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Weston County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Weston County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alum Creek Osage SE
Bacon Creek Piney Canyon NE
Baker Prong Buck Creek
Bear Run Moon
Beaver Creek Parmlee Canyon
Bell Creek Jim Creek
Black Thunder Creek The Nose West
Blacktail Creek Dewey SW
Buck Creek Darlington Draw West
Buzzard Creek Darlington Draw West
Cambria Creek Newcastle
Cemetery Creek Newcastle
Coal Mine Creek Newcastle
Cottonwood Creek Poddy Creek
Coyote Creek Upton East
Deep Creek Clareton
Dry Beaver Creek Parmlee Canyon
Dry Creek Sheldon Creek
Dupont Creek Dupont Creek
East Fork Beaver Creek Osage
East Fork Hay Creek Fairview
East Iron Creek Clay Spur
East Plum Creek Pedro
Fiddler Creek Klodt Reservoir
Fourmile Creek Pedro
Frog Creek Lion Creek
Green River Thornton
Haley Prong Buck Creek
Hay Creek Dewey
Hay Creek Clareton
Horse Creek Darlington Draw East
Iron Creek Sheep Canyon Creek East
Jake Creek Jim Creek
Jerome Creek Upton East
Jim Creek Jim Creek
Lassen Creek Lassen Creek
Left Fork Blacktail Creek Newcastle
Line Creek Dewey
Lion Creek Darlington Draw East
Little Bear Run Moon
Little Mike Creek Piney Canyon NE
Little Oil Creek Osage SE
Little Thunder Creek Darlington Draw West
Little Turner Creek Clay Spur
Lodgepole Creek The Nose East
Lone Tree Creek Wildlife Draw East
Lonetree Creek Upton West
Louse Creek Timber Creek
Lower Willow Creek Upton East
Middle Fork Lassen Creek Lassen Creek
Middle Fork Wind Creek Thornton
Mush Creek Morrisey NE
North Fork Fiddler Creek Sheep Canyon Creek East
North Fork Lone Tree Creek Timber Creek
North Fork Mush Creek Sheep Canyon Creek East
Oil Creek Morrisey NE
Owl Creek Poddy Creek
Patrick Creek Thornton
Peterson Prong Buck Creek
Pine Creek Upton East
Piney Creek Darlington Draw West
Poddy Creek The Nose West
Poison Creek Osage
Prairie Creek Darlington Draw West
Pump Creek Upton East
Rats Valley Creek Fanny Peak
Red Creek Skull Creek
Rock Creek Darlington Draw West
Rough Creek Morrisey NE
Sage Creek Wildlife Draw West
Salt Creek Newcastle
Sand Creek Pedro
Sheep Canyon Creek Sheep Canyon Creek East
Sheep Creek Dewey
Sheldon Creek Sheldon Creek
Skull Creek Osage SE
Soda Creek Upton East
South Beaver Creek Dewey SW
South Branch Beaver Creek Upton East
South Fork Lassen Creek Lassen Creek
South Fork Lone Tree Creek Timber Creek
Spoon Creek Osage
Spring Creek Upton East
Spring Creek Whitetail Creek SE
Spring Creek Sheldon Creek
Stockade Beaver Creek Dewey SW
Sweetwater Creek Cambria
Timber Creek Timber Creek
Trail Creek Jim Creek
Turner Creek Sheep Canyon Creek East
Turner Creek Poddy Creek
West Fork Buffalo Creek West Fork Buffalo Creek
West Fork Fiddler Creek Sheep Canyon Creek East
West Fork Fourmile Creek Pedro
West Fork Hay Creek Fairview
West Fork Skull Creek Clay Spur
West Plum Creek Pedro
Whoopup Creek Owens
Wildcat Creek The Nose East

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Weston County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Weston County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.