Albany County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Albany County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alsop Lake Alsop Lake
Alvie Number One Reservoir Ragged Top Mountain
Arrowhead Lake Sand Lake
Badger Lake Greasewood Knoll
Bamforth Lake Bamforth Lake
Bar M Number 1 Reservoir Cottonwood Creek
Bar M Number 2 Reservoir Toltec
Bar M Number 3 Reservoir Cottonwood Creek
Barber Lake Centennial
Bear Lake Centennial
Beery Number 2 Reservoir Aurora Lake
Bell and Scranton Number 1 Reservoir Toltec
Bell and Scranton Number 1 Reservoir Toltec
Bell and Scranton Number 2 Reservoir Windy Peak
Bell Reservoir Goat Mountain
Bellamy Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Berry Reservoir Aurora Lake
Big Charlie Lakes Big Charlie Lakes
Black Jack Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Bliss Number 1 Reservoir Baldy Mountain
Brady Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Brooklyn Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Brown Number 1 Reservoir Turpin Reservoir
Caldwell Lake Caldwell Lake
Canon Number 1 Reservoir Indian Guide
Canon Number 2 Reservoir Indian Guide
Canon Number 3 Reservoir Indian Guide
Canon Number 4 Reservoir Indian Guide
Canon Number 5 Reservoir Sheep Rock
Carroll Lake Bamforth Lake
Cashs Home Reservoir King Mountain
Cavender Reservoir Cooper Lake North
Cavender Reservoir Big Judson
Cavender Reservoir Big Judson
Chris Klein Reservoir Laramie
Class Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Coal Bank Reservoir Rock River
Columbus Reservoir Red Buttes
Cooper Lake Cooper Lake South
Cooper Reservoir Big Judson
Creighton Lake Hutton Lake
Crescent Lake Sand Lake
Cutthoat Lake Sand Lake
Diamond Lake Bosler
Dover Reservoir Number 2 Poe Mountain
Downey Lakes Downey Lakes
Dry Lake Pine Tree Ridge
Dry Reservoir Seminoe Dam SE
Duck Creek Reservoir Garrett
Dunn Lake Lake Ione
Dutton Creek Reservoir Big Judson
Dutton Creek Reservoir Big Judson
Eggleston Reservoir Toltec
Ella Reservoir Sheep Rock
Fishhook Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Foote Creek Lake Foote Creek Lake
Gelatt Lake Caldwell Lake
Gibbs Pond Caldwell Lake
Gillespie Reservoir Sevenmile Spring
Gillespie Reservoir Lake Ione
Glacier Lakes Sand Lake
Glade Number 2 Reservoir Dodge Ranch
Goforth Reservoir Red Buttes
Grant Creek Reservoir Poe Mountain
Grazing Number 1 Stock Reservoir Rogers Creek
Hailey Lake Bamforth Lake
Hanging Lake Centennial
Hardigan Lake Millbrook
Harman Reservoir Caldwell Lake
Harney Creek Reservoir Red Buttes
Highway 130 Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Home Reservoir Sevenmile Spring
Horse Creek Lakes King Mountain
Hourglass Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Howell Lake Bamforth Lake
Hundred Springs Reservoir Red Buttes
Hutton Lake Hutton Lake
Hutton Lake Hutton Lake
Iron Mountain Number 1 Reservoir Indian Guide
Iron Mountain Reservoir Indian Guide
James Lake James Lake
Jeep Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Joe D Reservoir Rock River
Johnson Flat Reservoir Boot Heel
Johnson Reservoir Poe Mountain
Kafka Number 1 Reservoir Toltec
Kennedy Reservoir Number 1 Dodge Ranch
King Number 1 Reservoir Bengough Hill
King Reservoir Number 1 Bengough Hill
Klondike Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Knadler Lake Miller
Lace Reservoir Pierce Reservoir
Lake George Hutton Lake
Lake Hattie Sodergreen Lake
Lake Hattie Sodergreen Lake
Lake Hattie Reservoir Sodergreen Lake
Lake Ione Lake Ione
Lake Mildred Caldwell Lake
Lake Owen Lake Owen
Lake Owen Lake Owen
Leah Reservoir Laramie
Leazenby Lake Red Buttes
Lewis Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Libby Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Lime Creek Reservoir Ayres Spring
Little Brooklyn Lake Centennial
Little Brooklyn Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Little Carroll Lake Bamforth Lake
Little Gelatt Lake Caldwell Lake
Little Long Lake Sand Lake
Little Pierce Reservoir Pierce Reservoir
Lone Tree Number 1 Reservoir Downey Lakes
Lone Tree Reservoir Johnson Ranch
Lone Tree Reservoir Number 1 Downey Lakes
Lone Tree Reservoir Number 2 Downey Lakes
Long Lake Lake Ione
Lookout Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Lori Lake Alsop Lake
Lost Creek Reservoir Dodge Ranch
Lost Lake Medicine Bow Peak
M G Reservoir Garrett
McGill Lakes McGill Lakes
Meadows Lakes Sand Lake
Meeboer Lake Caldwell Lake
Meiser Lake Cannonball Cut
Mill Pond Lake Centennial
Millbrook Number 2 Reservoir Millbrook
Millbrook Reservoir Number 1 Millbrook
Millbrook Reservoir Number 2 Millbrook
Miller Lake Foxpark
Mirror Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Moore Reservoir Sybille Springs
Mortenson Lake Caldwell Lake
Mule Creek Reservoir Marshall
Nelson Pond Caldwell Lake
Newell Reservoir Cottonwood Creek
Nickerson Reservoir Pathfinder Reservoir SW
North Gap Lake Sand Lake
North Twin Lakes Morgan
Old Smuggler Reservoir Howell
Osterman Lake Caldwell Lake
Parker Number 1 Reservoir South Mountain
Phillips Number 1 Reservoir Toltec
Phillips Reservoir Caldwell Lake
Pilger Lake Miller
Pinchot Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Pinto Reservoir Pinto Creek
Porter Lake Millbrook
Post Lake Ayres Spring
Priet Reservoir Boot Heel
Rainey Lake Rock River
Red Reservoir Seminoe Dam SE
Reservoir Lake Sand Lake
Rex Lake Rex Lake
Rhodes Lake Bamforth Lake
Rice Reservoir Downey Lakes
Ring Lake Number 1 Jelm Mountain
Ring Lake Number 2 Jelm Mountain
Rob Roy Reservoir Keystone
Rock Creek Lakes Cannonball Cut
Round Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Rush Lake Hutton Lake
Russell Lake Sodergreen Lake
Sandy Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Scott Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Sevenmile Lakes Laramie SW
Shelf Lakes Sand Lake
Shellhart Fish and Stock Reservoir Bull Camp Peak
Sid Number 1 Reservoir Garrett
Silver Run Lake Centennial
Snow Bank Lake Morgan
Soap Holes Bamforth Lake
Soda Lake Pine Tree Ridge
Soda Lake Caldwell Lake
Soda Lake Draw Number 1 Reservoir Caldwell Lake
Soda Lakes Pine Tree Ridge
Sodergreen Lake Sodergreen Lake
Soldier Creek Reservoir Toltec
South Gap Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Sportsman Lake Johnson Ranch
Steamboat Lake Downey Lakes
Strong Number 1 Reservoir Baldy Mountain
Strong Number 4 Reservoir Baldy Mountain
Sturgeon Number 1 Reservoir Davidson Flats
Sturgeon Number 3 Reservoir Garrett
Sturgeon Reservoir Number 1 Garrett
Sturgeon Reservoir Number 2 Garrett
Sturgeon Reservoir Number 3 Pinto Creek
Sunby Reservoir Lake Owen
Sundby Reservoir Number 2 Lake Owen
Swastika Lake Centennial
Swedes Cabin Lake Miller
Telephone Lakes Medicine Bow Peak
Teri Lake Alsop Lake
Three Mile Reservoir Chalk Hills
Towner Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Trapper Spring Reservoir Downey Lakes
Twelvemile Lake Caldwell Lake
Twenty Mile Number 1 Reservoir Pinto Creek
Twentymile Reservoir Pinto Creek
Twentytwo Mile Reservoir Boot Heel SE
Twin Buttes Lake Caldwell Lake
Twin Lakes McGill Lakes
Twin Mountains Lake Buford
Two Bar Number 1 Reservoir Indian Guide
Upper North Crow Reservoir Sherman Mountains East
Upper Silver Run Lake Centennial
Watt Lake Alsop Lake
Weaver Reservoir Dale Creek
Webb Lake Millbrook
Wellbaum Reservoir Rogers Creek
West Carroll Lake Bamforth Lake
Wheatland Reservoir Number 2 McGill Lakes
Wheatland Reservoir Number 2 Bluegrass Wells
Wheatland Reservoir Number 3 McGill Lakes
Wheatland Reservoir Number Two Bluegrass Wells
Whiskey Number 1 Reservoir Pierce Reservoir
Whites Reservoir Pierce Reservoir
Williams and Blunk Number 1 Reservoir Dale Creek
Williams Number 1 Reservoir Buford
Williams Number 2 Reservoir Dale Creek
Williams Number 3 Reservoir Sherman Mountains West
Willow Creek Reservoir Best Ranch
Willow Creek Reservoir Best Ranch
Woodhouse Reservoir Laramie

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Albany County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Albany County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.