Platte County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Platte County

Place USGS Topo Map
Attebury Reservoir Hightower SW
Bagley Brothers Reservoir Ferguson Corner
Black Reservoir Number 2 Glendo
Bohke Reservoir Hightower SW
Broom Creek Reservoir Meadowdale
Buck Reservoir Glendo
Cedar Ridge Number 1 Reservoir Cedar Hill
Christiansen Number 2 Reservoir Poe Mountain
Chug Springs Reservoir Ferguson Corner
Clay Number 1 Reservoir Delano Ranch
Clearwater Reservoir Bordeaux
Cundall Reservoir Cedar Top
Double L Reservoir Double L Ranch
Downey Reservoir Number 1 Sibley Peak
Eshom Reservoir Squaw Rock
Festo Lake Wheatland
Gilbert Reservoir Natwick SW
Glendo Reservoir Cassa
Grant Reservoir Double L Ranch
Grayrocks Reservoir Register Cliff
Guernsey Fish Pond Guernsey
Guernsey Reservoir Guernsey Reservoir
Hal Number 2 Reservoir Bordeaux
Hal Reservoir Bordeaux
Hooley Reservoir Cassa
Hugh McDonald Reservoir McDonald Ranch
J N Metz Reservoir Hightower SW
Jones Lake Wheatland
Ken Number 1 Reservoir Bordeaux
Loren Ramsey Fish Reservoir Lewis Flat
Lowica Reservoir Dwyer
Mbpp Raw Water Storage Reservoir Wheatland
MBPP Storm Runoff Retention Reservoir Wheatland
McComb Reservoir Wheatland NE
Mertz Reservoir Hightower SW
Mertz Reservoir Number 2 Hightower SW
Miller Number 1 Reservoir Delano Ranch
Miller Number 2 Reservoir Delano Ranch
Miller Number 2 Reservoir Delano Ranch
Moran Reservoir Cedar Hill
Morrison Number 2 Reservoir McDonald Ranch
Muddy Reservoir Number 1 Jewel Springs
N Laramie Land Company Number 1 Reservoir Lewis Flat
N Laramie Land Company Number 3 Reservoir Dwyer
Naffziger Reservoir Hightower SW
O Bar O Number 3 Reservoir Hightower
Phelps Number 2 Reservoir Squaw Rock
Phelps Reservoir Squaw Rock
Pump Reservoir Bordeaux
Reservoir Number 1 Hightower SW
Reservoir Number 1 Lewis Flat
Reservoir Number 1 Natwick
Reservoir Number 2 Lewis Flat
Reservoir Number 3 Dwyer
Richard Reservoir Number 1 Richeau Hills
Roath Reservoir Wheatland
Robert Grant Reservoir Double L Ranch
Rock Lake Natwick
Ryff and Klassert Reservoir Double L Ranch
Spring Creek Number 1 Reservoir Cedar Hill
Twiford Reservoir Cassa
Utter Reservoir Hightower
Wheatland Number 1 Reservoir Natwick
Wheeler Lake Hightower SW
Wyatt Reservoir Number 2 Bordeaux

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Platte County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Platte County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.