Carbon County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Carbon County

Place USGS Topo Map
2 Reservoir Bucklin Reservoirs
Adams Reservoir Middlewood Hill
Adobe Reservoir Poison Basin
Allen Lake Como East
Anda Reservoir Bear Spring
Anderson Reservoir Cow Creek Ranch
Antelope Reservoir Cameron Creek
Antelope Reservoir Elmo
Antelope Reservoir Indian Rocks
Araster Reservoir Phantom Lake
Arrastre Lake Phantom Lake
Aurora Lake Aurora Lake
Baby Lake Bridger Peak
Baby Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Bates Hole Reservoir Wild Irish Reservoir
Battle Lake Bridger Peak
Beaver Pond Bridger Pass
Beaver Pond Coad Mountain
Beaver Pond Bridger Pass
Beaver Pond Elk Mountain SW
Beaver Ponds McFadden
Beaver Ponds Bengough Hill
Beaver Ponds Elk Mountain SW
Beavers Reservoir Browns Hill
Big Ridge Reservoir Dripping Rock Spring
Big Rock Reservoir Como West
Big Spring Reservoir Carbon
Black Spotted Lake Sand Lake
Bloody Lake Carbon
Boggy Meadows Lake Boggy Meadows
Bosler Reservoir Bengough Hill
Brownlee Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Buck Draw Reservoir Walck Ranch
Buck Spring Dana
Bucklin Reservoirs Bucklin Reservoirs
Bull Spring Lake Separation Rim
Burritt Lake Elk Mountain SW
Campbell Lake Sand Lake
Cardinell Number 2 Reservoir Leo
Cardinell Reservoir Pathfinder Dam
Cascade Lake Sand Lake
Chace Number 1 Reservoir Medicine Bow
Charokee Trail Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Cherokee Reservoir Rawlins Peak
Cherokee Trail Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Coal Bank Lake Eightmile Lake
Como Lake Como East
Corpening Reservoir Sand Lake
Corral Lake Sand Lake
Cotton Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Cow Creek Lake Red Mountain
Cow Creek Reservoir Red Mountain
Cowden Reservoir Beaver Creek
Crater Lake Morgan
Cronberg Pit Reservoir Number 1 Mud Springs
Cronberg Pit Reservoir Number 2 Mud Springs
Dad Larsen Detention Dam 1593 Number 6 Mexican Flats
Dana Meadows Reservoir Coal Bank Basin
Dead Horse Reservoir Baggs
Dead Tree Reservoir Poison Basin
Deep Lake Sand Lake
Detention Dam 1392 Number 2 Peach Orchard Flat
Detention Dam 1392 Number 4 Baggs
Detention Dam 1492 Number 3 Peach Orchard Flat
Detention Dam 1492 Number 4 Peach Orchard Flat
Detention Dam 1492 Number 5 Flat Top Mountain
Detention Dam 1492 Number 6 Peach Orchard Flat
Detention Dam 1492 Number 7 Flat Top Mountain
Detention Dam 1492 Number 8 Flat Top Mountain
Detention Dam 1493 Number 1 Flat Top Mountain
Detention Dam 1592 Number 1 Peach Orchard Flat
Detention Dam 1593 Number 1 Flat Top Mountain
Detention Dam 1593 Number 2 South Barrel Spring
Detention Dam 1593 Number 3 Dripping Rock Spring
Detention Reservoir 1492 Number 2 Peach Orchard Flat
Dickerson Reservoir Coal Bank Basin
Dipper Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Dipper Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Drillers Lake Sand Lake
Dripping Rock Reservoir Dripping Rock Spring
Dry Gulch Reservoir Pathfinder Dam
Dry Lake Rawlins NW
Dry Lake Seminoe Dam NE
Duck Lake Duck Lake
East Allen Lake Pine Ridge
East Banner Lake Sand Lake
Edwards Lake Sand Lake
Eightmile Lake Eightmile Lake
Eightmile Lake Coal Mine Ridge
Ferris Lake Ferris Lake
Fiddlers Green Reservoir Carbon
Finley Reservoir Finley Reservoir
Firebox Lake Morgan
Fish Pond Reservoir Rendle Hill
Fivemile Lake Eightmile Lake
Flat Draw Reservoir Poison Basin
Fresh Water Reservoir Moss Agate Reservoir
Froehner Reservoir Horse Peak
G H Reservoir Tenmile Spring
Gamblers Reservoir Poison Basin
Golden Clover Reservoir Number 1 Barcus Peak
Golden Clover Reservoir Number 2 Barcus Peak
Golden Lake Morgan
Good Number 1 Reservoir Jack Creek Reservoir
Government Number 1 Reservoir Eightmile Lake
Government Reservoir Eightmile Lake
Grassy Lake Sand Lake
Greyhound Reservoir Coal Bank Basin
Grieve Reservoir Grieve Reservoir
Grinnell Lake The Q Ranch
Gunst Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Haines Reservoir Walck Ranch
Haines Reservoir Walck Ranch
Hanna Mahoney Reservoir Number 2 Muddy Gap
Hanna Reservoir Hanna
Hanna Water Supply Rattlesnake Pass
Hannah Mahoney Number 1 Reservoir Muddy Gap
Hannah Mahoney Number 2 Reservoir Muddy Gap
Hatchet Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Heart Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Heward Reservoir Moss Agate Reservoir
Hi Allen Spring Como West
High Savery Reservoir McCarty Ranch
Highline Reservoir Grieve Reservoir
Hog Park Reservoir Solomon Creek
Hogback Lake Rawlins Peak
Horn and Meason Reservoir Finley Reservoir
Horne Lake Pine Ridge
House Gulch Reservoir Seminoe Dam NE
Indian Creek Reservoir Leo
Irene Number 2 Reservoir Leo
Irene Reservoir Fourmile Ridge
Irene Reservoir Carbon
Iron Hill Lake Foote Creek Lake
Irvine Reservoir Pathfinder Dam
J O Reservoir Sulphur Springs
Jack Creek Reservoir Jack Creek Reservoir
Jack Creek Reservoir Jack Creek Reservoir
Jeff Lake Sand Lake
Johnston Number 2 Reservoir Smith Draw East
Junction Reservoir Measel Spring Reservoir
Keystone Reservoir Medicine Bow Peak
Kinney Reservoir Hanna
Knapp Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Kortes Reservoir Seminoe Dam
Kortes Reservoir Seminoe Dam
Lake Creek Lake Overland
Lake George Saratoga
Lake Marie Medicine Bow Peak
Lily Lake Phantom Lake
Little Robber Detention Dam Peach Orchard Flat
Little Sage Creek Dam La Marsh Creek West
Long Lake Elkhorn Point
Long Lake White Rock Canyon
Long Pond Reservoir Jack Creek Reservoir
Long Walk Reservoir Poison Basin
Lordier Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Lost Lake Strouss Hill
Lost Reservoir Mud Springs
Lost Soldier Lake Lamont
Low Reservoir Middlewood Hill
Lower Fourmile Spring Carbon
Lower Missouri Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Magnolia Lake Phantom Lake
Mahoney Lake Lamont
Mahoney Lake Bradley Peak
Mahoney Reservoir Shamrock Hills
Marsh Reservoir Lamont NE
Martinez Reservoir Hanna
McFadden Number 3 Reservoir Bengough Hill
McFadden Reservoir Number 3 Bengough Hill
Measel Spring Reservoir Measel Spring Reservoir
Meer Reservoir Fourmile Point
Mexican Flats Reservoir Number 1 South Barrel Spring
Middle Long Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Miles Reservoir Wild Irish Reservoir
Miller Hill Lake La Marsh Creek West
Missouri Lakes Medicine Bow Peak
Moss Agate Reservoir Moss Agate Reservoir
Mud Springs Reservoir Dana
Murky Lake Turpin Reservoir
Mutt Lake Sand Lake
New Rollman Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
North Banner Lake Sand Lake
North Spring Creek Lake Bridger Peak
North Spring Creek Reservoir Bridger Peak
North Twin Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Number 4 Evaporation Reservoir Moss Agate Reservoir
Number 5 Reservoir Como West
Paintbrush Reservoir Poison Basin
Pearl Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Percy Reservoir Bates Creek Reservoir
Phantom Lake Phantom Lake
Pierce Reservoir Pierce Reservoir
Pierce Reservoir Pierce Reservoir
Pine Cone Number 1 Reservoir McFadden
Pine Cone Number 2 Reservoir McFadden
Pine Draw Lake Como East
Pocket Reservoir Flat Top Mountain
Point of Rocks Reservoir Walcott
Pond 9 Walck Ranch
Pynchin Lake Como East
Quealy Lake Sand Lake
Rat Lake Morgan
Rawlins Peaking Reservoir Coal Mine Ridge
Rawlins Reservoir Pine Grove Ranch
Red Creek Reservoir Poison Basin
Red Gulch Detention Dam 1592 Number 3 Blue Gap
Red Gulch Detention Dam 1592 Number 5 Blue Gap
Red Lake Cameron Creek
Reversed K Seven Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Rinshaw Lake Ferris
River Bottom Reservoir Poison Basin
Rollman Reservoir Barcus Peak
Rosebud Reservoir Como West
Rouse Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Ryan Brothers Lake Medicine Bow Peak
S Spring Creek Reservoir Bridger Peak
Sage Creek Reservoir Kindt Reservoir
Sand Lake Sand Lake
Sand Lake Reservoir Sand Lake
Saratoga Lake Saratoga
Saratoga Reservoir Saratoga
Seaverson Reservoir Walck Ranch
Seaverson Reservoir Walck Ranch
Seaverson Reservoir Seaverson Reservoir
Section 20 Reservoir Measel Spring Reservoir
Seepage Reservoir Bengough Hill
Seminoe Reservoir Seminoe Dam
Separation Lake Rendle Hill
Separation Point Lake Separation Rim
Separation Reservoir Shamrock Hills
Sevenmile Lake Carbon
Sevenmile Lake Morgan
Sheep Lake Sand Lake
Sheep Mountain Reservoir La Marsh Creek West
Sheep Mountain Reservoir Cottonwood Rim
Shirley Basin Reservoir Cameron Creek
Silver Lake Red Mountain
Silver Lake Red Mountain
Silver Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Silverman Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Sixmile Reservoir Carbon
Sixteenmile Reservoir Separation Peak
Smith Reservoir Halfway Hill
Snow Bank Reservoir Dripping Rock Spring
Soda Lake Separation Rim
Soda Lakes Carbon
South Banner Lake Sand Lake
South Spring Creek Lake Bridger Peak
South Twin Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Speyerer Reservoir Split Rock
Speyers Reservoir Split Rock
Spragg Reservoir Poison Basin
Spring Lake Elkhorn Point
Spurlock Reservoir Pathfinder Reservoir SW
Stamp Mill Lake Phantom Lake
Steel Granary Reservoir Pats Bottom
Stephenson Reservoir Hanna
Stevies Lake Hanna
Strom Reservoir Poison Basin
Sucker Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Sucker Lakes Reservoir Medicine Bow Peak
Sucker Reservoir Medicine Bow Peak
Sullivan Reservoir Measel Spring Reservoir
Summit Reservoir Barcus Peak
Teton Reservoir La Marsh Creek West
The Lakes Como West
Thompson Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Thompson Reservoir Keystone
Thornton Lake Foote Creek Lake
Threemile Spring Carbon
Toothaker Reservoir Barcus Peak
Turpin Park Reservoir Turpin Reservoir
Turpin Reservoir Turpin Reservoir
Twin Groves Reservoir Divide Peak
Twin Lakes Dana
Twin Reservoirs Mexican Flats
Upper Long Lake Sand Lake
Upper Missouri Lake Medicine Bow Peak
Upper Number 5 Reservoir Como West
Upper Rolling Springs Reservoir Carbon
Vagner Lake Sand Lake
Ver Plancke Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Verplanke Reservoir Gunst Reservoir
Vivian Reservoir T E Ranch
Vosseller Lake Sand Lake
Water Valley Fish and Recreation Pond Encampment
Welton Fish Pond Coal Bank Basin
Welton Lake Coal Bank Basin
White Reservoir McFadden
Wiant Reservoir Medicine Bow Peak
Wild Irish Reservoir Wild Irish Reservoir
Willow Springs Reservoir T L Ranch
Windy Lake Carbon

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Carbon County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Carbon County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.