Sweetwater County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Sweetwater County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adobe Butte Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Adobe Draw Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Adobe Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Agropyron Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Alkali Creek Reservoir Number 1 Chrisman Ranch
Alkali Creek Reservoir Number 2 Chrisman Ranch
Alkali Reservoir Dripping Rock Spring
Antelope Reservoir Antelope Reservoir
Anthill Reservoir McPherson Springs
Antler Reservoir McKinnon
Arrowhead Reservoir Powder Mountain
Baby Antelope Reservoir Brenton Springs
Badlands Reservoir Needle Reservoir
Big Hollow Reservoir Needle Reservoir
Black Spring Reservoir Black Spring Reservoir
Blank Reservoir Barrel Springs SW
Blue Rim Reservoir Number 1 Austin Ranch
Blue Rim Reservoir Number 2 Chrisman Ranch
Blue Rim Reservoir Number 3 Chrisman Ranch
Blue Rim Reservoir Number 4 Chrisman Ranch
Border Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Box Spring Reservoir Horse Ranch
Branch Reservoir McKinnon
Brannan Number 1 Reservoir John Hay Reservoir
Brannan Reservoir John Hay Reservoir
Briggs Reservoir Haystack Buttes North
Briggs Reservoir Antelope Wash
Brown Rock Reservoir Steamboat Mountain
Brush Reservoir Dripping Rock Spring
Buckboard Reservoir Haystack Buttes North
Buffalo Hump Lake Buffalo Hump Basin
Bush Creek Reservoir Five Fingers Butte
Bush Lake Bush Lake
Calamagrottis Reservoir Horse Ranch
Carson Lakes Steamboat Mountain
Carson Reservoir Powder Mountain
Cedar Mountain Reservoir Horse Ranch
Chain Lakes Hansen Lake NE
Cherokee Reservoir Rotten Springs
Chicken Spring Pond Titsworth Gap
Chimney Reservoir Rotten Springs
Circle Bar Lake Hansen Lake
Clay Flat Reservoir McPherson Springs
Cloud Reservoir Barrel Springs SW
Continental Reservoir Number 1 Dripping Rock Spring
Continental Reservoir Number 2 Dripping Rock Spring
Courthouse Butte Reservoir Powder Mountain NE
Cow Creek Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir
Crooked Well Reservoir Osborne Well
Cut Reservoir Monument Valley
Dad Dail Reservoir South Barrel Spring
Dead Cow Reservoir Monument Valley
Dead End Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir SW
Detention Dam 1594 Number 3 South Barrel Spring
Doms Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir SW
Dry Lake Eightmile Lake
Dry Reservoir McPherson Springs
Dry Reservoir Sand Butte Rim SE
Dry Well Reservoir Hadsell Spring
Eagle Nest Draw Reservoir Number 1 Antelope Reservoir
Eagle Nest Draw Reservoir Number 2 Osborne Well
Eagles Nest Draw Reservoir Number 1 Antelope Reservoir
East Cow Creek Reservoir Monument Valley
Eden Reservoir Eden Reservoir East
Eden Reservoir Number 1 Eden Reservoir West
Fifteenmile Knoll Reservoir Boars Tusk
Flaming Gorge Reservoir Haystack Buttes South
Flat Draw Reservoir Rotten Springs
Forsaken Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir SW
Frewen Lake Red Desert
Government Reservoir Lost Creek Butte
Greasewood Reservoir Black Rock North
Green Sandstone Reservoir Horse Ranch
Guthridge Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir
Hadsell Reservoir Monument Lake
Hansen Lake Hansen Lake
Hawk Nest Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Hay Reservoir Bush Lake
Hay Reservoir Bush Lake
Haystack Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
High Center Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir SW
Hordeum Reservoir Soap Holes Reservoir
Horse Trap Reservoir Dripping Rock Spring
Humbolt Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir SW
Hunter Reservoir Rotten Springs
Hussman Reservoir Burntfork
Indian Reservoir Black Spring Reservoir
Iron Springs Reservoir Bairoil
Jim Bridger Project Evaporation Pond Black Rock South
Jim Bridger Reservoir Point of Rocks
John Erickson Reservoir Red Creek Ranch
John Hay Reservoir Five Fingers Butte
Juniper Reservoir Powder Mountain
Knob Reservoir Powder Mountain
Last Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Little Osborne Lake Antelope Reservoir
Long Ridge Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Lost Creek Butte Lake Lost Creek Butte
Lost Creek Lake Lost Creek Lake
Lost Soldier Reservoir Bairoil
Lower Water Stewart Creek Reservoir Bull Springs
Mahoney Lakes Buck Draw
McCann Lake Hansen Lake
McKay Lake Picket Lake
Middle Reservoir Antelope Wash
Miserable Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Monument Lake Monument Lake
Moonstone Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir
Mosquito Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir
Mud Lake Lost Creek Lake
Mud Springs Lake Larsen Knoll
Muir Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir SW
Needle Reservoir Needle Reservoir
Neff Reservoir Antelope Wash
No Name Reservoir Monument Valley
No Name Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
North Reservoir Powder Mountain
Northwest Powder Reservoir Powder Mountain
Number 1 Tailings Pond Reservoir Reliance
Number 2 Evaporation Reservoir Bryan
Number 3 Evaporation Reservoir Bryan
Number 5a Reservoir Bryan
Osborne Reservoir Osborne Draw
Petrified Wood Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir
Phil Mass Reservoir McKinnon
Pine Lake Four J Rim
Pinnacle Springs Reservoir Hadsell Spring
Pio Reservoir Potter Mountain
Potter Mountain Reservoir Potter Mountain
Powder Reservoir Powder Mountain
Powder Wash Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Pronghorn Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
R O W Reservoir Dripping Rock Spring
Rambaud Number 1 Reservoir The Pinnacles
Rambaud Number 2 Reservoir Buffalo Hump Basin
Red Lake Red Lake
Red Lakes Red Desert SE
Reynolds Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir
Ringdahl Reservoir Horse Ranch
Road Crossing Reservoir Hadsell Spring
Rock Ridge Reservoir Rotten Springs
Rocky Draw Reservoir Hadsell Spring
Rocky Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir SW
Sage Reservoir Rotten Springs
Salazar Reservoir Salazar Butte
Salt Lick Reservoir Powder Mountain
Sand Branch Reservoir Barrel Springs SW
Sand Creek Lake Powder Mountain NE
Sand Hill Reservoir Monument Valley
Sand Reservoir Powder Mountain
Sandy Butte Reservoir Powder Mountain NE
Sandy Draw Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Scotty Lake Five Fingers Butte
Section Line Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir SW
Seismograph Reservoir Number 2 Soap Holes Reservoir
Seismograph Reservoir Number 3 Soap Holes Reservoir
Sewage Lagoon Bryan
Shelton Lake McKinnon
Short Wash Reservoir Rotten Springs
Silt Reservoir Antelope Wash
Slide Reservoir Burntfork
Soap Holes Reservoir Soap Holes Reservoir
Solid Waste Disposal Cell E Reservoir Bryan
Solid Waste Disposal Cell F Reservoir Little America
Solid Waste Disposal Cell H Reservoir Bryan
Sooner Reservoir Sooner Reservoir
Spring Draw Reservoir Rotten Springs
Staley Corral Reservoir Horse Ranch
State Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir
State Reservoir Number 2 Cow Creek Reservoir
Stevens Draw Reservoir Stevens Flat
Stormy Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir
Stratton Lakes Cyclone Draw
Sugarloaf Reservoir Sugarloaf Basin
Tenmile Reservoir Number 3 Bitter Creek NW
Tenmile Reservoir Number 4 Bitter Creek NW
Texasgulf Emergency Pond Number 2 Sevenmile Gulch
Texasgulf Tailings Reservoir Blue Point
Trailside Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir
Trouble Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir
Twelvemile Hole Dennison Cap
Twin Fork Reservoir Monument Valley
Two Draw Reservoir Powder Mountain
Upper Draw Reservoir Monument Valley
Upper Water Stewart Creek Reservoir Bull Springs
Virgin Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir SW
Wasatch Reservoir Horse Ranch
Washout Reservoir Upper Powder Spring
Water Can Reservoir Monument Valley
West Cow Creek Ranch Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir SW
White Reservoir Powder Mountain
White Water Reservoir Bairoil
Wild Horse Reservoir Cow Creek Reservoir SW
Willow Reservoir Salazar Butte
Windy Reservoir Monument Valley
Winter Fat Reservoir Winter Fat Reservoir

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Sweetwater County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Sweetwater County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.