Big Horn County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Big Horn County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adelaide Creek Shell Reservoir
Alamo Creek Rairden
Alkali Creek Spence
Alkali Creek Manderson SE
Alkali Creek Weintz Draw
Antelope Creek Orchard Bench
Antelope Creek Shell Reservoir
Baby Wagon Creek Meadowlark Lake
Bald Mountain Creek Bald Mountain
Battle Creek Bush Butte
Battle Creek Lake Solitude
Bear Creek Sheep Canyon
Beaver Creek Shell
Big Tepee Creek Mexican Hill
Bone Creek Granite Pass
Brindle Creek Shell Falls
Bucking Mule Creek Mexican Hill
Buckley Creek Shell Reservoir
Buckskin Ed Creek Brokenback Narrows
Bush Creek Black Mountain
Cabin Creek Shell Falls
Canyon Creek Shell Lake
Captain Jack Creek Allen Draw
Cedar Creek Leavitt Reservoir
Cedar Creek Black Mountain
Coon Creek Byron
Cottonwood Creek Kane
Cottonwood Creek Black Mountain
Cow Creek Simmons Canyon
Cow Creek Leavitt Reservoir
Crooked Creek Sykes Spring
Crooked Creek Shell Reservoir
Cry Creek Shell Falls
Crystal Creek Spence
Deer Creek Simmons Canyon
Dobie Creek Manderson
Dorsey Creek Gould Butte
Dry Bear Creek Bear Creek Ranch
Dry Bush Creek White Sulphur Spring
Dry Creek Greybull North
Dry Creek Lovell Lakes
Dry Fork Granite Creek Shell Falls
Dry Fork Horse Creek Shell
Dry Fork White Creek Black Mountain
Dry Medicine Lodge Creek Hyatt Ranch
East Fork Horse Creek Hidden Tepee Creek
Elk Creek Orchard Bench
Elk Springs Creek Cottonwood Canyon
Fender Creek Black Mountain
Finger Creek Granite Pass
Five Springs Creek Kane
Fivemile Creek Rairden
Garnet Creek Meadowlark Lake
Granite Creek Shell Falls
Greybull River Greybull South
Grouse Creek Shell Falls
Grouse Creek Hidden Tepee Creek
Gypsum Creek Sykes Spring
Horse Creek Emblem
Horse Creek Shell
Hudson Falls Creek Leavitt Reservoir
Jack Creek Bush Butte
Johnny Creek Spanish Point
Laddie Creek Allen Draw
Lake Creek Meadowlark Lake
Little Dry Creek Greybull North
Little Dry Creek Lovell Lakes
Little Tepee Creek Medicine Wheel
Long Park Creek Lake Solitude
Long Park Creek Medicine Wheel
Luman Creek Hyatt Ranch
Mail Creek Shell Reservoir
McKinnie Creek Gould Butte
McKinnon Creek Shell Reservoir
McNay Creek Black Mountain
Medicine Lodge Creek Hyattville
Middle Paint Rock Creek Allen Draw
Middle Tensleep Creek Meadowlark Lake
Military Creek Hyatt Ranch
Mill Creek Spanish Point
Moraine Creek Shell Reservoir
North Beaver Creek Leavitt Reservoir
North Fork Brokenback Creek Ten Sleep
North Fork Crystal Creek Medicine Wheel
North Fork Trout Creek Simmons Canyon
North Paint Rock Creek Allen Draw
North Trapper Creek Spanish Point
Nowood River Manderson
Oasis Spring Creek Simmons Canyon
Paint Rock Creek Weintz Draw
Peterson Creek Lovell
Polecat Creek Frannie
Porcupine Creek Hillsboro
Porcupine Creek Shell Lake
Post Creek Black Mountain
Railroad Springs Creek Mexican Hill
Ranger Creek Shell Falls
Red Canyon Creek Shell
Roane Creek Medicine Wheel
Ruble Creek Shell Falls
Sage Creek Lovell
Salt Creek Shell Falls
Sand Creek Manderson
Sheep Creek Cottonwood Canyon
Sheep Creek Allen Draw
Shell Creek Greybull North
Shoshone River Kane
Soldier Creek Brokenback Narrows
South Beaver Creek Leavitt Reservoir
South Fork Coon Creek Gilmore Hill SE
South Fork Cottonwood Creek Medicine Wheel
South Fork Dorsey Creek Wardel Reservoir
South Fork Elk Creek Orchard Bench
South Paint Rock Creek Allen Draw
South Trapper Creek Spanish Point
Spring Branch Lake Solitude
Spring Creek Simmons Canyon
Spring Creek Black Mountain
Springs Creek Hyatt Ranch
Survey Creek Black Mountain
The Narrows River Natural Trap Cave
Three Springs Creek Granite Pass
Tillets Hole Medicine Wheel
Trapper Creek Shell
Trout Creek Simmons Canyon
Trout Creek Allen Draw
Virginia Creek Meadowlark Lake
Webster Creek Otto
West Fork Horse Creek Hidden Tepee Creek
Whaley Creek Leavitt Reservoir
Whistle Creek Byron
White Creek Black Mountain
Willett Creek Shell Reservoir
Willey Creek Granite Pass
Willow Creek Meadowlark Lake
Willow Creek Kane
Willow Creek Burlington

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Big Horn County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Big Horn County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.