Crook County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Crook County

Place USGS Topo Map
Antelope Hill Reservoir Shepard Reservoir
Arrohead Reservoir Arrowhead Reservoir
Arrowhead Reservoir Arrowhead Reservoir
Banks Creek Reservoir Antelope Gulch
Barton Reservoir Freda Creek
Basin Number 1 Reservoir Missouri Buttes
Basin Number 2 Reservoir Missouri Buttes
Basin Reservoir Number 1 Missouri Buttes
Basin Reservoir Number 2 Missouri Buttes
Battle Creek Reservoir Moulton Creek
Bear Lake Moskee
Berger Reservoir Grasshopper Butte
Betty Reservoir Spyglass Hill
Blacktail Reservoir Sherrard Hill
Bull Creek Reservoir Shepard Reservoir
Bush Ranch Reservoir Storm Draw
Bush Reservoir Wood Canyon
Bute Reservoir Grasshopper Butte
Buzzer Reservoir Whitetail Creek NE
Cedar Creek Irrigation Reservoir Wood Canyon
Cedar Creek Reservoir Wood Canyon
Clark Reservoir Inyan Kara Mountain
Claudie Reservoir Devils Tower
Cook Lake Black Hills
Cox Reservoir Rozet SE
Croppie Number 2 Reservoir Wood Canyon
Crow Creek Reservoir Shepard Reservoir
Deep Creek Reservoir Kruger Lake
Dennis Reservoir Middle Creek Butte
Driskill Reservoir Mona
E E Wakeman Reservoir Freda Creek
Edwards Number 3 Reservoir Pfeiffer Hill
Enlargement Jesse Reservoir Flag Butte
Enlargement Little Pine Ridge Reservoir Linden
Foster Reservoir Strawberry Hill
Fred Reservoir Linden
French Reservoir Alva
Gets Reservoir The Notch
Gose Reservoir Sundance West
Graham Reservoir Wonder View
Graham Reservoir Wonder View
H L Reservoir Gaff Creek
Hagerman Reservoir Linden
Havens Reservoir Middle Creek Butte
Hawkensmith Reservoir Stoney Point
Hemler Reservoir Sugarloaf Mountain
Houston Reservoir The Rocks
Jensen Reservoir Stoney Point
Julius Hauber Reservoir New Haven
Kajan Diversion Reservoir Page Draw
Keyhole Reservoir Grasshopper Butte
Kilpatrick Reservoir Kruger Lake
King Number 1 Reservoir Devils Run
King Reservoir Shepard Reservoir
Kruger Creek Reservoir Kruger Lake
Kruger Lake Kruger Lake
Lake Cook Black Hills
Little Keyhole Lake Carlile
Lone Tree Reservoir Shepard Reservoir
Lost Lake The Rocks
Louis Reservoir Moore Hill
Macumba Reservoir The Rocks
Mary and Stella Mulholland Reservoir Grasshopper Butte
Medicine Lake Sundance East
Miller Creek Reservoir The Rocks
Missouri Buttes Lake Missouri Buttes
Montana Lake Beulah
Moore Reservoir Gravel Draw
Mowry Draw Reservoir Gravel Draw
Newby Creek Reservoir Devils Run
Newland Number 4 Reservoir Devils Run
Oak Creek Reservoir Middle Creek Butte
Oshoto Reservoir Oshoto
Owl Creek Reservoir Gravel Draw
Paxton Reservoir Inyan Kara Mountain
Phil Reservoir Rozet SE
Raudsep Number 1 Reservoir Rozet SE
Red Arrow Reservoir Mona
Richard Reservoir Linden
Road Reservoir Iron Mountain
Rocky Ford Reservoir Red Canyon Creek
Scott Reservoir Rockypoint
Shepard Reservoir Shepard Reservoir
Sommers Reservoir Iron Mountain
Spring Branch Development Company Reservoir Sheldon Creek
Steven Reservoir Linden
Straight Lake Moskee
Strawberry Hill Reservoir Shepard Reservoir
Syndicate Reservoir Freda Creek
T J Maupin Number 1 Reservoir Antelope Gulch
T L Reservoir Wood Canyon
The Lake Bed Rockypoint
Tract 37 Reservoir Storm Draw
Trout Reservoir The Rocks
Wenande Reservoir Number 1 Bonnie Reservoir
West Reservoir Rockypoint
Williams Reservoir Schoolmarm Butte
Wood Reservoir Alva
Yakju Reservoir The Rocks

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Crook County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Crook County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.