Oconto County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Oconto County

Place USGS Topo Map
731 Reservoir Oconto Falls South
Anderson Lake Breed
Archibald Lake Townsend
Archibald Tower Springs Townsend
Balcom Lake Oconto Falls North
Barnes Lake Reservoir Pond
Bass Lake White Potato Lake
Bass Lake Shay Lake
Bass Lake Townsend
Bear Lake Townsend
Bear Paw Lake Mountain
Beaver Lake Oconto Falls North
Benz Lake Gillett
Berry Lake Berry Lake
Big Island Lake Shadow Lake
Binder Lake Townsend
Birch Lake Wheeler Lake
Boot Lake Reservoir Pond
Boulder Lake Langlade
Boundary Lake Thunder Mountain
Bowman Lake Reservoir Pond
Brooks Lake Gillett
Buck Lake Wheeler Lake
Bullfrog Lake Wheeler Lake
Camp Five Lake Townsend
Camp Four Lake Shadow Lake
Camp Lake Townsend
Cave Lake Townsend
Cedar Lake Thunder Mountain
Cedar Lake Townsend
Chain Lake Townsend
Chicken Crop Lake Shadow Lake
Chicken Foot Lake Townsend
Christie Lake Gillett
Chute Pond Mountain
Chute Pond 188 Mountain
Company Lake Oconto Falls North
Cooley Lake Hickory Corners
Crab Lake Townsend
Crooked Lake Shay Lake
Deadman Lake Shadow Lake
Deer Lake Hickory Corners
Dell Lake Thunder Mountain
Delzer Lake Oconto Falls South
Dollar Lake Reservoir Pond
Dombroski Lake Oconto Falls South
Explosion Lake Reservoir Pond
Fanny Lake Reservoir Pond
Farr Lake Shay Lake
Finnegan Lake Gillett
First Lake Kelly Lake
Flower Lake Thunder Mountain
French Lake Townsend
Frog Lake White Potato Lake
Funk Lake Hickory Corners
Gaffney Lake White Potato Lake
Gilkey Lake Shay Lake
Gillett Lake Townsend
Glocke Lake Townsend
Gray Lake Oconto Falls North
Green Lake Mountain
Grindle Lake Shay Lake
Hagen Lake Shadow Lake
Halfmoon Lake White Potato Lake
Hidden Lake Townsend
Hills Pond Shadow Lake
Hoerth Lake Hickory Corners
Holt Lake White Potato Lake
Horn Lake Reservoir Pond
Impassable Lake Hickory Corners
Jocko Lake Kelly Lake
John Lake Wheeler Lake
Johnson Lake Oconto Falls North
Jones Spring Impoundment Reservoir Pond
Jones Spring Impoundment 0.12 Reservoir Reservoir Pond
Kelly Lake Kelly Lake
Key Lake Townsend
Klaus Lake Gillett
Kobus Lake Shay Lake
Krake Lakes Townsend
Kuplic Lake Oconto Falls North
Labbies Slough Oconto East
Lackawanna Lake Thunder Mountain
Lake Kathleen Langlade
Lauder Lake Reservoir Pond
Ledge Lake Thunder Mountain
Leigh Flowage Kelly Lake
Leigh Flowage 10 Kelly Lake
Lily Lake Oconto Falls North
Lincoln Lake Townsend
Line Lake Townsend
Little Archibald Lake Townsend
Little Bass Lake White Potato Lake
Little Bear Lake Townsend
Little Gillett Lake Shadow Lake
Little Horn Lake Reservoir Pond
Little Maiden Lake Townsend
Little Pickerel Lake Townsend
Little Squaw Lake Hickory Corners
Little Wapato Lake Reservoir Pond
Long Lake Kelly Lake
Long Lake Townsend
Long Lake Townsend
Lost Lake Shay Lake
Lower Island Lake Shadow Lake
Lower Jones Lake Reservoir Pond
Lower Range Lake Townsend
Lower Wapato Lake Reservoir Pond
Machickanee Flowage Abrams
Machickanee Flowage 770 Abrams
Maiden Lake Townsend
Makholm Lake Hickory Corners
McComb Lake Shadow Lake
Midget Lake Mountain
Miller Lake Shadow Lake
Miriam Lake Wheeler Lake
Moody Lake Breed
Mosquito Lake Townsend
Mountain Lakes Shadow Lake
Mud Lake Shadow Lake
Munger Lake Wheeler Lake
Nelligan Lake Shay Lake
Newton Lake Gillett
No Mans Lake Hickory Corners
Oconto Falls Pond 729 Oconto Falls North
Papoose Lake Hickory Corners
Pat Lake Shadow Lake
Paya Lake Wheeler Lake
Pecor Lake Kelly Lake
Perch Lake White Potato Lake
Perch Lake Langlade
Pete Lake Oconto Falls North
Peterson Lake Hickory Corners
Pickerel Lake White Potato Lake
Pickerel Lake Townsend
Pickerel Lake 2 Townsend
Pine Lake Townsend
Pine Ridge Lake Wheeler Lake
Plantation Lake Townsend
Ponsegrau Lake Hickory Corners
Porcupine Lake Oconto Falls North
Quill Lake Townsend
Ranch Lake White Potato Lake
Reader Lake White Potato Lake
Reservoir Pond Reservoir Pond
Reservoir Pond 22.0 Reservoir Pond
Rost Lake Kelly Lake
Round Lake Kelly Lake
Savage Lake Gillett
Schutt Lake Berry Lake
Second Lake Kelly Lake
Section Thirty Lake Langlade
Sellin Lake Townsend
Shadow Lake Shadow Lake
Shay Lake Shay Lake
Shay Lake Reservoir Pond
Small Bass Lakes Townsend
Smoke Lake Townsend
Spice Lake Gillett
Spies Lake Hickory Corners
Spring Lake Townsend
Spruce Lake Langlade
Squaw Lake Kelly Lake
Star Lake Shadow Lake
Sunrise Lake Mountain
Surprise Lake Townsend
Temple Lake Shadow Lake
Townsend Flowage Townsend
Townsend Flowage 32 Townsend
Trout Lake Langlade
Turtle Lake Hickory Corners
Turtle Lake Shay Lake
Twin Lakes Langlade
Ucil Lake Hickory Corners
Underwood Lake Kelly Lake
Upper Island Lake Townsend
Upper Range Lake Townsend
Upper Wapato Lake Reservoir Pond
Valley Lake Townsend
Warington Lake Cecil
Waubee Lake Wheeler Lake
Waupee Flowage 8 Mountain
Waupee Lake Shay Lake
Wescott Lake Hickory Corners
Weso Creek Flowage 5 Breed
Westphall Lake Mountain
Wheeler Lake Wheeler Lake
White Lake Kelly Lake
White Potato Lake White Potato Lake
Wichser Lake Langlade
Winslow Lake Townsend
Winslow Lake 0.3 Townsend
Wiscobee Lake Breed

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Oconto County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Oconto County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.