Sheridan County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Sheridan County

Place USGS Topo Map
4 X Reservoir S R Springs
Allen Reservoir Big Horn
Antelope Reservoir Roundup Draw
Antwerp Reservoir Dayton North
Antwerp Reservoir Dayton North
Ashenbach Reservoir Dayton North
Auzqui Number 1 Reservoir Leiter
Auzqui Reservoir Number 2 Arpan Butte
Baldwin Reservoir Monarch
Barker Reservoir Dayton North
Barker Reservoir Ranchester
Bear Claw Love Number 1 Reservoir Dayton North
Belish Reservoir Ranchester
Bill Yates Reservoir Arpan Butte
Bracket Number 3 Reservoir Beaver Creek Hills
Bruce Mountain Lake Shell Reservoir
Burgass Reservoir Number 2 Wyarno
Burgess Reservoir Number 1 Wyarno
Burlington Reservoir Verona
Busted Clutch Reservoir Leiter
Cadiz Reservoir Leiter
Calvin Lake Shell Reservoir
Chapek Reservoir Number 1 Sheridan
Chapek Reservoir Number 2 Sheridan
Colorado Colony Ditch Company Reservoir Number 2 Park Reservoir
Colorado Colony Ditch Company Reservoir Number 6 Park Reservoir
Coney Lake Dome Lake
Cooper Reservoir Dayton North
Corrals Reservoir Leiter
Crescent Lake Dome Lake
Cultra Reservoir Fawn Draw
Dana Reservoir West Pass
Dick Reservoir Number 1 Leiter
Dinwiddie Lake West Pass
Dodd Reservoir Jones Draw
Dome Lake Dome Lake
Dome Lake Number 1 Dome Lake
Dome Lake Reservoir Dome Lake
Duck Pond Dome Lake
Duncan Lake Woodrock
Duncan Reservoir Big Horn
Dzendolet Reservoir Ranchester
Fivemile Reservoir Dayton North
Fordyce Deer Creek Reservoir O T O Ranch
Fordyce Tepee Number 1 Reservoir Little Goose Peak
Fryberger Reservoir Hultz Draw
Garrett Reservoir Hultz Draw
Gorman Reservoir Number 2 Bar N Draw
Granger Reservoir Jewell Draw
Granger Reservoir Park Reservoir
Graves Lake Woodrock
Green Cabin Number 3 Reservoir Arpan Butte
Green Cabin Reservoir Julio Draw
Griffith Reservoir Gardner Gulch
Griffith Reservoir Shuler Draw
Hanes Reservoir Big Horn
Hanff Reservoir Wolf
Hape Reservoir Wyarno
Heart Lake Dome Lake
Holly Ponds Sheridan
Hume Ponds Sheridan
Huntington Reservoir Dayton North
J and H Ranch Number 1 Reservoir Wolf
Jerry Johns Reservoir Number 1 Beaver Creek Hills
Joe Creek Reservoir Arvada NE
Kahn and Roberts Reservoir Wyarno
Kahn Reservoir Wyarno
Keiwit Acme Ditch Reservoir Number 1 West Pass
Kiewit Herb Creek Reservoir Number 1 West Pass
Kiewit Herbs Creek Number 2 Reservoir West Pass
Kiewit Herbs Creek Reservoir Number 3 West Pass
Kiewit Reservoir Number 1 Columbus Peak
Kiewit Reservoir Number 2 Columbus Peak
Kiewit Stockade Creek Reservoir Number 1 West Pass
Lake Dunchi Dome Lake
Lake Fontanalis Dome Lake
Landeck Irrigation Reservoir Julio Draw
Leiter Reservoir Leiter
Little Red Reservoir Ucross
Little Red Reservoir Number 2 Ucross
Lost Lake Dome Lake
Mates Reservoir Ranchester
Maxwell Reservoir Wyarno
Menardi and White Reservoir Big Horn
Menardi and White Reservoir Big Horn
Meredith Reservoir Monarch
Mock Bass Reservoir Dayton North
Moncreiffe Reservoir Story
Mountain Reservoir Story
Ollie Reservoir Leiter
Owen Brothers Reservoir Dayton North
Padlock Number 1 A Five Mile Reservoir Dayton North
Park Reservoir Park Reservoir
Park Reservoir Park Reservoir
Park Reservoir Park Reservoir
Paul Number 3 Reservoir Wyarno
Pence Reservoir Clearmont
Pinhead Reservoir Ulm
Pitsch Reservoir Ucross
Pollard Reservoir Number 1 Leiter
Puffball Reservoir Arvada
Rate and Huson Reservoir Clearmont
Republican Reservoir Arpan Butte
Reynolds Reservoir Number 1 Columbus Peak
Reynolds Reservoir Number 2 Columbus Peak
Robert Black Stump Reservoir Clearmont
Roberts Luman Draw Reservoir Shuler Draw
Roberts Reservoir Wolf
Robinson Reservoir Arvada NE
Sawmill Lakes Dome Lake
Sawmill Reservoir Walker Mountain
Sheridan Heights Reservoir Sheridan
Sibley Lake Skull Ridge
Sibley Lake Skull Ridge
Silver Lake Banner
Snider Number 1 Town Draw Reservoir Clearmont
Snider Reservoir Number 6 Clearmont
Steele Reservoir Dayton North
Stull Lakes Dome Lake
Turner and Swan Reservoir Ranchester
Twin Lakes Dome Lake
Twin Lakes Number 2 Dome Lake
Underwood Reservoir Number 2 Dayton North
Verona Reservoir Verona
Wagner Reservoir Dayton North
Warriner Reservoir Hultz Draw
Weller Reservoir Arvada
Wesley Reservoir Ranchester
Weston Reservoir Dome Lake
Weston Reservoir Dome Lake
Whedon Number 1 Reservoir Gardner Gulch
Windy Draw Reservoir Sheridan

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Sheridan County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Sheridan County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.