Sublette County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Sublette County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alkali Creek Ross Butte
Alkali Creek Two Buttes Reservoir
Aspen Creek Leckie
Badger Creek Dodge Butte
Baldy Creek Fayette Lake
Bare Creek Hoback Peak
Bare Creek Maki Creek
Beaver Creek Deer Hill
Beaver Creek Webb Draw
Beaver Creek Big Sandy Opening
Beaver Dam Creek The Hogsback
Beecher Creek Halfway
Big Twin Creek Dodge Butte
Black Canyon Creek Cretaceous Mountain
Black Joe Creek Temple Peak
Bluff Park Creek Fremont Lake North
Bondurant Creek Clause Peak
Booth Creek Coal Creek
Boulder Creek Boulder
Boulder Creek Dodge Butte
Boundary Creek Big Sandy Opening
Bridger Creek Fremont Lake North
Buck Creek Prospect Peak
Burnt Creek Clause Peak
Cabin Creek Clause Peak
Cabin Creek Lake Mountain
Cascade Creek Hoback Peak
Cedar Creek The Hogsback
Chair Creek Lookout Mountain
Chall Creek Kismet Peak
Chase Creek Triple Peak
Chicken Creek Jensen Meadows
Clark Creek Gannett Peak
Clause Creek Clause Peak
Clear Creek Green River Lakes
Clear Creek Ouzel Falls
Cliff Creek Bondurant
Coal Creek Wyoming Peak
Cole Creek Prospect Peak
Conway Creek The Hogsback
Corral Creek Jensen Meadows
Cottonwood Creek Mesa Spring
Cottonwood Creek Fremont Butte
County Creek Lookout Mountain
Creased Dog Creek Noble Basin
Crooked Creek Signal Hill
Crow Creek Big Sheep Mountain
Crow Creek Mount Schidler
Culbertson Creek Signal Hill
Cumberland Creek Fremont Lake North
Dads Creek Big Sandy Opening
Dago Creek Big Sheep Mountain
Darby Creek Wyoming Peak
Dead Cow Creek Lookout Mountain
Deadman Creek New Fork Lakes
Dell Creek Bondurant
Divide Creek Scab Creek
Dodge Creek Squaretop Mountain
Donald Creek Mount Bonneville
Dream Creek Raid Lake
Driveway Creek Leckie
Dry Basin Creek Triple Peak
Dry Beaver Creek Prospect Peak
Dry Piney Creek Milleson Draw
Duck Creek Mount Airy
Dutch Joe Creek Leckie
Eagle Creek Klondike Hill
Eagle Creek Triple Peak
East Fork River Boulder
East Fork Squaw Creek Jensen Meadows
Elbow Creek Squaretop Mountain
Elbow Creek Bridger Lakes
Elk Creek Prospect Peak
Faler Creek Cora
Faler Creek Fremont Lake North
Falls Creek Pinedale
Fish Creek Springman Creek
Fish Creek Big Sandy Opening
Fisherman Creek Raspberry Ridge
Fisherman Creek Raspberry Ridge
Fleming Slough Budd Reservoir
Fogarty Creek Cretaceous Mountain
Forty Rod Creek Webb Draw
Fremont Creek Fremont Lake North
Garden Creek Bondurant
Gibbs Creek Clause Peak
Granite Creek Bull Creek
Grass Creek Jensen Meadows
Grizzly Creek Hoback Peak
Gypsum Creek Dodge Butte
Halls Creek Raid Lake
Halverson Creek Maki Creek
Hardin Creek Triple Peak
Hay Creek Hay Meadow Reservoir
Hidden Basin Creek Triple Peak
Hole in the Wall Creek Hoback Peak
Horse Creek Daniel
House Creek Doubletop Peak
Indian Creek Springman Creek
Indian Creek Mount Thompson
Irene Creek Maki Creek
Irish Canyon Creek Pocket Creek Lake
Iron Creek Big Sandy Opening
Jack Creek Bondurant
Jamb Creek Noble Basin
Jenny Creek Raspberry Ridge
Jim Creek Dodge Butte
Jim Creek Pocket Creek Lake
Juel Creek Parting of the Ways
Kerr Creek Clause Peak
Kilgore Creek Noble Basin
Killpecker Creek Onion Springs
Klondike Creek Klondike Hill
Lake Creek Cora
Lake Creek Dodge Butte
Lake Fork Creek Mount Schidler
Lander Creek Triple Peak
Larsen Creek Sweetwater Needles
Lead Creek Merna
Lime Creek Bull Creek
Lime Creek Klondike Hill
Little Cliff Creek Clause Peak
Little Cottonwood Creek Halfway
Little Fall Creek Horseshoe Lake
Little Maki Creek Maki Creek
Little Mitchell Slough Prospect Mountains
Little Sandy Creek Sweetwater Gap
Little Twin Creek Dodge Butte
Lookout Creek Jensen Meadows
Lost Creek Temple Peak
Lovatt Creek Scab Creek
Lozier Creek New Fork Lakes
Macs Creek Scab Creek
Maki Creek Maki Creek
Marges Delight Creek Wyoming Peak
Marsh Creek Warren Bridge
Marten Creek Squaretop Mountain
McDougal Creek Triple Peak
McKay Creek Mount Thompson
Meadow Canyon Creek Big Piney East
Meadow Creek Boulder Lake
Mickelson Creek Halfway
Middle Beaver Creek Signal Hill
Middle Fork Boulder Creek Raid Lake
Middle Fork North Fish Creek Wyoming Peak
Middle Fork South Piney Creek Wyoming Peak
Middle Fork Squaw Creek Jensen Meadows
Middle Piney Creek Big Piney East
Mill Creek Raspberry Ridge
Mill Creek Prospect Peak
Mill Creek Green River Lakes
Miller Creek Fremont Lake North
Miner Creek Signal Hill
Mitchell Slough Prospect Mountains
Monroe Creek Raid Lake
Monument Creek Bridger Lakes
Moose Creek Big Sheep Mountain
Mud Creek Dodge Butte
Muddy Creek Big Piney East
Muddy Creek Raspberry Ridge
Muddy Creek Fremont Butte
Mule Creek Lookout Mountain
New Fork River Ross Butte
North Beaver Creek Signal Hill
North Channel Middle Piney Creek Big Piney East
North Cottonwood Creek Onion Springs
North Creek Temple Peak
North Fork Boulder Creek Scab Creek
North Fork Dry Beaver Creek Prospect Peak
North Fork Dry Piney Creek Cretaceous Mountain
North Fork Fish Creek Wyoming Peak
North Fork Fisherman Creek Raspberry Ridge
North Fork Middle Beaver Creek Kismet Peak
North Fork Silver Creek Raid Lake
North Fork South Piney Creek Wyoming Peak
North Horse Creek Merna
North Muddy Creek Red Castle Creek
North Piney Creek Big Piney East
North Temple Creek Temple Peak
Nylanden Creek Triple Peak
Ole Cabin Creek Dodge Butte
Ole Creek Triple Peak
Onion Creek Daniel
Ord Creek Jensen Meadows
Packer Creek Pass Peak
Park Creek Lookout Mountain
Pass Creek Prospect Peak
Pine Creek Pinedale
Pine Grove Creek Cretaceous Mountain
Pinion Creek Mount Schidler
Pipestone Creek Scab Creek
Pixley Creek Signal Hill
Pixley Creek Squaretop Mountain
Pocket Creek Fremont Butte
Pole Creek Pinedale
Poole Slough Mount Airy
Porcupine Creek Doubletop Peak
Porcupine Creek Mount Thompson
Porcupine Creek Green River Lakes
Pot Creek Kendall Mountain
Prairie Creek Daniel
Raid Creek Raid Lake
Rapid Creek Temple Peak
Raspberry Creek Mosquito Lake
Red Castle Creek Red Castle Creek
Red Creek Bull Creek
Red Creek Dodge Butte
Red Creek Klondike Hill
Reynolds Creek Squaretop Mountain
Roaring Fork Big Sheep Mountain
Rock Creek Doubletop Peak
Rock Creek Lake Mountain
Rock Creek Dodge Butte
Rowdy Creek Lookout Mountain
Sandrock Creek Raspberry Ridge
Sandy Marshall Creek Clause Peak
Sawmill Creek Cretaceous Mountain
Scab Creek Scab Creek
Sheep Creek Leckie
Sheep Creek Lake Mountain
Sheep Creek Raid Lake
Shoal Creek Bull Creek
Silver Creek Scab Creek
Silver Mine Creek Lookout Mountain
Sjhoberg Creek Triple Peak
Sled Runner Creek Raspberry Ridge
Slide Creek Raspberry Ridge
Slide Creek Green River Lakes
Snag Creek Clause Peak
Snowdrift Creek Triple Peak
Sour Moose Creek Raspberry Ridge
South Apperson Creek Mount Schidler
South Apperson Creek Mount Schidler
South Beaver Creek Signal Hill
South Beaver Creek Cretaceous Mountain
South Cottonwood Creek Onion Springs
South Fork Bare Creek Mount Schidler
South Fork Birch Creek The Hogsback
South Fork Boulder Creek Raid Lake
South Fork Chall Creek Noble Basin
South Fork Dry Piney Creek The Hogsback
South Fork Fisherman Creek Raspberry Ridge
South Fork Gypsum Creek Kendall Mountain
South Fork Hoback River Noble Basin
South Fork Middle Beaver Creek Kismet Peak
South Fork Silver Creek Raid Lake
South Fork South Cottonwood Creek Triple Peak
South Horse Creek Merna
South Muddy Creek Square Top
South Muddy Creek Meadow Canyon
South Piney Creek Big Piney East
South Sawmill Creek Pine Grove Ridge
South Temple Creek Big Sandy Opening
Spring Branch The Hogsback
Spring Creek Pass Peak
Spring Creek Mount Thompson
Spring Creek Prospect Peak
Spring Creek Fremont Lake South
Spring Creek Warren Bridge
Spring Creek New Fork Lakes
Spring Creek Halfway
Spring Creek Deer Hill
Spring Creek Big Piney West
Spring Creek Scab Creek
Spring Creek Big Piney East
Springman Creek Springman Creek
Spruce Creek Fayette Lake
Squaw Creek Leckie
Star Creek Raid Lake
Station Creek Sweetwater Needles
Straight Creek Wyoming Peak
Stub Creek Raspberry Ridge
Sulphur Creek Hay Meadow Reservoir
Surveyor Creek Fremont Lake South
Sweeney Creek Fremont Lake South
Sylvan Creek Raid Lake
Tepee Creek Klondike Hill
Tie Creek Sweetwater Needles
Tosi Creek Klondike Hill
Tourist Creek Gannett Peak
Trail Creek Jensen Meadows
Trail Creek Gannett Peak
Trailer Creek Triple Peak
Trapper Creek Fremont Lake North
Two Buttes Draw Two Buttes Reservoir
Wagon Creek Big Sheep Mountain
Wagonfeur Creek Dodge Butte
Walker Creek Wyoming Peak
Washakie Creek Mount Bonneville
Wells Creek Gannett Peak
West Dell Creek Doubletop Peak
West Fork Bare Creek Mount Schidler
West Fork Squaw Creek Jensen Meadows
West Meadow Canyon Creek Big Piney East
Whiskey Creek Dodge Butte
Whisky Creek Raid Lake
Willow Creek Cora
Willow Creek Big Sandy Opening
Wolf Creek Jensen Meadows

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Sublette County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Sublette County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.