Natrona County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Natrona County

Place USGS Topo Map
9 H 6 Number 2 Reservoir Merino
A H Cobb Reservoir Poison Spider
Adams Reservoir Reid Canyon
Adobe Reservoir Hiland
Agnes Reservoir Banner Mountain
Alcova Reservoir Alcova
Alkali Reservoir Big Sulfur Draw
Alkali Reservoir Big Sulfur Draw
Alva Reservoir Badwater
Annis Reservoir Fort Ridge
Antelope Reservoir Arminto
Bad Water Creek Reservoir Arminto
Baskett Reservoir Big Sulfur Draw
Bates Creek Reservoir Bates Creek Reservoir
Bayer Reservoir Merino
Bear Reservoir Merino
Beaton Reservoir Teapot Rock
Bentley Reservoir Brookhurst
Beulah Belle Lake Beulah Belle Lake
Big Chief Reservoir Three Buttes
Big Chief Reservoir Three Buttes
Big Jerry Reservoir Three Buttes
Big Pike Reservoir Flat Top Hill
Big Pike Reservoir Flat Top Hill
Big V Reservoir Salt Canyon
Blue Bank Reservoir Oil Mountain
Blue Hill Reservoir Fiftymile Flat
Box C Reservoir Emigrant Gap NW
Boyle Reservoir Ervay Basin SW
Branch Reservoir Willow Creek School
Branch Reservoir Willow Creek School
Branton Ditch Reservoir Statzer Point
Bressler Reservoir Emigrant Gap NE
Brewer Reservoir Powder River
Bridge Reservoir Arminto
Bucknum Reservoir Emigrant Gap NW
Burke Reservoir Cave Gulch Reservoir
Burke Reservoir Powder River
Burke Reservoir Hiland
Burlington Lake Burlington Lake
Burlington Reservoir Hells Half Acre
C B Richardson Number 1 Reservoir Edgerton
C R C Reservoir Bucklin Reservoirs
Cabin Creek Reservoir Saddle Rock
Camel Hump Reservoir Camel Hump Reservoir
Cardine-Keith Reservoir Banner Mountain
Carroll Number 1 Reservoir Casper
Carroll Number 2 Reservoir Casper
Casper Reservoir Casper
Cave Gulch Reservoir Cave Gulch Reservoir
Cave Gulch Reservoir Cave Gulch Reservoir
Chalk Hill Reservoirs Mud Springs
Charlotte Reservoir Arminto
Childers Reservoir Benton Basin
Chocolate Reservoir Salt Canyon
Christine Lake McRae Gap
Colonel Reservoir Big Gulch
Conley Reservoir Gillam Draw West
Consolidated Reservoir Number 3 Salt Creek
Cook Reservoir Bear Mountain
Cooper Reservoir Waltman
Cow Camp Reservoir McRae Gap
Crane Reservoir Bucklin Reservoirs
Crane Reservoir Bucklin Reservoirs
Daly Reservoir Smith Flats
Daly Reservoir Smith Flats
Dead Horse Reservoir Hiland
Dean Springs Reservoir Waltman NW
Defelder Reservoir Ervay Basin
Donlin Reservoir Arminto
Dry Hole Reservoir Waltman NW
Dry Lakes Freeland
Dry Muddy Reservoir Brookhurst
Duhling Reservoir Casper
Eagle Canyon Reservoir Benton Basin
East Fork Wolf Creek Reservoir Casper
Ellis Reservoir TTT Ranch
Evansville Storage Reservoir Casper
Fensland Number 2 Reservoir Salt Creek
Firnekas Reservoir Broken Horn Creek
Flaherity Reservoir Brookhurst
Fossil Reservoir Arminto NW
G K Reservoir Smith Flats
Gantz Reservoir Three Buttes
Garrison Reservoir Arminto
Gaylord Reservoir Gaylord Reservoir
Gothberg Shed Reservoir Clarkson Hill
Gowin-Kesecker Lake Smith Flats
Gray Reef Reservoir Alcova
Greasewood Lake Camel Hump Reservoir
H C Reservoir Alcova
Hansine Reservoir Twin Buttes
Haygood Reservoir Bessemer Mountain
Hermine Reservoir Twin Buttes
Hiland Reservoir Hiland
Hoff Lake Ervay Basin
Horsch Stockwater Reservoir Goose Egg
Houston Reservoir Seven L Creek West
Irish Lake Flat Top Hill
J and J Reservoir Pine Mountain SW
Jack Post Reservoir Waltman NW
Jack Reservoir Fiftymile Flat
Jack Reservoir Arminto NW
Jackpot Reservoir Arminto
Jackson Lake Savage Peak
John Beaton Reservoir Teapot Rock
Johnson Reservoir Oil Mountain
Johnson Reservoir Number 1 Burlington Lake
Katy Reservoir Casper
Lady Emma Reservoir Garfield Peak
Lamb Lower Reservoir Lockett
Leg Reservoir Camel Hump Reservoir
Lester Lake Notches Dome
Lester Reservoir Notches Dome
Little Chief Reservoir Three Buttes
Lost Reservoir Big Sulfur Draw
Lower Hackett Creek Reservoir Big Sulfur Draw
Lower Hackett Reservoir Roughlock Hill
Lower Salt Creek Reservoir Midwest
Lox Reservoir Hells Half Acre
Lox Reservoir Hells Half Acre
Lucy Reservoir Three Buttes
Luten Reservoir McCleary Reservoir
Lynx Reservoir Arminto
MacReas Reservoir Midwest
Mary Steed Reservoir Brookhurst
McClanahan Lake Stinking Water Creek
McCleary Reservoir McCleary Reservoir
McDonald Reservoir Otter Creek
McLaughlin Lake Flat Top Hill
Meadow Creek Reservoir Edgerton
Metcalf Reservoir Cave Gulch Reservoir
Midwest Number 12 Reservoir Midwest
Midwest Number 23 Reservoir Midwest
Miller Reservoir Casper
Mud Lake McKenzie Flat
Neal Reservoir Hiland
Neff Reservoir Broken Horn Creek
Neff Reservoir Willow Creek School
Nicholaysen Reservoir Brookhurst
Nicholaysen Reservoir Number 2 Brookhurst
Ninemile Lake The Reefs
North Thirtythree Mile Reservoir Merino
Number 1 Reservoir Emigrant Gap NW
O’Brien Reservoir Bessemer Mountain
Oral Reservoir Oil Mountain
Pathfinder Reservoir Pathfinder Dam
Paul Reservoir Merino
Piaya Lake Sanford Ranch
Pine Ridge Reservoir Badwater SE
Pine Tree Reservoir Hiland
Poison Creek Reservoir Hiland
Poison Spider Reservoir Poison Spider
Pratt Lakes Brookhurst
Pratts Soda Lakes Pratts Soda Lakes
Rasmus Lee Lake Bessemer Mountain
Red Bluff Reservoir Badwater SE
Red Creek Reservoir Arminto
Red Ranch Reservoir Badwater SE
Reynolds Reservoir Reynolds Reservoir
Reynolds Reservoir Number 1 Reynolds Reservoir
Reynolds Reservoir Number 2 Reynolds Reservoir
Rissler Reservoir Banner Mountain
Rochelle Reservoir Waltman NW
Rochelle Reservoir Waltman
Rochelle Reservoir Waltman NW
Rock Spring Reservoir Salt Canyon
Rollins Reservoir Alcova
Roseberry Reservoir Number 1 Reynolds Reservoir
Roseberry Reservoir Number 2 Burlington Lake
S C Pryor Number 1 Reservoir Gillam Draw West
S P Reservoir Goose Egg
Sage Creek Reservoir Casper
Sand Draw Number One Reservoir Twin Buttes
Sand Draw Number Two Reservoir Horse Peak
Schnoor Reservoir Freeland
Schnoor Reservoir Freeland
School Section Reservoir Seven L Creek West
Scott Reservoir Government Creek
Shell Creek Reservoir Benton Basin NE
Sherrod Reservoir Merino
Shreiner Reservoir Emigrant Gap NW
Six Mile Reservoir Garfield Peak
Snyder Reservoir Salt Creek
Soda Lake The Reefs
Soda Lake The Reefs
Soda Lake Bucklin Reservoirs
South Fork Tributary Reservoir Three Buttes
South Wall Number 3 Reservoir Salt Canyon
South Wall Reservoir Salt Canyon
Spicer Upper Reservoir Casper
Steamboat Lake Sanford Ranch
Steed Reservoir Brookhurst
Suicide Bed Grounds Reservoir Big Sulfur Draw
Suicide Reservoir Big Sulfur Draw
Suicide Soda Lake Pratts Soda Lakes
Sutterfield Reservoir Cave Gulch Reservoir
T E C Reservoir Hells Half Acre
Teapot Reservoir Gillam Draw West
The Dry Lake Barlow Gap
Thirtythree Mile Reservoir Merino
Three Buttes Reservoir Three Buttes
Three Forks Reservoir Salt Canyon
Three Forks Reservoir Badwater SE
Three T Reservoir Fiftymile Flat
Twin Reservoir Government Creek
Upper Hacket Reservoir Roughlock Hill
Wagner and Bayer Reservoir Brookhurst
Wagner Reservoir Brookhurst
Wagner Reservoir Brookhurst
Western States Number 1 Reservoir Edgerton
White Rock Reservoir Badwater SE
Wild Horse Lake Natrona
Wild Horse Reservoir Camel Hump Reservoir
Willow Reservoir Salt Canyon
Willow Reservoir Three Buttes
Wolton Reservoir Hiland
Wyoming Associated Reservoir Number 17 Midwest

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Natrona County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Natrona County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.