Sweetwater County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Sweetwater County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abel Creek Bairoil
Alkali Creek Peru
Alkali Creek Chicken Creek SW
Alkali Creek North Packsaddle Canyon
Alkali Creek Four J Rim
Antelope Creek Ferguson Corner
Antelope Creek Fort La Clede
Arapahoe Creek Osborne Draw
Basin Creek Red Creek Ranch
Beans Spring Creek Titsworth Gap
Bear Creek Luman Rim
Bear Creek Luman Rim
Beef Steer Creek Richards Gap
Big Dry Creek Blacks Fork Bridge
Big Hollow Creek Horse Ranch
Big Sandy River Lombard Buttes
Birch Creek McKinnon
Bitter Creek Green River
Black Butte Creek Thayer Junction
Black Rock Creek Red Lake SW
Blacks Fork Halfway Hollow East
Blair Creek Camel Rock
Brush Creek Natwick
Burnt Canyon Creek South Baxter
Burnt Fork Burntfork
Bush Creek Bush Lake
Camp Creek Maxon Ranch
Canyon Creek Scrivner Butte
Car Creek Sand Butte Rim SE
Castello Creek Richards Gap
Cedar Creek Wilkins Peak
Chicken Creek Chicken Creek East
Chris Wash Stevens Flat
Circle Creek South Baxter
Corral Creek Red Creek Ranch
Cottonwood Creek Linwood Canyon
Coyote Creek Scrivner Butte
Currant Creek Halfway Hollow East
Cut Creek North Table Mountain
Daniels Creek Richards Gap
Dans Creek Mud Springs Ranch
Dry Creek Ferguson Corner
Dry Sand Creek Sand Butte Rim SE
Dry Sandy Creek Eden Reservoir East
East Branch Willow Creek Powder Mountain NE
East Fork Cherokee Creek Rotten Springs
East Fork Currant Creek Big Ridge
East Fork Trout Creek Big Ridge
East Salt Wells Creek Mud Springs Ranch
Ely Creek Richards Gap
Fill Wash Stevens Flat
Fivemile Ditch Red Desert
Fourteenmile Creek Clay Buttes SE
Gap Creek Mud Springs Ranch
Gooseberry Creek Maxon Ranch
Greenhough Creek Richards Gap
Hams Fork Granger
Hazel Creek Richards Gap
Henrys Fork Manila
Hunton Creek Bordeaux
Jack Morrow Creek Eden Reservoir East
Jack Parnell Creek Monument Ridge
Jarvies Marsh Creek Minnies Gap
Joyce Creek Mud Springs Ranch
June Creek Red Creek Ranch
Killpecker Creek Rock Springs
Kinney Creek Kinney Spring
Krause Marsh Creek Minnies Gap
Lane Meadow Creek Antelope Wash
Little Basin Creek Titsworth Gap
Little Bitter Creek Kanda
Little Dry Creek Halfway Hollow West
Little Dry Creek Antelope Wash
Little Red Creek Red Creek Ranch
Little Sandy Creek Farson
Lizzie Spring Creek Red Creek Ranch
Lost Creek Lost Creek Lake
McKnight Creek Four J Rim
Middle Fork Currant Creek Big Ridge
Middle Marsh Creek Haystack Buttes South
Nitch Creek Boars Tusk
No Name Creek Camel Rock
North Fork Antelope Creek Ferguson Corner
North Fork Bear Creek John Hay Reservoir
North Fork Vermillion Creek Scrivner Butte
North Pacific Creek Tule Butte
Pacific Creek Eden Reservoir West
Picket Creek Picket Lake
Pine Creek Lion Bluffs
Pretty Water Creek Mud Springs Ranch
Red Creek Bush Lake
Reed Creek Bairoil
Richeau Creek Bordeaux
Rock Cabin Creek Monument Ridge
Sage Creek Sage Creek Basin
Sage Creek Sage Creek Basin
Salt Wells Creek North Baxter
Sand Creek Natwick
Sand Creek Sand Butte Rim SE
Shallow Creek Salazar Butte
Shute Creek Lombard Buttes
Skull Creek Prehistoric Rim
Slate Creek Monument Butte
Snow Creek Richards Gap
Snow Spring Creek Camel Rock
South Fork Antelope Creek Ferguson Corner
South Fork Cedar Creek Kappes Canyon
South Fork Shute Creek Whiskey Buttes
Spider Creek Little America
Spitzi Creek Big Ridge
Spring Creek Camel Rock
Spring Creek Firehole Basin
Spring Creek Chicken Spring
Spring Creek Burntfork
Spring Creek Lion Bluffs
Sugarloaf Marsh Creek Sugarloaf Basin
Sulphur Creek Lion Bluffs
Sweetwater Creek Rock Springs
Tepee Creek Red Creek Ranch
Tommy James Creek Titsworth Gap
Trout Creek Maxon Ranch
Upper Marsh Creek Haystack Buttes North
West Branch Willow Creek Powder Mountain NE
West Fork Cherokee Creek Rotten Springs
West Fork Currant Creek Big Ridge
West Fork Trout Creek Big Ridge
West Spring Creek Minnies Gap
Whitehorse Creek North Packsaddle Canyon
Willow Creek Powder Mountain NE
Worm Creek Earnest Butte

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Sweetwater County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Sweetwater County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.