Washakie County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Washakie County

Place USGS Topo Map
Asays Reservoir Dead Indian Hill
Badger Reservoir Broom Draw
Bedstead Reservoir Castle Gardens
Best Place Reservoir Indian Creek
Big Cottonwood Reservoir Wild Horse Hill
Big Trails Reservoir Indian Creek
Black Mountain Reservoir Bader Draw
Blake-Denton Number 1 Reservoir Chimney Gulch
Blake-Denton Number 2 Reservoir Chimney Gulch
Blue Bottle Reservoir Indian Creek
Brewster Reservoir Weintz Draw
Brokenback Reservoir Pierce Draw
Bud Kimball Reservoir Castle Gardens
Buffalo Reservoir Deadline Draw
Bunning Reservoir Joe Emge Creek
C C Reservoir Lightning Ridge
Carothers Lake Pierce Draw
Castle Reservoir Castle Gardens
Charco Reservoir Broom Draw
Chess Reservoir Castle Gardens
Chimney Reservoir Joe Emge Creek
Circle Reservoir Castle Gardens
Clydeos Reservoir Worland SE
Corner Reservoir Lightning Ridge
Cottonwood Trail Reservoir Sand Point
Crooked Creek Reservoir Dutch Nick Flat
Davis Reservoir Number 2 Wagon Prong
Denver Jake Reservoir Henry Draw
Divine Reservoir Monument Hill
Election Reservoir Zimmerman Buttes
Flagstone Reservoir Joe Emge Creek
Flat Bottom Reservoir Indian Creek
Green Bug Reservoir Castle Gardens
Green Hills Reservoir Banjo Flats West
Hampton Reservoir Number 12 Wagon Prong
Hampton Reservoir Number 3 Henry Draw
Hampton Reservoir Number 4 Henry Draw
Hampton Reservoir Number 5 Wagon Prong
Hanger Reservoir Broom Draw
Hayes Reservoir Wagon Prong
Hidden Dome Reservoir Broom Draw
Hidden Dome Reservoir Number 1 Broom Draw
Hidden Reservoir Broom Draw
Hillberry Reservoir Dutch Nick Flat
Holland Reservoir Bader Draw
Homestead Reservoir Indian Creek
Hunt Reservoir Dead Indian Hill
J Smith Reservoir Ten Sleep
Last Hope Reservoir Joe Emge Creek
Leithead Reservoir Worland
Little Cedar Reservoir Indian Creek
Little Joe Reservoir Wagon Prong
Lyman Reservoir Number 1 Cabin Fork
Macaroni Pit Cabin Fork
Need Water Reservoir Big Trails
Nugget Reservoir Wagon Prong
Old Quaker Reservoir Wagon Prong
Orchard Reservoir Cornell Gulch
Orchard Reservoir Cornell Gulch
Paul Reservoir Joe Emge Creek
Pinky Reservoir Henry Draw
Pixley Reservoir Zimmerman Buttes
Pumpjack Reservoir Broom Draw
Ray Reservoir Wagon Prong
Red Bank Reservoir Horse Butte
Rice Number 3 Reservoir Castle Gardens
Rice Reservoir Number 1 Ten Sleep
Right Angle Reservoir Joe Emge Creek
Rock Waterhole Reservoir Sucker Dam
Roughs Reservoir Castle Gardens
Round Corral Reservoir Lightning Ridge
Runway Reservoir Banjo Flats West
Sand Butte Reservoir Schuster Flats SE
Sand Creek Trail Reservoir McDermotts Butte
Seaman Hill Reservoir Henry Draw
Shortys Reservoir Wagon Prong
Silted Reservoir Broom Draw
Slab Trail Reservoir Banjo Flats West
Smith Lake Ten Sleep
Snap Reservoir Castle Gardens
Sore Paw Reservoir Banjo Flats West
T H Reservoir Weintz Draw
Tolman Sand Creek Reservoir Worland SE
Two Tree Reservoir Lightning Ridge
Two Wash Reservoir Wagon Prong
Upper Reservoir Pierce Draw
V W Reservoir Bader Draw
Wagon Prong Reservoir Wagon Prong
Warner Reservoir Joe Emge Creek
West Reservoir Wagon Prong
Wide Draw Reservoir Schuster Flats SE
William Reservoir Zimmerman Buttes
Witness Corner Reservoir Castle Gardens
Wortham Reservoir Chimney Gulch
Yellow Flats Reservoir Lightning Ridge

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Washakie County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Washakie County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.