Converse County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Converse County

Place USGS Topo Map
1st Enlargement of Little Boxelder Number 1 Reservoir Careyhurst
2-A Reservoir Red Hill
A and P Reservoir Number 1 Glenrock
Abney Number 1 Reservoir Careyhurst
Anderson Reservoir Patsy Draw
Anderson Reservoir Patsy Draw
Antelope Reservoir Coal Draw South
Antelope Reservoir Number 1 Antelope Creek
Baaken Esmay Reservoir Antelope Creek
Baker Stock Reservoir Glenrock NW
Ballard Reservoir Patsy Draw
Basin Reservoir Maneater Creek
Bear Creek Number 1 Reservoir Coal Draw South
Beauchamp Reservoir Beauchamp Reservoir
Beaulieu Lakes Blue Nose Creek
Beckwith Reservoir Coal Bank Draw
Berts Number 1 Reservoir Split Hill
Betty Number 1 Reservoir Betty Reservoir
Betty Reservoir Betty Reservoir
Buck Pasture Reservoir Simpson Draw NW
Buck Reservoir Whipple Hollow
Busch Reservoir Chalk Buttes
Cannondale Number 2 Reservoir Glenrock
Center Realty Reservoir Number 1 La Prele Reservoir
Chalk Buttes Reservoir Chalk Buttes
Chamberlain Reservoir Number 1 Careyhurst
Chas Smyth Reservoir Root Creek
Clark Reservoir Irvine
Coulter Number 1 Reservoir Colter Draw
Darlington Reservoir Number 1 Poison Lake
Doe Reservoir Bobby Draw
Dorr Reservoir Coal Bank Draw
Douglas Fishing Lake Number 1 Douglas
Dry Creek Number 1 Reservoir Patsy Draw
Dry Lake Hylton Ranch
Dull Reservoir Wagonhound Creek
Dull Reservoir Ross
Dunn Reservoir Number 1 Saddleback Mountain
East Reservoir Glenrock NW
East Side Reservoir Number 2 Orpha
East Side Reservoir Number 3 Orpha
Elk Lake Buffalo Peak
Elsie Reservoir Hermit Rock
Enlargement Tailings Basin Evaporation Reservoir Bobby Draw
Eskew Number 2 Reservoir South Fork Reservoir
Fiddleback Reservoir Bill SE
Fred Dilts Reservoir Number 4 Esterbrook
Gafford Reservoir Sawmill Canyon
Gata Number 2 Reservoir Blue Nose Creek
Gilbert Lake Gilbert Lake
Gillespie Reservoir Simpson Draw
Goochy Reservoir Lightning Creek
H Nachtman Reservoir Number 1 Wagonhound Creek
Hageman Number 2 Reservoir The Park
Hamilton Number 2 Reservoir Gilbert Lake
Hardy Number 1 Reservoir Bear Creek
Herman Werner Reservoir Number 1 Marsh Draw
Herrick Reservoir Walker Creek School
Higgins Number 2 Reservoir Glenrock
Hornbuckle Number 1 Reservoir Red Hill
Indian Reservoir Number 1 Braae
Ionia Reservoir Glenrock
Jenson Number 1 Reservoir Macken Draw
La Prele Reservoir La Prele Reservoir
Lamb Upper Reservoir Banner Mountain
Lazy Y Number 1 Reservoir Dugout Creek North
Little Boxelder Number 1 Reservoir Careyhurst
Little Boxelder Reservoir Number 3 Careyhurst
Long Reservoir Blue Nose Creek
Lulu Reservoir Glenrock NW
Madsen Reservoir Patsy Draw
Middle Creek Reservoir Pinnacle Rocks
Middle Number 1 Reservoir Pinnacle Rocks
Moore Reservoir Orpha
Morton Number 1 Reservoir Coal Bank Draw
Morton Number F S 9-231-38 Reservoir Coal Bank Draw
Morton Reservoir Bobby Draw
Mountain Home Number 1 Reservoir Lockett
Nachtman Reservoir Wagonhound Creek
Nichols Reservoir Number 2 Orpha
Number 1 Reservoir Clausen Ranch
Number 1 Reservoir Gilbert Lake
Number 1 Reservoir Glenrock
Number 2 Reservoir Gilbert Lake
Peterson Reservoir Maneater Creek
Pexton Reservoir Number 1 Braae
Point of Rock Reservoir Glenrock
Poison Lake Poison Lake
Porcupine Reservoir Coal Bank Draw
Porcupine Reservoir Dugout Creek North
Rat Number 1 Reservoir Esau Spring
Reed Reservoir Tin Can Lake
Renot Number 1 Reservoir Oat Creek
Reynolds Reservoir Coal Draw South
Rice Reservoir Bill
Robert Curtis Reservoir Hermit Rock
Runden Number 1 Reservoir Irvine
Saddleback Reservoir Poison Lake
Sand Creek Reservoir Hylton Ranch
Sand Creek Reservoir Hylton Ranch
Seepage Control Reservoir Bear Creek
Silver Spoon Reservoir Holdup Hollow
Slates Number 1 Reservoir Lightning Creek
Smith Stock Water Reservoir Beauchamp Reservoir
South Fork Reservoir South Fork Reservoir
Tailings Disposal Reservoir Bear Creek
Thomas Reservoir Bill
Tin Can Lake Tin Can Lake
Trail Reservoir Number 1 Poison Lake
V-One Reservoir Gumbo Hill
V-Two Reservoir Glenrock NW
Wagon Hound Reservoir Ross
Wagonhound Reservoir School Section Mountain
Warner Reservoir Douglas
Warner Reservoir Number 2 Douglas
Werner Reservoir Piney Creek
West Reservoir Glenrock NW
West Side Reservoir Number 1 Careyhurst
West Side Reservoir Number 4 Careyhurst
Wilson Number 1 Reservoir La Prele Reservoir
Wintermote Number 1 Reservoir The Park
Witt Number 1 Reservoir Clausen Ranch

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Converse County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Converse County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.