Taylor County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Taylor County

Place USGS Topo Map
0.1 Reservoir Rib River Lookout Tower
0.33 Reservoir Lublin NW
0.4 Reservoir Medford NW
0.4 Reservoir Medford NW
0.6 Reservoir Medford NW
1 Reservoir Jim Falls
1 Reservoir Bellinger
1 Reservoir Bellinger
1 Reservoir Bellinger
1 Reservoir Perkinstown
1 Reservoir Natzke Camp
1 Reservoir Westboro
1 Reservoir Wood Lake
1 Reservoir Rib Lake
1.5 Reservoir Medford NW
Anderson Lake Perkinstown
Anderson Lake Medford NW
Birch Lake Perkinstown
Black Lake Westboro
Blank Lake Medford NW
Bullhead Lake Mondeaux Dam
Bullhead Lake Medford
Bullhead Lake Westboro
Camp Eight Flowage Wood Lake
Chelsea Lake Westboro
Chelsea Lake Westboro
Chequamegon Waters 125 Reservoir Lublin NW
Chequamegon Waters Flowage Lublin NW
Chub Lake Lublin NW
Clarke Lake Medford
Clear Lake Medford NW
Clear Lake Medford NW
Cranberry Lake Perkinstown
Cronin Lake Medford NW
Diamond Lake Lublin
Dorau Pond Jump River
Duchien Lake Westboro
East Lake Rib Lake
Esadore Lake Medford NW
Eska Lake Perkinstown
Flowage Number One Gilman
Flowage Number Three Gilman
Flowage Number Two Gilman
Foss Lake Perkinstown
Gibbs Lake Westboro
Grassy Knoll Lake Medford NW
Half Moon Lake Westboro
Holzer Flowage Jump River
Horseshoe Lake Medford
Horten Lake Perkinstown
Hulls Lake Perkinstown
James Lake Rib Lake
Jerry Lake Perkinstown
Kathryn Lake Perkinstown
Kennedy Lake Rib Lake
Ketcham Lake Westboro
Kettle Lake Westboro
Keyes Lake Perkinstown
Kleutch Lake Perkinstown
Laher Lake Medford
Lake Eleven Perkinstown
Lake Ellis Flowage 3-3-0.3 Jump River
Lake Holzer Flowage 2-6-0.6 Jump River
Lake Nineteen Perkinstown
Lake Thirty Perkinstown
Leuthey Lake Medford NW
Little Chelsea Lake Westboro
Little Rib Lake Rib Lake
Long Lake Perkinstown
Long Lake Medford NW
Long Lake Rib Lake
Lost Lake Jump River Fire Tower
Marion Lake Lublin NW
Matt Ochs Lake Medford NW
McNamar Lake Medford
Medford Flowage Medford
Medford Flowage 35.4 Medford
Mondeaux Flowage Mondeaux Dam
Mondeaux Flowage 24 Mondeaux Dam
Monson Flowage Jump River
Mud Lake Bellinger
Mud Lake Lublin
Mud Lake Lublin
Mud Lake Perkinstown
Mud Lake Medford NW
Mud Lake Westboro
Mud Lake Wood Lake
Nancy Lake Perkinstown
Niene Lake Westboro
Nona Lake Lublin NW
North Harper Lake Rib Lake
North Twin Lake Mondeaux Dam
Pechstein Lake Medford NW
Perch Lake Medford NW
Pickerel Lake Jump River Fire Tower
Polack Lake Perkinstown
Propst Flowage Bellinger
Quinn Flowage 1 Jump River
Redman Flowage Jump River
Reich Lake Timms Hill
Rib Lake Rib Lake
Richter Lake Perkinstown
Romeo Lake Medford NW
Sackett Lake Medford NW
Saint Clair Lake Rib Lake
Salem Lake Perkinstown
Schoolhouse Lake Medford NW
Scoof Lake Perkinstown
Shearer Lake Westboro
Shoulder Creek Flowage 0.2 Jump River
Skinner Lake Westboro
Sotak Flowage Gilman
South Harper Lake Rib Lake
South Twin Lake Mondeaux Dam
South Twin Lake 1 Mondeaux Dam
Spirit Lake Timms Hill
Spruce Lake Lublin NW
Thief Lake Perkinstown
Tiffany Lake Medford NW
Upper Steve Creek Flowage Jump River Fire Tower
Upper Steve Creek Flowage 9 Jump River Fire Tower
Washington Flowage Medford NW
Washington Flowage 1-16-5 Medford NW
Waterfowl Flowage Jump River
Wellington Lake Westboro
Witt Flowage Gilman
Wood Lake Wood Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Taylor County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Taylor County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.