Washburn County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Washburn County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adventure Lake Horseshoe Lake
Alder Lake Spooner Lake
Baker Lake Potato Lake
Balsam Lake Birchwood
Banks Lake Horseshoe Lake
Bass Lake Dunn Lake
Bass Lake Springbrook
Bass Lake Nobleton
Bean Lake Bean Lake
Beartrack Lake Scovils Lake
Beartrap Lake Birchwood
Beaver Lake Bean Lake
Beaver Lodge Pond Spooner
Berry Lake Nobleton
Big Bass Lake Horseshoe Lake
Big Devil Lake Nobleton
Birch Lake Birchwood
Birch Lake Birchwood
Bodins Lake Birchwood
Bond Lake Minong
Bridge Lake Birchwood
Brinkman Lake Springbrook
Browns Lake Sarona
Bughouse Lake Horseshoe Lake
Cable Lake Spooner
Camp Lake Stone Lake
Casey Creek Flowage Dunn Lake
Casey Lake Dunn Lake
Casper Lake Sarona
Chain Lake Sarona
Chain Lake Timberland
Chicog Lake Horseshoe Lake
Chinty Lake Nobleton
Chippanazie Lake Stanberry East
Cloverleaf Lake Horseshoe Lake
Colton Flowage Chittamo
Colton Flowage 95 Chittamo
Cranberry Lake Spooner
Crystal Lake Potato Lake
Cyclone Lake Spooner
Deep Lake Springbrook
Deep Lake Spooner Lake
Deep Lake Stone Lake
Deer Lake McKenzie Lake
Deer Lake Springbrook
Derosier Lake Chittamo
Devils Lake Bean Lake
Dilley Lake Spooner Lake
Dock Lake Spooner
Dugan Lake Potato Lake
Dunn Lake Dunn Lake
East Wilcox Lake Horseshoe Lake
Elbow Lake Birchwood
Eliza Lake Nobleton
Elizabeth Lake Nobleton
Ellsworth Lake Poquettes Lake
Evergreen Lake Spooner Lake
Fawn Lake Birchwood
Fenton Lake Nobleton
Fish Lake Stanberry West
Floyd Lake Nobleton
Gardner Lake Trego
Gilmore Lake Minong Flowage
Gilmore Lake Horseshoe Lake
Glendennon Lake Potato Lake
Goose Lake Dunn Lake
Goose Lake Spooner
Grass Lake Dunn Lake
Grassy Lake Shell Lake
Green Lake Springbrook
Gull Creek Springs Springbrook
Gull Lake Trego
Harmon Lake Potato Lake
Harrison Lake Spooner Lake
Haugen Lake Sarona
Hay Lake Stanberry West
Heart Lake Shell Lake
Hoinville Lake Horseshoe Lake
Holmes Lake Spooner Lake
Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake Stone Lake
Island Lake Dunn Lake
Jerry Lake Dunn Lake
Johnson Lake Shell Lake
Kekegama Lake Sarona
King Lake Bean Lake
Kingelm Lake Sarona
Kinny Lake Timberland
Lake 22-23 12 Spooner Lake
Lake 5-6-3 Spooner Lake
Lake Nancy Horseshoe Lake
Lakeside Lake Minong
Lazy Island Lake Nobleton
Leach Lake Timberland
Leaman Lake Shell Lake
Leesome Lake Potato Lake
Leisure Lake Dunn Lake
Leonard Lake Spooner Lake
Lincoln Lake Dunn Lake
Little Bass Lake McKenzie Lake
Little Bass Lake Horseshoe Lake
Little Cable Lake Spooner
Little Casey Lake Dunn Lake
Little Devil Lake Nobleton
Little Dugan Lake Stone Lake
Little Grassy Lake Shell Lake
Little Kekegama Lake Sarona
Little Mud Lake Nobleton
Little Ripley Lake Sarona
Little Sand Lake Scovils Lake
Little Spooner Lake Spooner Lake
Little Stone Lake Stone Lake
Long Lake Shell Lake
Long Lake Nobleton
Long Lake 82 Nobleton
Loon Lake Dunn Lake
Loon Lake Chittamo
Loon Lake Bean Lake
Loon Lake Nobleton
Loon Lake Birchwood
Lost Lake Stanberry West
Lost Lake Sarona
Lost Lake Birchwood
Lower Kimball Lake Horseshoe Lake
Lower Kimball Lake 6 Horseshoe Lake
Lower McKenzie Lake McKenzie Lake
Loyhead Lake Stone Lake
Lucky Lake Springbrook
Lutz Lake Spooner Lake
Mack Lake Horseshoe Lake
Mackay Springs Potato Lake
MacRae Lake Birchwood
Mallard Lake Stone Lake
Matson Lake Birchwood
Matthews Lake Horseshoe Lake
McCune Lake Nobleton
McKinley Lake Dunn Lake
McLain Lake Horseshoe Lake
Middle Kimball Lake Minong Flowage
Middle Lake Horseshoe Lake
Miles Lake Gordon
Mill Pond Shell Lake
Miller Lake Sarona
Minong Flowage Horseshoe Lake
Minong Flowage 320 Horseshoe Lake
Monday Lake Sarona
Moody Lake Potato Lake
Mosquito Lake Horseshoe Lake
Mud Lake Dunn Lake
Mud Lake Scovils Lake
Mud Lake Bean Lake
Mud Lake Nobleton
Nice Lake Birchwood
Nick Lake Birchwood
No Mans Lake Frog Lake
North Twin Lake Horseshoe Lake
Oak Lake Frog Lake
Oak Lake Spooner Lake
Offers Lake Timberland
Ole Lake Stone Lake
Osprey Lake Stone Lake
Otter Lake Stone Lake
Pavlas Lake Sarona
Pear Lake Frog Lake
Perch Lake Spooner
Peters Lake Birchwood
Peufald Lakes Birchwood
Pickerel Lake Stone Lake
Pine Island Lake Stone Lake
Pine Lake Shell Lake
Pokegama Lake Minong
Pokegama Lake Minong
Pollywog Lake Nobleton
Potato Lake Potato Lake
Rainy Lake Stanberry West
Randall Lake Spooner
Rappy Lake Dunn Lake
Red Lake Nobleton
Reflection Lake Stone Lake
Rice Lake Gordon
Rigler Lake Dunn Lake
Ripley Lake Sarona
Ripley Lake Spooner Lake
River Lake Birchwood
Rock Lake Birchwood
Rocky Ridge Lake Dunn Lake
Round Lake Minong
Round Lake Sarona
Round Lake Shell Lake
Sams Lake Birchwood
Sand Lake Scovils Lake
Sawmill Lake Stone Lake
Schullenberger Lake Spooner Lake
Scoot Lake Stone Lake
Scovils Lake Scovils Lake
Severson Lake Timberland
Seymour Lake Potato Lake
Shallow Lake Timberland
Shallow Lake Sarona
Shell Lake Shell Lake
Sherman Lake Horseshoe Lake
Shingle Camp Lake Shell Lake
Silver Lake Trego
Sleepy Eye Lake Horseshoe Lake
Slim Creek Flowage Stone Lake
Slim Creek Flowage 17 Stone Lake
Slim Lake Stone Lake
Snag Lake Stone Lake
South Twin Lake Horseshoe Lake
Spider Lake Birchwood
Spooner Lake Spooner Lake
Spooner Lake 20 Spooner Lake
Sport Lake Sarona
Spring Lake Frog Lake
Spring Lake Dunn Lake
Spring Lake Trego
Spring Lake Springbrook
Spring Lake Stone Lake
Spring Lake Trego
Spute Lake Birchwood
Stanberry Lake Stanberry East
Star Lake Sarona
Starkey Lake Spooner
Stauffer Lake Potato Lake
Stone Lake Sarona
Stone Lake Stone Lake
Sugar Bush Lake Stanberry West
Sugarbush Lake Birchwood
Sunfish Lake Dunn Lake
Superior Lake Birchwood
Taylor Lake Stanberry West
Taylor Lake 1 Stanberry West
Telstar Lake Birchwood
Tomahawk Lake Dunn Lake
Tony Lake Spooner
Totagatic Flowage Chittamo NE
Totagatic Flowage 67 Chittamo NE
Tower Lake Dunn Lake
Tozer Lake Spooner
Tranus Lake Stanberry West
Trego Lake Dunn Lake
Trego Lake 503 Dunn Lake
Tucker Lake Minong
Twin Lake Nobleton
Twin Lakes Horseshoe Lake
Upper Kimball Lake Minong Flowage
Vollmers Lake Birchwood
Warner Lake Frog Lake
Watson Lake Potato Lake
Welsh Lake Shell Lake
West Lake Stone Lake
West Wilcox Lake Horseshoe Lake
Whalen Lake Trego
Wilcox Lake Horseshoe Lake
Wilkerson Lake McKenzie Lake
Wolf Lake Stone Lake
Yechout Lake Sarona
Yellow River Flowage 36.52 Spooner

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Washburn County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Washburn County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.