Converse County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Converse County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alta Creek Alta Creek
Antelope Creek Fiddleback Ranch
Antelope Creek Douglas
Aspen Creek Buck Peak
Aunt Ag Creek Buck Peak
Bad Creek Tin Can Lake
Badger Creek Blue Nose Creek
Bates Creek Betty Reservoir
Batts Creek Glenrock
Bear Creek Betty Reservoir
Bear Creek Warbonnett Peak
Beaver Creek Rock Creek
Beaver Creek Hermit Rock
Beckwith Creek Coal Bank Draw
Bed Tick Creek Chalk Buttes
Beerman Creek Root Creek
Bell Creek Windy Peak
Bill Young Creek Buck Peak
Black Canyon Creek Cedar Hill
Blue Nose Creek Blue Nose Creek
Bobcat Creek Colter Draw
Bobcat Creek Windy Peak
Boulder Creek Hermit Rock
Box Creek Piney Creek
Box Elder Creek Careyhurst
Brown Springs Creek Suicide Hill
Brush Creek Red Hill
Buck Creek Reno Hill
Buck Creek Buck Peak
Buckhorn Creek Blue Nose Creek
Buckshot Creek La Prele Reservoir
Buffalo Creek Buffalo Peak
Bull Creek Braae
Bulls Run La Prele Reservoir
Bunchem Creek Saddleback Mountain
Buzzard Creek Windy Peak
Cache Creek Blue Nose Creek
Cacona Creek Warbonnett Peak
Camp Creek Root Creek
Camp Creek Windy Peak
Campbell Creek Warbonnett Peak
Canyon Creek Reno Hill
Cave Creek Protsmans Knob
Cherry Creek Maneater Creek
Cole Creek Lockett
Corral Creek Maneater Creek
Cottonwood Creek Lost Springs NW
Cottonwood Creek Careyhurst
Count Creek Root Creek
Cow Creek Blue Nose Creek
Crazy Horse Creek Hermit Rock
Crazy Horse Creek Buffalo Peak
Cummings Creek Saddleback Mountain
Curry Creek Squaw Spring
Curtis Creek La Prele Reservoir
Curtis Creek Blue Nose Creek
Davis Creek Banner Mountain
Deadwood Creek Hermit Rock
Deer Creek Split Hill
Deer Creek Split Hill
Deer Creek Glenrock
Deere Creek Saddleback Mountain
Dip Creek Lost Springs
Downey Creek School Section Mountain
Dry Creek Split Hill
Dry Creek Glenrock
Dry Fork Protsmans Knob
Dry Fork Cheyenne River Fiddleback Ranch
Dry Fork La Prele Creek Blue Nose Creek
Duck Creek Red Hill
Duck Creek Banner Mountain
Dugout Creek Dugout Creek South
Dull Knife Creek La Prele Reservoir
East Antelope Creek Douglas
East Box Elder Creek Buffalo Peak
East Cart Creek Protsmans Knob
East Fork Dry Creek Glenrock
East Fork Lake Creek Esau Spring
East Fork Little Deer Creek Parkerton
East Fork Meadow Creek Fiddleback Ranch
East Fork Shawnee Creek Shawnee
East Fork Twentymile Creek Lost Springs NW
Elk Run Creek Buffalo Peak
Elkhorn Creek Rock Creek
Fetterman Creek Douglas
Fink Prong Ross
Fivemile Creek Douglas
Flume Creek Chalk Buttes
French Creek Buffalo Peak
French Joe Creek Saddleback Mountain
Ghost Creek Braae
Gooseberry Creek Maneater Creek
Gould Creek School Section Mountain
Granite Creek Hermit Rock
Grant Creek Root Creek
Gross Creek Root Creek
Gunnysack Creek Buck Peak
Happy Creek Windy Peak
Harney Creek Lost Springs NW
Harris Creek La Prele Reservoir
Harris Creek Reno Hill
Hay Creek Root Creek
Hay Creek Laramie Peak
Hay Press Creek Maneater Creek
Helm Creek Buffalo Peak
Hermit Rock Creek Hermit Rock
Horse Creek Wagonhound Creek
Horse Creek Colter Draw
Horse Creek Dugout Creek North
Horse Creek Braae
Horse Creek Saddleback Mountain
Horse Creek Reno Hill
Horseshoe Bend Creek Buffalo Peak
Howard Creek Reno Hill
Hunton Creek Glenrock
Indian Creek Orin
Indian Creek Parkerton
Indian Creek Braae
Indian Creek Root Creek
Jack Creek Chalk Buttes
Jackson Creek Blue Nose Creek
Jackson Fork Little Deer Creek Protsmans Knob
Keyton Creek Wagonhound Creek
King Creek La Prele Reservoir
King Creek Banner Mountain
Krazier Creek La Prele Reservoir
La Bonte Creek Irvine
La Prele Creek Douglas
Lake Creek Fiddleback Ranch
Latham Creek Maneater Creek
Lindgren Spring Creek Root Creek
Little Bear Creek Saddleback Mountain
Little Bear Creek Warbonnett Peak
Little Beaver Creek Rock Creek
Little Bed Tick Creek Chalk Buttes
Little Box Elder Creek Careyhurst
Little Deer Creek Parkerton
Little Gunnysack Creek Buck Peak
Little Horse Creek Saddleback Mountain
Little La Prele Creek Blue Nose Creek
Little Lightning Creek Bill SE
Little Rat Creek Colter Draw
Little Sand Creek Careyhurst
Lone Tree Creek Root Creek
Lonetree Creek Alta Creek
Lost Creek Glendo
M Creek Coal Bank Draw
Magpie Creek Maneater Creek
Maneater Creek Maneater Creek
Meadow Creek Fiddleback Ranch
Meadow Creek Blue Nose Creek
Meadow Creek Buffalo Peak
Middle Fork Dry Creek Glenrock
Middle Fork Dry Fork Cheyenne River South Fork Reservoir
Middle Fork King Creek La Prele Reservoir
Middle Fork Shawnee Creek The Park
Mill Creek Poison Lake
Mill Creek Maneater Creek
Monday Creek Laramie Peak
Moss Agate Creek Hermit Rock
Muddy Wagon Hound Creek Maneater Creek
Nagyidai Creek Protsmans Knob
Ninemile Creek Macken Draw
North Curtis Creek Blue Nose Creek
North Fork Bear Creek Coal Draw South
North Fork Box Creek Bobby Draw
North Fork Dry Fork Cheyenne River South Fork Reservoir
North Fork Dry Fork Cheyenne River Fly Draw
North Fork King Creek La Prele Reservoir
North Fork Wind Creek Ross
North Horseshoe Creek Windy Peak
North Prong Dry Fork Powder River Sawmill Canyon
North Sand Creek Marsh Draw
North Spring Creek Root Creek
North Stinking Water Creek Bear Creek
Owl Creek Split Hill
Owl Creek Braae
Paul Creek Banner Mountain
Perry Creek Blue Nose Creek
Phillips Creek South Fork Reservoir
Piney Creek Split Hill
Piney Creek Piney Creek
Point of Rocks Creek Blue Nose Creek
Porcupine Creek Coal Bank Draw
Porcupine Creek Windy Peak
Porcupine Creek Warbonnett Peak
Rabbit Creek Buffalo Peak
Rat Creek Colter Draw
Rattlesnake Creek Hermit Rock
Red Canyon Creek Hermit Rock
Red Fern Creek Blue Nose Creek
Reed Creek School Section Mountain
Reid Creek Braae
Roaring Fork Warbonnett Peak
Rock Creek Rock Creek
Rocky Ford Creek School Section Mountain
Root Creek Root Creek
Rutherford Creek Braae
Sage Creek Orpha
Sand Creek Betty Reservoir
Sand Creek Orin
Sand Creek Irvine
Sand Creek Glenrock
Sand Creek La Prele Reservoir
Sand Creek Hermit Rock
Sand Creek Maneater Creek
Sandell Creek Squaw Spring
Sawmill Creek Reno Hill
Sawmill Creek Careyhurst
Sawmill Creek Hermit Rock
School Creek Root Creek
Semino Creek Hermit Rock
Shawnee Creek Orin
Sheep Creek Wagonhound Creek
Sheep Creek La Prele Reservoir
Sixmile Creek Douglas
Skunk Creek Red Hill
Skunk Creek Windy Peak
Sled Creek Maneater Creek
Sleepy Jack Creek Rock Creek
Smith Creek Orin
Snowshoe Creek Buffalo Peak
Softwater Creek Braae
South Cart Creek Protsmans Knob
South Fork Bear Creek Coal Draw South
South Fork Box Creek Bobby Draw
South Fork Dry Fork Cheyenne River South Fork Reservoir
South Fork Dry Fork Cheyenne River Fly Draw
South Fork King Creek La Prele Reservoir
South Fork Sage Creek Coal Hill
South Fork Walker Creek Walker Creek School
South Fork Wind Creek Ross
South Park Creek Saddleback Mountain
South Roaring Fork Laramie Peak
South Spring Creek Root Creek
Spracklin Branch Blue Nose Creek
Spring Canyon Creek Hermit Rock
Spring Creek Banner Mountain
Spring Creek Saddleback Mountain
Spring Creek Blue Nose Creek
Spring Creek Root Creek
Spring Creek Buffalo Peak
Spring Creek Esau Spring
Spring Creek Betty Reservoir
Spring Creek Orin
Standing Rock Creek Buffalo Peak
Station Creek Hermit Rock
Sticky Creek Warbonnett Peak
Stinking Water Creek Macken Draw
Stivers Creek Split Hill
Stove Creek Maneater Creek
Strawberry Creek Protsmans Knob
Tena Creek Pinnacle Rocks
Texas Creek Squaw Spring
Trail Creek Poison Lake
Van Wormer Creek Buck Peak
Virden Creek Root Creek
Wagon Hound Creek Irvine
Wagonhound Creek Wagonhound Creek
West Fork Deer Creek Banner Mountain
West Fork Hunton Creek Glenrock
West Fork La Bonte Creek Poison Lake
West Fork La Bonte Creek Maneater Creek
West Fork Sand Creek Gumbo Hill
West Fork Shawnee Creek Shawnee
West Fork Twentymile Creek Walker Creek School
West Fork Walker Creek Simpson Draw NW
West Harney Creek Lost Springs NW
Whackoff Creek The Park
White Creek Root Creek
Wildcat Creek Fiddleback Ranch
Willow Creek Split Hill
Willow Creek Piney Creek
Willow Creek Red Hill
Willow Creek Parkerton
Willow Creek Root Creek
Wind Creek Ross Flat
Windy Ridge Creek Root Creek
Wolf Creek Blue Nose Creek
Wood Creek Root Creek
Woodchopper Creek Warbonnett Peak
Woody Creek Coal Bank Draw

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Converse County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Converse County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.