake White Potato Lake
Rector Lake Athelstane
Redman Lake Town Corner Lake
Retcof Lake Mount Tom
Rock Lake Pembine
Rollins Lake Thunder Mountain
Rollins Lake Athelstane
Rooney Lake Roaring Rapids
Roosevelt Lake Wausaukee South
Rosebush Lake Resort Lake
Rosey Lake Lehman Lake
Round Lake Mount Tom
Round Lake Coleman Lake
Rush Lake Mount Tom
Sackerson Lake Dunbar
Sand Lake Thunder Mountain
Sandstone Reservoir 675 Crivitz
Scott Flowage Marinette West
Scott Pond 30 Goodman
Second Lake Coleman Lake
Silver Lake Athelstane
Simpson Lake Mount Tom
Smith Lake Pembine
Spencer Lake Athelstane
Spies Lake Athelstane
Spring Lake Lehman Lake
Springer Lake Athelstane
Spruce Lake McCaslin Mountain
Spur Lake Dunbar
Squaw Lake High Falls Reservoir
Star Lake Mount Tom
Stephenson Lake Bear Point
Stovekin Lake Athelstane
Taylor Lake Roaring Rapids
Thoeming Lake Town Corner Lake
Three Little Lakes Roaring Rapids
Thunder Lake High Falls Reservoir
Timms Lake Pembine
Town Corner Lake Town Corner Lake
Trout Lake Lehman Lake
Trout Lake Coleman Lake
Twin Bessies Thunder Mountain
Twin Lake Faithorn
Upper Lake Town Corner Lake
Upper Scott Flowage 4060 Marinette West
Vic Lake Coleman Lake
West Pickerel Pond Town Corner Lake
West Twin Lake Town Corner Lake
Wiggins Lake Town Corner Lake
Williams Lake Town Corner Lake
Woempner Lake Town Corner Lake
Wolf Lake Wausaukee North
Wolf Lake Wausaukee South
Wolf Lake Pembine
Wonder Lake Thunder Mountain
Woods Lake High Falls Reservoir
Woods Lake Coleman Lake
Yankee Lake White Potato Lake
Young Lake Town Corner Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Marinette County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Marinette County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.