Big Horn County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Big Horn County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adelaide Lake Shell Reservoir
Adelaide Reservoir Shell Reservoir
Albert Wardell Reservoir Enlargement Wardel Reservoir
Bear Lake Meadowlark Lake
Bench Canal Reservoir Otto
Bethurem Reservoir Spence
Bethurem Reservoir Alkali Creek
Big Von Reservoir Dutch Nick Flat NW
Bighorn Lake Kane
Bischoff Creek Reservoir Kane
Blue Ridge Reservoir Wild Horse Flats
Bonanza Reservoir Number 1 McDermotts Butte
Bonanza Reservoir Number 2 McDermotts Butte
Bonanza Reservoir Number 3 McDermotts Butte
Brown Number 1 Reservoir Alkali Creek
Brown Number 2 Reservoir Alkali Creek
C C Reservoir Hyattville
Caesar Reservoir North Emblem Reservoir
Carey Reservoir Wild Horse Flats
Cedar Buttes Reservoir Natural Trap Cave
Cleopatra Reservoir North Emblem Reservoir
Cliff Lake Cloud Peak
Crater Lake Cloud Peak
Crystal Lake Medicine Wheel
Deer Draw Reservoir Pierce Draw
Delbert Jones Reservoir Otto
Dobson Pond Sheep Mountain
Doyle Reservoir Hyattville
East Reservoir Hillsboro
East Tensleep Lake Meadowlark Lake
Eberhard Number 1 Reservoir Alkali Creek
Emerald Lake Shell Lake
Enlargement of the Walters Reservoir Hyatt Ranch
Eoawrra Reservoir Sucker Dam
Ewen Pence Gulch Reservoir Shell
Ewen Reservoir Shell
First Enlargement Fairview Extension Reservoir Wardel Reservoir
Five Springs Number 1 Reservoir Cottonwood Canyon
Five Springs Number 2 Reservoir Kane
Flitner Reservoir Flitner Reservoir
Flockhart Reservoir Bear Creek Ranch
Fortress Lakes Lake Helen
Garnett Lake Greybull North
Garnett Reservoir Greybull North
Gould Reservoir Gould Butte
Grace Lake Lake Solitude
Granite Lake Shell Lake
Gunboat Lake Lake Helen
Gyp Reservoir Cowley
H G Reservoir Weintz Draw
Harrington Reservoir Wardel Reservoir
Horseshoe Lake Shell Lake
Horseshoe Reservoir Sykes Spring
Hump Reservoir Gould Butte
Jack Horner Reservoir Jack Horner Reservoir
Jensons Pond Cowley
Jolley Reservoir North Emblem Reservoir
Jolly Reservoir North Emblem Reservoir
Jones Reservoir Wild Horse Flats
Jones Reservoir Jones Reservoir
Karate Reservoir North Emblem Reservoir
Lake Arden Shell Reservoir
Lake Elsa Cloud Peak
Lake Eunice Cloud Peak
Lake Helen Lake Helen
Lake Marion Lake Helen
Lake McKinney Gould Butte
Lake Solitude Lake Solitude
Lakes of the Rough Shell Lake
Lampman Reservoir Bear Creek Ranch
Lapula Reservoir McDermotts Butte
Leavitt Reservoir Leavitt Reservoir
Leavitt Reservoir Leavitt Reservoir
Lily Lake Lake Solitude
Little Shell Lake Shell Lake
Lone Hill Reservoir Natural Trap Cave
Lost Lake Lake Solitude
Lovell Lakes Lovell Lakes
Lower Medicine Lodge Lake Spanish Point
Lower Paint Rock Lake Spanish Point
McKinnie Reservoir Gould Butte
Meadowlark Lake Meadowlark Lake
Middle Cloud Peak Lake Lake Helen
Mirror Lake Lake Helen
Mistymoon Lake Lake Helen
Mud Lake Shell Reservoir
N and S Reservoir Medicine Wheel
Neves Reservoir Sheep Mountain
North Emblem Reservoir North Emblem Reservoir
North Snyder Reservoir Jack Horner Reservoir
Pass Reservoir Natural Trap Cave
Perkins Reservoir Wild Horse Flats
Phelps Reservoir Number 1 Spence
Phelps Reservoir Number 2 Spence
Pinnacle Reservoir McDermotts Butte
Poacher Lake Lake Solitude
Rainbow Lake Cloud Peak
Red Spires Reservoir Dutch Nick Flat NW
Renner Reservoir Hyattville
Renner Reservoir Hyattville
Robin Lake Shell Lake
Rolston Reservoir North Emblem Reservoir
Round Lake Spanish Point
Sandstone Reservoir Wardel Reservoir
School Section Reservoir Dead Indian Hill
Sheepherder Lake Cloud Peak
Shell Lake Shell Lake
Shell Reservoir Shell Reservoir
Snoopy Reservoir Jones Reservoir
Snyder Reservoir Jack Horner Reservoir
Sore Finger Reservoir Emblem
South Paint Rock Reservoir Hyattville
Summit Lake Lake Helen
Teeples Reservoir Cowley
Tensleep Reservoir Meadowlark Lake
Thomas Coulee Reservoir Wild Horse Flats
Tommy Tucker Reservoir Jack Horner Reservoir
Trigood Reservoir Gould Butte
Upper Crater Lake Cloud Peak
Upper Medicine Lodge Lake Spanish Point
Upper Paint Rock Lake Spanish Point
Walters Reservoir Flitner Reservoir
Walters Reservoir Flitner Reservoir
Wardel Reservoir Wardel Reservoir
West Tensleep Lake Lake Helen
White Reservoir Gould Butte
Willett Lake Shell Reservoir

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Big Horn County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Big Horn County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.