Niobrara County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Niobrara County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aego Creek Rawhide Buttes West
Alkali Creek Riverview
Alkali Creek Coffee Flats
Alum Creek Redbird
Antelope Creek Redbird
Bergreen Creek Node
Bills Creek Bills Creek
Black Tail Creek Redbird
Bobcat Creek Riverview
Boggy Creek Threemile Butte
Boggy Creek Flat Top
Bonsell Creek Telephone Draw
Bridge Creek Bowen Flat
Buck Camp Creek Little Alkali Creek
Buck Creek Buck Creek Hills
Bull Creek Calf Draw
Bull Creek Calf Draw
Cherry Creek Lance Creek
Chip Creek Hat Rock
Cottonwood Creek Coffee Flats
Cottonwood Creek Hat Creek
Cottonwood Prong Oat Creek
Count Creek Threemile Butte
Cow Creek Funny Rock
Coyote Creek Horseshoe Bend
Coyote Creek Coyote Gap
Crooked Creek Threemile Butte
Dogie Creek Boggy Reservoir
Duck Creek McMaster Reservoir
Duell Creek Sherrill Hills
East Alum Creek Redbird
East Branch Robbers Roost Creek Riverview
East Fork Buck Creek Telephone Draw
East Harney Creek Lost Springs NW
East Mule Creek Mule Creek
F F Creek Flat Top
Fitzsimmons Creek Shepherds Point
Greasewood Creek Bowen Flat
Hon Creek Riverview
Iron Creek Emigrant Gap
Lance Creek Bowen Flat
Lightning Creek Funny Rock
Little Alkali Creek Little Alkali Creek
Little Boggy Creek Flat Top
Little Cottonwood Creek Coffee Flats
Little Cow Creek Dixon Ranch
Little Lightning Creek Lance Creek
Little Muddy Creek Prairie View School
Lone Tree Creek Twentyone Divide
Lone Tree Creek Riverview
Matheson Creek Emigrant Gap
Middle Creek Calf Draw
Middle Creek Shepherds Point
Middle Creek Flat Top
Mill Creek Shepherds Point
Mule Creek Riverview
North Branch Silver Springs Creek Reynolds Spring
North Brush Creek South Oat Creek
North Cottonwood Creek Coffee Flats
North Duck Creek Node
North Fork Moss Agate Creek Mule Creek SE
North Fork Wyatte Creek Flat Top
North Greasewood Creek Greasewood Creek
North Oat Creek South Oat Creek
Old Woman Creek Bowen Flat
Onemile Creek Lusk
Plum Creek Sherrill Hills
Poison Spider Creek Emigrant Gap
Quinn Creek Lusk
Robbers Roost Creek Riverview
Rusty Creek Lance Creek
S-Bar Creek Sherrill Hills
Sage Creek Riverview
Sage Creek Sherrill Hills
Sage Creek Coyote Gap
Sand Creek Lance Creek
Sevenmile Creek Threemile Butte
Silver Springs Creek Node
Snyder Creek Horseshoe Bend
South Brush Creek South Oat Creek
South Cottonwood Creek Coffee Flats
South Fork Moss Agate Creek Mule Creek SE
South Greasewood Creek Greasewood Creek
South Oat Creek South Oat Creek
South Snyder Creek Horseshoe Bend
Spring Branch Harney Creek Lost Springs NW
Spring Creek Greasewood Creek
Spring Creek Dixon Ranch
Spring Creek Hat Creek
Swanski Creek Shepherds Point
Twentymile Creek Lance Creek NW
Van Tassell Creek Van Tassell
Walker Creek Mercer Draw
West Bull Creek Calf Draw
West Mule Creek Mule Creek
Wyatte Creek Flat Top
Young Woman Creek Telephone Draw

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Niobrara County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Niobrara County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.