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Albany County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Albany County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alsop Slough Alsop Lake
Anderson Creek Horatio Rock
Antelope Creek Garrett
Antelope Creek Cottonwood Creek
Antelope Creek Hutton Lake
Arapaho Creek South Mountain
Arrowhead Creek Toltec
Ashenfelder Creek Laramie Peak
Ashley Creek Reese Mountain
Austin Creek Seminoe Dam SE
Badger Creek Marshall
Badger Creek Foxpark
Bar M Creek Cottonwood Creek
Barrel Spring Creek Jelm Mountain
Bean Creek Rogers Creek
Bear Creek South Mountain
Bear Creek Sheep Rock
Bear Creek Woods Landing
Bear Creek Keystone
Beaver Creek Windy Peak
Beaver Creek Woods Landing
Beaver Creek Warbonnett Peak
Beaver Dam Creek Toltec
Beaver Jimmy Creek Seminoe Dam SE
Bell Creek Rock Creek
Bert Creek Horatio Rock
Bird Creek Albany
Bishop Creek Marshall
Bone Creek Greasewood Knoll
Boswell Creek Woods Landing
Boulder Creek Marshall
Boulder Creek Best Ranch
Box Spring Creek Jelm Mountain
Brandel Creek Fletcher Park
Browns Creek Bamforth Lake
Brumley Creek Toltec
Brush Creek Johnson Ranch
Brush Creek Toltec
Buckeye Creek Lake Owen
Bull Camp Creek Bull Camp Peak
Bull Creek Cow Creek Mountain
Bull Run Creek Downey Lakes
Camp Creek Centennial
Canon Creek Poe Mountain
Canteen Creek Indian Guide
Canyon Creek Poe Mountain
Cherry Creek Reese Mountain
Chokecherry Creek Sodergreen Lake
Claude Irvine Creek Fletcher Park
Coalbank Creek Pierce Reservoir
Cold Creek Toltec
Collins Creek Reese Mountain
Collins Creek Foxpark
Cooper Creek Cooper Lake South
Corduroy Creek School Section Mountain
Cottonwood Creek Seminoe Dam SE
Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Creek
Cottonwood Creek Marshall
Cow Creek Pinto Creek
Cruikshank Creek Rock Creek
Curitan Creek Albany
Dale Creek Lake Owen
Dave Creek Keystone
Davidson Creek Pass Creek
Deer Creek Cow Creek Mountain
Deer Creek Toltec
Desert Creek Bull Camp Peak
Dickey Creek Jelm Mountain
Dipping Vat Creek Bull Camp Peak
Dodge Creek Dodge Ranch
Dry Creek Pass Creek
Dry Creek Downey Lakes
Dry Creek Best Ranch
Duck Creek Moonshine Peak
Dutton Creek Cooper Lake North
Eagle Creek Woods Landing
East Bluegrass Creek Guide Rock
East Fork Cottonwood Creek Marshall
East Fork Devils Gate Creek Keystone
East Shell Creek Downey Lakes
East Walbright Creek Horatio Rock
East Windy Creek Windy Peak
Eggleston Creek Toltec
Elk Creek Keystone
Evans Creek Foxpark
Fall Creek Harris Park
Fall Creek Harris Park
Fall Creek Centennial
Felix Creek South Mountain
Fence Creek Lake Owen
Fish Creek Cherokee Park
Fivemile Creek Laramie SW
Flattop Creek Toltec
Flume Creek Keystone
Forest Creek Best Ranch
Fortymile Creek Toltec
Fourmile Creek Bamforth Lake
Fox Creek Woods Landing
Friend Creek Cow Creek Mountain
Garlock Creek Garrett
Gates Creek Lake Ione
George Creek Garrett
Gold Run Creek Centennial
Gooseberry Creek Johnson Ranch
Government Creek Best Ranch
Gramm Creek Woods Landing
Grant Creek Poe Mountain
Grant Creek Best Ranch
Greasewood Creek Aurora Lake
Green Creek Marshall
Grizzly Creek Reese Mountain
Grouse Creek Windy Peak
Halleck Creek Moonshine Peak
Hand in Hand Creek Braae
Hansen Creek Sodergreen Lake
Harney Creek Laramie
Hay Creek Albany
Hecht Creek Lake Owen
Horse Creek Keystone
House Log Creek Davidson Flats
Illinois Creek Horatio Rock
Indian Creek School Section Mountain
Indian Creek Albany
Iron Mountain Creek Indian Guide
Jackrabbit Creek Windy Peak
Jelm Creek Woods Landing
Jim Creek Keystone
Jim Creek Centennial
Joe Creek Poe Mountain
John Creek Laramie Peak
Johns Creek Sodergreen Lake
Johnson Creek Poe Mountain
June Creek Albany
Kelly Creek Rex Lake
Kenyon Creek Laramie Peak
Keystone Creek Keystone
Kloer Creek South Mountain
Lake Creek Foxpark
Lake Owen Creek Lake Owen
Lefthand Luman Creek Reese Mountain
Lewis Creek Keystone
Libby Creek Centennial
Lindsey Creek Downey Lakes
Little Beaver Creek Keystone
Little Creek Poe Mountain
Little Fish Creek Best Ranch
Little Halleck Creek Poe Mountain
Little Laramie River Bamforth Lake
Little Pinto Creek Pinto Creek
Lone Tree Creek Hutton Lake
Lost Creek Laramie Peak
Magpie Creek Pass Creek
Manse Creek Marshall
Mary Cooper Creek Laramie Peak
McFarlane Creek Davidson Flats
Meadow Creek Marshall
Meadow Creek Millbrook
Meadow Fork Branch Green Top Mountain
Meiser Creek Wilcox
Middle Branch Middle Lodgepole Creek Green Top Mountain
Middle Creek Lake Ione
Middle Fork Cottonwood Creek Marshall
Middle Fork Little Laramie River Lake Owen
Middle Fork Mill Creek Strouss Hill
Middle Sybille Creek Poe Mountain
Mill Creek Harris Park
Mill Creek Bull Camp Peak
Mill Creek James Lake
Mowberg Creek Horatio Rock
Muddy Creek Toltec
Muddy Creek Foxpark
Muddy Ford Creek Cow Creek Mountain
Mule Creek Rogers Creek
Mullen Creek Centennial
Nash Fork Centennial
Negro Creek Cottonwood Creek
Nellis Creek Strouss Hill
North Branch Boxelder Creek Virginia Dale
North Branch Crow Creek Sherman Mountains East
North Branch Middle Lodgepole Creek Green Top Mountain
North Cottonwood Creek Harris Park
North Creek Davidson Flats
North Fork Foxpark
North Fork Cherry Creek Bull Camp Peak
North Fork Cottonwood Creek Marshall
North Fork Duck Creek Garrett
North Fork Gramm Creek Woods Landing
North Fork Little Laramie River Rex Lake
North Fork Little Medicine Bow River Squaw Spring
North Fork Luman Creek Reese Mountain
North Fork Pelton Creek Foxpark
North Fork Squirrel Creek Woods Landing
North Prong South Fork Little Medicine Bow River Rock Creek
North Sybille Creek Poe Mountain
One Cabin Creek Pass Creek
Onemile Creek Strouss Hill
Owen Creek Fletcher Park
Owl Creek Cow Creek Mountain
Park Run Foxpark
Parsons Creek Rock Creek
Pass Creek Pass Creek
Pelton Creek Horatio Rock
Pine Creek Cow Creek Mountain
Pinto Creek Pinto Creek
Plumbago Creek Sybille Springs
Pole Creek Davidson Flats
Pole Creek Toltec
Porter Creek Woods Landing
Potato Creek Cow Creek Mountain
Prager Creek Garrett
Preacher Creek Harris Park
Preemption Creek Bull Camp Peak
Pump Creek Dale Creek
Red Mountain Spring Creek Jelm Mountain
Rees Creek South Mountain
Reservoir Creek South Mountain
Roaring Fork Laramie Peak
Robinson Creek Fletcher Park
Rogers Creek Rogers Creek
Running Water Creek Johnson Ranch
Rush Creek Keystone
Sally Creek Centennial
Salt Creek Bull Camp Peak
Saltlick Creek Laramie Peak
Sand Creek Alsop Lake
Sand Creek Hutton Lake
Sand Creek Hutton Lake
Saylor Creek Seminoe Dam SE
School Creek Sheep Rock
School Creek Bull Camp Peak
Schoolhouse Creek Ragged Top Mountain
Sevenmile Creek Pine Tree Ridge
Sevenmile Creek James Lake
Shanton Creek Goat Mountain
Sheldon Creek Windy Peak
Shell Creek Downey Lakes
Shellrock Creek Woods Landing
Shorty Creek Davidson Flats
Siebolt Creek South Mountain
Silver Run Creek Centennial
Silver Tip Creek Windy Peak
Simpson Springs Creek Red Buttes
Sips Creek Seminoe Dam SE
Smith North Creek Foxpark
Snow Creek Baldy Mountain
Soldier Creek Esterbrook
Soldier Creek Laramie
Soldier Creek Toltec
South Branch Crow Creek Sherman Mountains East
South Creek Fletcher Park
South Fork Cherry Creek Bull Camp Peak
South Fork Cooper Creek Bengough Hill
South Fork La Bonte Creek School Section Mountain
South Fork Little Laramie River Lake Owen
South Fork Little Medicine Bow River Squaw Spring
South Fork Mill Creek Strouss Hill
South Fork Pinto Creek Pinto Creek
South Fork Spring Creek Cannonball Cut
South Horseshoe Creek Windy Peak
South McFarlane Creek Davidson Flats
South Prong South Fork Little Medicine Rock Creek
Sprague Creek Alsop Lake
Spring Branch Jelm Mountain
Spring Creek Indian Guide
Spring Creek Albany
Spring Creek King Mountain
Spring Creek Red Buttes
Spring Creek Downey Lakes
Spring Creek Laramie
Spring Creek Sevenmile Spring
Spring Creek Cannonball Cut
Spring Creek Goat Mountain
Spring Creek Indian Guide
Squaw Creek Lake Owen
Squirrel Creek Woods Landing
Stink Creek Downey Lakes
Stove and Timber Creek Toltec
Strain Creek Lake Owen
Stratton Creek Windy Peak
Strong Creek Goat Mountain
Sturgeon Creek South Mountain
Sunrise Spring Creek Woods Landing
Telephone Creek Centennial
Thirtytwo Creek Windy Peak
Three Cripples Creek Esterbrook
Threemile Creek Pierce Reservoir
Trail Creek Poe Mountain
Trail Creek Reese Mountain
Trail Creek Laramie Peak
Tuttle Creek Toltec
Tweety Creek Cow Creek Mountain
Two Bar Creek Indian Guide
Two Cabin Creek Pass Creek
Wallrock Creek Lake Ione
West Bluegrass Creek Guide Rock
West Dry Creek Millbrook
West Fork Indian Guide
West Fork Dale Creek Buford
West Fork Iron Mountain Creek Indian Guide
West McFarlane Branch Creek Davidson Flats
Whistler Creek Rogers Creek
White Swan Creek Keystone
Willow Creek Cow Creek Mountain
Willow Creek Hutton Lake
Willow Creek Keystone
Windy Creek Windy Peak
Woods Creek Woods Landing
Zeigler Creek Alsop Lake

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Albany County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Albany County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.