Johnson County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Johnson County

Place USGS Topo Map
76 Number 2 Reservoir Purdy Reservoir
Albert Number 2 Reservoir Hole-in-the-Wall
Alexander Reservoir Ploessers Draw
Amerada Reservoir Dry Creek Reservoir
Andrus Reservoir Wall Creek
Antelope Reservoir Fredrick Draw
Applegate Reservoir Kaycee NE
Baldwin Number 2 Reservoir Fredrick Draw
Bard Lake Cloud Peak
Basch Reservoir T A Ranch
Bass Reservoir Fredrick Draw
Beaver Lakes Willow Park Reservoir
Belus Number 1 Reservoir Horse Hill
Belus Number 2 Reservoir Horse Hill
Ben Reservoir Arpan Butte
Big Boy Reservoir Fredrick Draw
Big Donaldson Reservoir Julio Draw
Big Draw Reservoir Horse Hill
Big Horn Reservoir Park Reservoir
Big Red Reservoir Barnum
Bighorn Reservoir Park Reservoir
Bob Reservoir Jewell Draw
Bob Reservoir Buffalo SE
Bob Reservoir Taylor Ranch
Bombsite Reservoir Laskie Draw
Brock Reservoir Buffalo SE
Brown Bear Lake Powder River Pass
Case Reservoir Purdy Reservoir
Cheri L Reservoir Floate Draw
Chill Lakes Lake Angeline
Cloud Peak Reservoir Willow Park Reservoir
Coyer Reservoir Coyer Reservoir
Crain Reservoir Antelope Draw
Cross and Cruse Ck Ditch Company Reservoir Park Reservoir
Cross Creek Lakes Cloud Peak
Cross Creek Reservoir Park Reservoir
Cross Creek Reservoir Park Reservoir
Crystal Lake Shell Lake
Culp Number 1 Reservoir Bowman Flat
Deep Reservoir Somerville Flats West
Deer Lake Lake Angeline
Devils Lake Shell Lake
Diamond Lake Cloud Peak
Dixon Reservoir Bear Draw
Donaldson Reservoir Julio Draw
Dowlin Reservoir T A Ranch
Doyen Reservoir Purdy Reservoir
Dry Creek Reservoir Dry Creek Reservoir
Dry Poison Irrigation Reservoir Purdy Reservoir
Dull Knife Reservoir Hazelton Peak
Dullknife Reservoir Hazelton Peak
Duncan Lake Park Reservoir
Dwight Reservoir The Horn
Dwite Reservoir The Horn
Ehtyl Number 2 Reservoir Provence Ranch
Elk Lake Willow Park Reservoir
Ethyl Number 1 Reservoir Provence Ranch
Eychaner Reservoir Beartrap Meadows
Fauber Number 1 Reservoir Kaycee
Figure 8 Reservoir Figure 8 Reservoir
Firehole Lakes Powder River Pass
Fish Stockwater Reservoir Floate Draw
Fisher Reservoir Kaycee
Flatiron Lake Willow Park Reservoir
Flaxa Number 1 Reservoir Coyer Reservoir
Fleetwood Reservoir Bear Draw
Florence Lake Lake Helen
Four H Reservoir Buffalo NE
Four Mile Reservoir Fourmile Reservoir
Fourmile Reservoir Fourmile Reservoir
Fowler Reservoir Julio Draw
Freeman Number 3 Reservoir Barnum
Frog Pond T A Ranch
Frying Pan Lake Willow Park Reservoir
Geddes Lake Dome Lake
Gem Lake Willow Park Reservoir
Gerkin Reservoir T A Ranch
Glacier Lake Cloud Peak
Goble Reservoir Provence Ranch
Golden Lakes Lake Helen
Golden Reservoir Bear Draw
Government Number 1 Reservoir Somerville Flats West
Green Reservoir Ploessers Draw
Hague Paxton Reservoir Provence Ranch
Hansen Reservoir Number 3 Park Reservoir
Hardluck Reservoir Hibbard Draw
Harper Reservoir Figure 8 Reservoir
Healy Reservoir Buffalo NE
Heather Reservoir Pine Gulch
Henry Number 1 Reservoir Mitchell Draw
Henry Reservoir Mitchell Draw
Henry Reservoir Julio Draw
Hepp Number 2 Reservoir Floate Draw
Hepp Reservoir Floate Draw
Hepp Reservoir Buffalo SE
Her Lake Lake Angeline
Highland Lake Cloud Peak
Highland Park Lakes Cloud Peak
Highway Reservoir T A Ranch
Hoffman Reservoir Floate Draw
Hole-in-the-Wall Lake Red Fork Powder River
Hope Lake Dome Lake
Horn Creek Reservoir Schlicht Draw
Horn Creek Reservoir The Horn
Horn Reservoir Schlicht Draw
Huff Reservoir Livingston Draw
Huson Reservoir Lake De Smet East
Iberlin Number 2 Reservoir Bowman Flat
Iberlin Reservoir Coyer Reservoir
Indian Creek Reservoir Ploessers Draw
Irene Reservoir Horse Hill
Joe Reservoir Provence Ranch
Joe Reservoir Provence Ranch
John Reservoir Jewell Draw
Karl Reservoir Buffalo NE
Karl Reservoir Buffalo NE
Kaufman Reservoir Horse Hill
Kaycee Lagoon Kaycee
Kearney Lake Willow Park Reservoir
Kearny Lake Reservoir Cloud Peak
Keith Reservoir Kaycee
Keith Reservoir Hole-in-the-Wall
Keith Reservoir Number 2 Kaycee
Kelly Reservoir T A Ranch
Kimberly Reservoir Floate Draw
King Reservoir TTT Ranch
Kingsbury Todd Number 1 Reservoir T A Ranch
Kingsbury Todd Number 2 Reservoir T A Ranch
Lake Alibi Dome Lake
Lake Angeline Lake Angeline
Lake Buffalo Dome Lake
Lake De Smet Lake De Smet East
Lake Desmet Banner
Lake Geneva Shell Lake
Lake Golden Shell Lake
Lake McLain Meadowlark Lake
Lake Mead Willow Park Reservoir
Lake Mirage Dome Lake
Lake Shamrock Dome Lake
Lake Winnie Cloud Peak
Lame Deer Lake Lake Angeline
Larramandy Reservoir Beartrap Meadows
Last Chance Reservoir Park Reservoir
Lion Reservoir Pine Gulch
Lone Cedar Reservoir Kaycee
Long Lake Lake Angeline
Loomis Lake Cloud Peak
Lost Twin Lakes Lake Helen
Lost Wilderness Lake Shell Lake
Lower Frozen Lake Lake Angeline
Lower Poison Creek Stock Reservoir Purdy Reservoir
Lula Reservoir Somerville Flats East
Lyle Reservoir The Horn
Lyle Reservoir The Horn
Mabel Lake Powder River Pass
Madonna Reservoir Bear Draw
Magdalene Lake Powder River Pass
Margaret Reservoir Provence Ranch
Martin Lake Lake Angeline
Martin Reservoir Park Reservoir
Marton Reservoir Ploessers Draw
Mary Number 2 Reservoir Floate Draw
Mary Reservoir Floate Draw
Maybelle Lake Meadowlark Lake
McCarthy Reservoir Number 1 Barnum
Miller Reservoir Robinson Canyon
Mitchell Draw Reservoir Mitchell Draw
Moore Reservoir Lake De Smet East
Moore Reservoir Lake De Smet East
Mowry Reservoir Lake De Smet West
Muddy Guard Reservoir Number 1 Klondike Ranch
Muddy Guard Reservoir Number 2 Klondike Ranch
Muffie Reservoir Klondike Ranch
Murk Reservoir Taylor Ranch
Murphy Reservoir Brown Ranch
Myrtle Lake Cloud Peak
N Jack Rabbit Reservoir Kaycee NE
North Poker Creek Reservoir Gordon Creek
North Reservoir Wall Creek
Old Crow Lake Lake Angeline
Otter Lake Lake Angeline
Palisades Reservoir Palisades Dam
Palmer Reservoir Soldier Creek
Palmer Reservoir Soldier Creek
Paradise Lake Powder River Pass
Pass Creek Number 2 Reservoir Hibbard Draw
Pass Reservoir Mayoworth
Patch Reservoir Klondike Ranch
Patrick Reservoir Sussex
Peggy Lake Cloud Peak
Peterson Reservoir Kaycee
Petes Reservoir Juniper Draw
Phil Number 2 Reservoir Fredrick Draw
Pine Dale Reservoir Taylor Ranch
Ploessers Dry Lake Ploessers Draw
Pole Creek Irrigation Reservoir Schlicht Draw
Powell Lakes Lake Helen
Puff Reservoir Livingston Draw
Purdy Reservoir Purdy Reservoir
Purdy Reservoir Purdy Reservoir
Quinn Reservoir Dugout Ranch
Rainy Lake Lake Angeline
Ramsbottom Reservoir Purdy Reservoir
Raper Draw Reservoir Somerville Flats West
Rattlesnake Number 1 Reservoir Fredrick Draw
Reculusa Reservoir Hoe Ranch
Red Spring Reservoirs Packsaddle Canyon
Reno Reservoir Soldier Creek
Reno Reservoir Fort Reno
Reynolds Piney Creek Diversion Dam Banner
Ridge Place Number 2 Reservoir T A Ranch
Rinehart Lakes Dome Lake
Ringbone Lake Lake Angeline
Robertson Reservoir Wall Creek
Romeo Lake Lake Angeline
Round Rock Reservoir Hibbard Draw
Sand Draw Reservoir Somerville Flats West
Sandstone Reservoir Bear Draw
Sapphire Lake Cloud Peak
Sawtooth Lakes Cloud Peak
Seven Brothers Lakes Lake Angeline
Seven Elk Reservoir Beartrap Meadows
Shell Creek Reservoir Lake De Smet West
Sherd Lake Lake Angeline
Simmon Reservoir Beartrap Meadows
Skiles Reservoir Provence Ranch
Smith Number 2 Reservoir Mayoworth
Smith Reservoir Number 1 Trabing
Sony Reservoir Fredrick Draw
South Fork Pond Lake Angeline
South Fork Ponds Lake Angeline
South Fork Reservoir Schlicht Draw
South Piney Lakes Willow Park Reservoir
South Sayles Reservoir Lake De Smet West
Sparks Reservoir Lake De Smet West
Spear Lake Cloud Peak
Spratt Reservoir Kaycee
Steffensen Number 2 Reservoir Robinson Canyon
Steffensen Reservoir Purdy Reservoir
Stevens Number 2 Reservoir Buffalo NE
Stock Trail Reservoir Number 4 Dry Creek Reservoir
Streeter Reservoir Fort Reno
Tass Reservoir Klondike Ranch
Taylor Number 1 Reservoir Dry Creek Reservoir
Thayer Lake Shell Lake
The Lake Jewell Draw
Trabing Reservoir Trabing
Trigger Lake Lake Angeline
Tryon Reservoir Provence Ranch
Twin Number 1 Reservoir Julio Draw
Twomile Reservoir Soldier Creek
Upper Frozen Lake Lake Angeline
Van Noy Reservoir Julio Draw
Wallows Creek Number 2 Reservoir T A Ranch NE
Wallows Creek Reservoir T A Ranch NE
Walters Reservoir Buffalo NE
Water Hole Reservoir Dry Fork Ranch
West Reservoir Bear Draw
Willits Reservoir Park Reservoir
Willow Glen Reservoir The Horn
Willow Glen Reservoir Robinson Canyon
Willow Lake Lake Angeline
Willow Park Reservoir Willow Park Reservoir
Willow Park Reservoir Willow Park Reservoir
Winchester Reservoir Crazy Woman Ranch
Zezas Reservoir Trabing

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Johnson County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Johnson County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.